Is a Metal Roof Right for Me? Advantages in Charlotte for a Metal Roof

Is a metal roof right for me? Advantages in Charlotte for a metal roof

Have metal roofs, in Charlotte caught your eye yet? Metal roofs are becoming more common, for good reason.  More and more Charlotte businesses and residents are opting for metal roofs because of the many benefits these roofs offer.  If you are considering replacing a roof or if you are building a new home or business, metal roofs installed by Charlotte roofing contractors are worth your consideration.  Metal roofs have many advantages for residential and commercial roofs.  Long warranties, sustainability, durability and improved efficiency are some of the reasons metal roofs are a good roofing option in Charlotte.Is a metal roof right for me? Advantages in Charlotte for a metal roof

Although metal roofs have been around for a long time, they are enjoying resurgence in popularity.  Many homeowners and business owners are attracted to metal roofs because they can be installed over existing roofs.  This eliminates the cost and mess of removing the old roof. This also reduces the time needed to replace the roof allowing businesses minimal down time.  Charlotte’s residents are dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of our area. Metal roofs installed by a Charlotte roofing company prevent more waste; in the form of old asphalt shingles, from being added to the environment.  Also, metal roofs are good insulators keeping the inside of the structure warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  By increasing the energy efficiency of the structure, metal roofs are a wise investment.  Metal roofs are tough against the elements and can withstand rain, wind, and snow.

Metal roofs are lightweight and won’t deteriorate like shingles made from wood, other natural materials or asphalt.  Metal shingles interlock and can sustain drastic changes in temperature and moisture.  They are available in a variety of shades, sizes and textures allowing them to complement any building design.  Roofing contractors recommend metal roofs due to their fire and wind resistance.  Some insurance companies even give discounts when insuring structures with metal roofs. Although metal shingles may cost a little more than asphalt shingles, most metal roofs have long warranty periods making the investment worthwhile. Metal roofs are often recommended for large businesses because they are relatively lightweight.  Metal roofs tend to require less maintenance than other roofing systems, making them an attractive choice for residents and businesses.

How do you know if a metal roof is right for your home or business? The first step is to contact an established, reputable Charlotte roofing contractor that is well-established in the community.  The roofing company can visit you on location to discuss your roofing needs.   A new roof is an important investment.  Take time to consider all of your options with a trustworthy, reliable roofing company.  Charlotte’s best roofers can help you decide if metal roofing is the best choice for your needs.



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University Area in Charlotte Effected by Recent Wind and Hail Storm

Wow- we’ve really had some windy and stormy weather lately in the Charlotte area!  The last wind and hail storm especially effected the University area, around the 28262 and 28269 zip codes.

We have been asked- does Advanced Roofing and Exteriors do more than just repair and replace roofs?  Yes, we certainly do!

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, in Charlotte, can also provide many other services.  Especially related to the last wind storm.  Give us a call, and we’ll come by and give you a free estimate on fascia wrap, repairing your siding, and your missing shingles.  Windy weather in the university area of Charlotte, NC

Storms can cause damage to your home, even if you can’t see it. If you hear from your neighbors, in the University area of Charlotte or other areas that were effected, that they have had damage to their roofing shingles, facia and siding, then you might want to give us a call.  It’s very probable that if your neighbor’s roof, facia and siding were damaged, then you probably also have damage.

Give us a call today, 704-999-4130.


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Gastonia Roof Hail Damage

There’s a lot of hail damage in the Gastonia area, due to the recent storms and hail.  If you are in Gastonia with roof  hail damage  or hail damage to your windows and/or siding, give us a call at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. We will be happy to come and give you an estimate. We will also help you with your insurance agent, and will be present, if requested by you, when he arrives to inspect your damage.

We have experience in talking to and working with insurance agents and assisting them with their storm damage claims.  damage to shingles due to hail

To your right is a photo of damage to roof shingles due to hail.  It’s hard to  see this sort of damage from the ground. Call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is your remember the wind blowing hard, and the hail hitting your roof during the recent storms. Don’t worry if you can’t see the damage, we’ll climb up to the top of the roof and give your roof a close inspection for any damage.

Gastonia residents – don’t worry- give us a call, and we’ll help you with any storm damage.



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Windows or Siding Damaged in Sun City or Lancaster?

With the recent storms, I’ve heard from several families in the Sun City and Lancaster area of South Carolina. They’ve said that roofs were damaged to some houses, but some only had damage to windows and to siding.  I guess that hail was hitting their houses at an angle!hail damage  to aluminum siding

People are asking if Advanced Roofing and Exteriors can help them with their damaged windows and damaged siding?  Yes, we can! Give us a call and we will be happy to come by and give you a free estimate on repair. If you have called your insurance company and have already received their report- that’s great. If you haven’t contacted your insurance provider yet, we will be happy to help you. We have years of experience in working with insurance adjustors, and speaking “their language” to help get your house repaired.

Here are some photos of damage to siding.  Sometimes it’s easy to see, and sometimes the damage is not easy to spot.  We are trained professionals and can tell you if your siding or windows are damaged from the storm.

Give us a call at 704-999-4130, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.Hail damage to vinyl siding


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Storm Chasers: Finding a Reliable Charlotte Roofing Company

The weather has been stormy, with hail, high winds, and even a tornado in the area.  Here come the “Storm Chasers.”  The storm chasers are people who drive in from other cities, trying to get roofing business based on the weather.  They operate out of their truck, and aren’t based in town.  Using the wrong contractor, one of these fly-by-night roofing companies could cost you thousands of dollars!

There are many horror stories of people who used these unreliable roofing companies.  Once they found out their roof wasn’t repaired, or repaired with inferior quality  material- it was too late…. the fly-by-night storm chaser had already left town, with no warranty, no guarantee, and no way to contact them- the cell phone number had changed.

If your roof, or siding was damaged in one of the recent storms, contact a reliable Charlotte roofing company.  Contact us here at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. We can prove to you that we’re a reliable Charlotte roofing company through our BBB “A” rating, and our many satisfied customers.  We’ll be happy to give you a list of recent customers and you can call them and ask them about their experience with storm chaser roofing companies

We have a stable address, and regular phone number you can call.  You can rely on Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to provide a roofing job, vinyl siding or other exterior home improvement project that you will be very happy with.  Call us today.


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Hail Damage to Your Roof in Charlotte

There has recently been some hail in the Charlotte and surrounding area. Hail has been reported from tiny balls to golf ball size.  Some of your roofs have been damaged by the hail and are in need of repair.

It’s time to call your Charlotte roofing company, here at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, and let us come by and give you an estimate on the damage to your roof.  Hail is considered an “Act of God” and is covered under your homeowner’s insurance.  Insurance will pay for the damage to your roof, due to hail, without raising your insurance premiums.  Now’s a great time to get a new roof, with very little out of your pocket.  Also, discuss with us a possible free shingle upgrade.

Don’t worry about the roof damage from the hail- call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors and we’ll help you through the insurance process. For more information about filing a roofing insurance claim, click here.


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