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#1 Roofers in Charlotte can help paint your roof. Bad weather, pollution, frost, and the sun permanently attack your roof. To avoid infiltration and give your roof a facelift, one of the most effective solutions is to paint your roof.

In this article, you will learn how to paint a roof and what type of paint is suitable for this job.

Painting your roof is a way to keep it in good condition for much longer. To paint your roof, you will need to prepare your equipment and tools.

Above all, it will be necessary to choose the right paint and choose it in sufficient quantity. We will see in detail the stages of realization for a successful roof painting.

Steps to painting your roof

Before going into detail, here is the list of steps to follow to paint your roof:

  • Prepare the roof
  • Apply the first coat of paint
  • Apply the second coat of paint
  • Let dry
  • Clean the roof

Start by preparing your roof. As with all painting jobs, you need to make sure your roof is clean and healthy.

You will have to start by repairing any cracks and changing in the broken tiles if you have spotted any.

It will also be necessary to carry out a complete cleaning of the roof. If necessary, you will have to carry out a defoaming of the roof in order to rid it of lichens and other mosses that have taken up residence there. Once your roof has been repaired, cleaned, de-mossed, and dusted, it must be allowed to dry properly. When it is completely dry, you can move on to the next step.

You can then attack the first coat of paint. It is recommended to use a paint gun so that the installation is more uniform. Each paint being different, it is advisable to refer to the preparation and installation instructions indicated on the pot. Then all you have to do is apply the first coat and let it dry for the desired time.

For the application of the second coat, just proceed as for the first coat with your paint gun. A second coat is recommended, whatever your project. For drying, the recommended drying time is 1 week.

At the end of the drying process, you can proceed to a light brushing to clean the residue left on your roof.

When to paint your roof?

The roof is located outdoors and therefore exposed to temperature variations and bad weather. It is, therefore, important to choose the right time to paint your roof.

The ideal is, therefore to plan to paint your roof when the temperature is mild.

You should also remember to paint on a day when the wind is absent. Ideally, allow a week without rain or bad weather so that the paint has time to dry properly. Spring, therefore, seems to be a good season to paint your roof.

How to paint your roof

For the painting of your roof, it will be necessary to intervene on a sunny day. The weather forecast for the week must also be as lenient as possible for optimal drying.

What paint to use for a roof?

 To paint its roof, you will need to select a type of paint suitable for this project. Indeed, the roof paint is special because it is waterproof. However, you will have a choice, because there are different types of paint for your roof. What

Types of roof paint

There are three types of paint possible to paint your roof:

  • Acrylic paint
  • Polyurethane paint
  • Color-less varnishes

Acrylic paint (more exactly acrylic resin) is the most widespread and the most used for this type of project. It is renowned for its resistance to bad weather. It hardens very quickly on contact with air and becomes completely waterproof, thus preserving your roof. It is completely harmless to humans and the environment in addition to being odorless.

Polyurethane paint is suitable for flat roofs or flat roofs. It is resin-based but is part of oil paints. It has good covering power. On the other hand, it also contains solvents and is therefore toxic to humans. It is recommended during its application to use protective gloves and a mask.

Colorless varnishes can be used to paint a roof even if they are not specially designed for roofs. Varnishes protect your roof tiles from water infiltration. As they are colorless, you will keep the original color of your roof. They are used more as additional protection rather than as roof paint.

Finding the #1 roofers in Charlotte and Concord, NC

To avoid infiltration and to give your roof a better look, painting is one of the most effective solutions.

In this article, you’ve learned how to paint your roof, and also the types of paints to make use of. You can do all this work yourself, or you can hire a professional. Hiring the #1 roofers in Charlotte makes painting, repairing or replacing your roof much easier.

If you live in Charlotte and Concord, NC, and you would like to paint your roof, you need to employ the services of the best roofers in the area. They will help with the painting of your slate roof. They will also help with any other roofing task you may have.

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