Charlotte’s #1 roofing company:  who is it, what services do they provide, and how do I get in touch with them right now?

#1 roofing company in Charlotte NCFirst and foremost, it is clear that Charlotte’s #1 roofing company is a difficult label to put on just one roofer.  In fact, there are several companies in Charlotte NC that could be referred to as Charlotte’s best roofing company. Nonetheless, there is one roofer who consistently performs above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to extremely high quality roof contracting services. Not only that, the technicians are polite, the services are affordable, and work sites are always clean, making it easy to see why this roofing company is considered Charlotte’s #1 roofing company.

So who is Charlotte’s #1 roofing company?

It is Advanced Roofing and Exteriors – by far one of the best roofing companies in Charlotte. Not only will this reliable roofing company come to your Charlotte NC home and give you a free estimate regarding how much your roof repair or roof replacement will cost, but they will even help you negotiate with your insurance adjuster. That way you will be certain to receive all the money you require from your insurance carrier to fix your home and roof so it is the best it can be.

But what do former customers say?

Every smart homeowner knows the importance of calling references before choosing a roof contractor to work on their home, but not everyone follows through on this step that is a necessary part of finding Charlotte’s #1 roofing company to repair or install a roof. If you are one of the rare homeowners who will call at least five references for every home contracting job you need done, you are sure to discover that the quality of the references for Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is unmatched.  In fact, if nothing else convinces, their references should confirm that Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is one of the best roofing companies you will find in Charlotte. In fact, it is Charlotte’s #1 roofing company.

Former customers of Advanced Roofing and Exteriors typically talk about how quickly Charlotte’s #1 roofing company was able to begin work on their home. The commitment of one of these reliable roofer representatives who made visits to the home, provided free estimates and dropped off samples is always mentioned in testimonials. Former customers also talk about how hard working the roofing crews were – especially with regard to cleanliness, cleaning up dusty floors, and making sure that the plants and landscaping surrounding homes are safe and free of damage. Above all else however, you may be impressed to find that former customers of Charlotte’s #1 roofing company say they look forward to the next time they require their services.

What are you waiting for? Call Charlotte’s #1 roofing company now!

Charlotte NC homeowners can learn more about Charlotte’s #1 roofing company, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, by visiting their website. Or, if you think that you are ready to take the next step toward repairing or replacing your roof and you would like to speak to Charlotte’s #1 roofing company now, call them and set up an appointment for a free estimate today.

Roofing insurance claims in Charlotte NCHas your roof been damaged in a recent storm in Charlotte NC? Perhaps you suffered hurricane damage. Maybe hail and high winds have completely destroyed your roof, or your roof was decimated as a result of a house fire. If you are one of the lucky ones, your homeowners insurance will cover the cost of repairing or replacing your roof. Even so, you will still have to negotiate with your insurance company.  So, you are probably wondering how do I get help with insurance claims for my damaged roof?

Without help with insurance claims for my damaged roof, it is difficult to afford repairs

After reporting your damaged roof to your insurance company and making a claim to cover the cost of repair, your insurance company will send a representative to your house to assess the damage and estimate the cost of repairs. While your insurance company has a duty to finance any repairs needed in accordance with your insurance policy, the insurance company also has a duty not to spend more money than is needed to satisfy the terms of your policy.

Your insurance adjuster will be looking at your damaged roof from two angles. First, your insurance representative will want to save his employer, the insurance company, money, and repair the damage of your house as cost-effectively as possible without wasting any money. Second, your insurance representative knows that he must fulfill the terms of your policy and give you the full amount of money that you need to properly repair your Charlotte NC roof.

The other problem is that the insurance representative is not the one who will be removing your old roof, or making the necessary repairs to your old roof, or for that matter, doing all the work to install the new roof and purchase necessary supplies. He may have an inaccurate view of exactly how much it really is going to cost to fix your roof. By trying to save his employer money, the insurance adjuster may not give you all the money you need for the professionals at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to properly fix your roof. On top of that, because you are not an expert in roof repair, you do not know how much it will cost to fix your roof. Therefore, you have no way of knowing for certain if the insurance adjuster has agreed to give you the full amount of money you really need and deserve as insurance claim for damaged roof.

The easiest way to get help with insurance claims for my damaged roof

Fortunately, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is a Charlotte NC roofing contractor that is available to help you negotiate with your insurance adjuster. Not only that, but they provide this service absolutely free. When you have an appointment with your insurance adjuster to evaluate the damage on your roof, contact these reliable roofers and let them know about it. Reputable roof contractors will send an appraisal expert to your home and make sure that the insurance adjuster sees all the damage that needs to be repaired, and to make sure the insurance adjuster is completely aware of current pricing for materials.

I want help with insurance claims for my damaged roof today!

Learn more about Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, reliable Charlotte roofing company, and the expert home repair and home contracting services they provide. If the insurance adjuster is coming to your house, do not forget to call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors and tell them – I want help with insurance claims for my damaged roof!

Roof installers in Charlotte NCCharlotte roof installers are all hungry for your business – you can bet on that much. Aside from that, you really can never know for sure how well different roofing contractors will perform until they are actually on top of your roof and doing the work. Before you hire one of the many Charlotte roof installers to repair your home and its roof, there are several things you should probably think about first to discuss with each of the roofing contractors you interview before deciding on who will fix your roof.

Two topics in particular are usually not considered before hiring Charlotte roof installers, and these are noise and cleanliness.

Noise made by Charlotte roof installers

You thought your teenage son was loud when he was practicing with the new drum-set grandma bought him for Christmas. Well, that is nothing compared to the noise that you may have to endure when having a new roof installed. Imagine the kind of noise that could be made by an entire team of people working on top of your house all day – especially if they are not cognizant of acting in respectful manner.

At Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte NC, one of the things they hear people complain about other roofing contractors is their loud yelling, foul language, and other kinds of unprofessional antics taking place on top of their roof by workers who are supposed to be working seriously and respectfully rather than acting in an unprofessional manner. Serious roof contractors take the professional behavior of staff and roofing teams seriously. Roof contractors know that the cost of a new roof is a very important investment in your home, and want you to feel confident and comfortable while workers do their job. Charlotte roof installers should do everything within their power to keep noise and any other distractions to an absolute minimum.

Staying clean: the hallmark behavior of the best Charlotte NC roofing contractors

Another problem unprofessional Charlotte roof installers are guilty of is making an extreme amount of mess. When removing old and damaged roofing material to make way for your new roof, some Charlotte roof installers have been known to simply throw roofing debris on the ground in your yard in a haphazard fashion, which not only looks unattractive but can also destroy expensive landscaping, and even kill your trees. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors prides itself on keeping a very clean working environment and making sure that work on your roof does not end up destroying your yard. Professional Charlotte roof installers do not want only your roof to look beautiful when they leave, but also your yard and landscaping to be in the pristine it was when they first arrived.

Only hire the best roofing contractors in Charlotte NC

To learn more about Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, the best Charlotte roof installers, you can check them online or find reviews for Charlotte’s best roofing company.

Best roofing company in Charlotte NCRoof contractors that clients can trust and rely on are worth their weight in gold. When storms pass through town dropping hail the size of baseballs and bringing heavy winds, you want a trustworthy roofing contractor on your side to offer competitive estimates free of charge. Your Charlotte NC family-owned roofing company is reliable, as customer testimonials attest. When your residential roof contractors are also commercial roof contractors, you know you are getting the best roof company in the area. Reputable, trustworthy and reliable, three reasons why you should call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors roofing contractors for your roofing needs.

Does a roof always need replacing?

Roofing contractors who have the best interests of their clients at heart will never sell you more than you need or can afford. Residential roof contractors are not always as honest or reliable as a client needs, and some may even be looking for fast money. Let the best roof contractors in Charlotte help you determine whether you need a small roof repair rather than an entirely new roof. There are all sorts of reasons to repair a roof: deterioration from neglect, weather-related decay, or faulty design issues. Roof issues that are not repaired by a reputable roof contractor could lead to serious structural damage. Let Advanced Roofing and Exteriors roof contractors inspect your roof to see if it is a candidate for roof repair instead of replacement!

Roofing styles abound when replacing old or damaged roofs!

Roof contractors with years of experience and service to the community have a wealth of options for clients seeking a new roof. The best roof contractors offer asphalt and composite shingles, metal roofing, tile roofing, slate roofing, cedar roofing and flat roofing. Your best roof company in Charlotte is happy to bring samples to your home, and go over the benefits of each to match your style with the best selection. Asphalt and composite shingles provide a beautiful surface, with top of the line moisture and fire resistance; metal roofing is more expensive than other roof styles, but it does not rust and has a much longer life; tile roofs reduce cooling costs, have potentially higher resale value, and could reduce your homeowners insurance premium; slate roofing is durable and recyclable, has a long life, and is environmentally friendly; cedar roofing is naturally beautiful and has a nice lifespan when cared for properly; flat roofing is resistant to leaks, ozone, and ultraviolet light exposure, as well as being environmentally friendly. Let the roof contractors at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors go over the benefits of each roof option to help you choose the one that is right for your lifestyle and budget.

Roof contractors can make lots of promises, but what do their customers say? Are they satisfied with the services and follow-up? Clients of Advanced Roofing and Exteriors have said time and again this is the best roof company is the best to call in times of emergency or when simply upgrading a roof. Roofing companies should be reliable, trustworthy and reputable, and not try to sell customers more in a roof than they need. If a roof repair is all that is needed, an honest roofer will fix it. Do not be taken in by fly-by-night operations. Call your Charlotte NC best roofing contractors, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, for an estimate on your residential roof repair or replacement today!

Best roofing company in Charlotte NCCharlotte’s #1 roofing company did not reach the pinnacle of business success overnight; they have years of experience and customer satisfaction behind them! Specializing in residential roofing, commercial roofing, and home improvement projects, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is ready to answer your call and provide a free estimate. If you are buying a new home, it is wise to call the best roofing companies in the area for a roof inspection. Charlotte’s #1 roofing company is the one to call when you need to replace or repair a roof, and for any home remodeling project.

Charlotte’s #1 roofing company uses only high-quality manufacturers

Charlotte’s #1 roofing company could not occupy that spot if they used poor quality materials on your home repair projects. The trustworthy roofers of Advanced Roofing and Exteriors are proud to be Preferred Provider Contractors for Owens Corning; a Master Shingle Applicator for CertainTeed products; and a GenFlex authorized roofing contractor. These companies represent the highest manufacturer standards in the roofing industry, and the best roofing companies are proud to offer their products. As one of the reputable roof contractors in Charlotte NC, Advanced provides high-quality workmanship and materials for all of your commercial roofing needs. Let Charlotte’s #1 roofing company come out today to show you all of the advantages available when you let them install roofing by the most respected manufacturers in the roofing industry.

Roofing, siding, custom decks and more!

Charlotte’s #1 roofing company does more than just replace or repair roofs; the best roofing companies are happy to offer a variety of residential remodeling services. Whether Charlotte area homeowners want to replace vinyl siding, install a custom deck, put in a fence, install a gutter system or get an insurance claim estimate after one of the area’s notorious summer squalls, homeowners can count on free estimates from Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. Many roofers will not even give an estimate to repair roofs because they make more money replacing an entire roof. Charlotte’s #1 roofing company is always happy to offer an estimate for repair if that is what the roof requires.

Custom decks not only improve the appearance of the home and increase recreation options for homeowners, they also increase home value. In the soft real estate market of today, any home improvement that increases home value is an advantage. If you need home improvement or roofing estimates, call Charlotte’s #1 roofing company today!

Charlotte’s #1 roofing company did not get there by resting on their laurels. This family-owned business has built their reputation on years of quality workmanship, using products by highly respected manufacturers. From roof repairs and replacements to custom decks, new gutter installation, fences and insurance estimates, the trustworthy roof contractors at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors have earned their place as Charlotte’s #1 roofing company!  Call them for a free estimate today!

Roof contractors like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors know that customer complaints are very important.  In fact, the best roof contractors understand that when they install hundreds or thousands of new roofs every year, the quality and level of customer satisfaction will be the determining factor in whether or not they obtain more business from the friends of those customers.

Best roof contractors in Charlotte NC

For that reason, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors always aims to achieve absolute perfection whenever they install a new roof on a home. However, roof contractors, even the best roof contractors, are human and therefore can make mistakes. That is why at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, they see customer complaints as opportunities to step up to the plate and show how honest, trustworthy, and professional they can be.  Also, when a customer complains about a problem, it helps Advanced Roofing and Exteriors better know how they can improve the services they provide and ultimately perform better work for their customers in the future.

What kinds of mistakes might residential roof contractors make?

Understandably, the most common kind of complaint that even the best roof company will receive might involve a leak. Indeed, a roof is there to protect you and your family from the elements like rain, sleet, and the cold. So when there is any kind of leak in your roof and the rain comes through, it can be a very serious problem. Home electronics may be destroyed, furniture can be destroyed, and most definitely you and your cat are going to be very unhappy. This is especially the case after you have paid thousands upon thousands of dollars in order to have your roof replaced.

Fortunately, the best roofing companies are well aware that these kinds of mistakes happen, and they are experts at locating the source of leaks in new roofs that they install. Therefore, if you discover a leak in your new roof, contact your roof contractor immediately. Usually they will send a technician to your house right away to evaluate the problem. Even if they cannot immediately find the leak, they might perform a water test which will allow them to pinpoint the exact location of it. However, in most cases, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors would fix the leak right there on the spot.

Because mistakes like leaks can happen, it is important that all customers of residential roof contractors make sure that their new roof includes a warranty before they agree to have it installed. In fact, many warranties include protections for your valuables inside your home that could be damaged as a result of a mistake made by your roof contractor.

Noises, untidiness, and other kinds of disturbances from roof contractors

Another kind of mistake that many roofing contractors in Charlotte NC make is a little different. For example, a customer might complain about the way the roof contractor is working at the house. You may find that your roof contractor is noisy, untimely, or is causing disturbances to you and your daily routine at your home. Since Advanced Roofing and Exteriors wants your roofing experience to be as enjoyable as possible, they are very willing to accommodate you in any way they can to make sure that interruptions to your daily life are minimized. In the most extreme cases, the most reputable roofing contractors might even replace the supervisor on duty or members of the crew in order to help you feel as comfortable as possible.

Don’t settle for the rest, get the best in Charlotte NC

Roof contractors with the best in roofing services in Charlotte are Advanced Roofing and Exteriors.  They are always eager to resolve any kind of customer complaint quickly and efficiently so that you and your family will be happy, safe, comfortable, and dry. If you would like to know more about Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, talk with one of their representatives now to schedule a discussion and free estimate. Out of all Charlotte NC roof contractors, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is by far the best at resolving customer complaints – and they have the references to prove it.

reputable roofing company

free image courtesy of

A reputable roofing company is an important asset for every homeowner.  Therefore, when your home requires a new roof it is very important that you find a reliable roofing company you can trust.  All too often, homeowners in need of a new roof are too quick and too eager to sign on with a roofing company to do thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands of dollars, of work to replace their roof.  All too often, homeowners are attracted to a seemingly reputable roofing company based on the exterior look and feel of their offices or the professional quality and appearance of their website.  However, it is important to remember that just because you have a good feeling about a company or just because you like how their offices look is not a good enough reason alone to hire them.

Would you trust any stranger with $10,000 or $20,000 of your gold?

If you inherited $10,000 or $20,000 worth of gold coins, would you give them to just anyone for safekeeping?  Probably not.  You probably would not even feel safe keeping them inside your own home. Yes, you would probably go to a bank that you, your relative, or your friend has successfully dealt with for years, and open a safety deposit box.  You certainly would not give your gold to a random person advertising safe gold storage services in the yellow pages.

Therefore, when you are looking for a reliable roofing company in Charlotte, ask your friends about their experiences with roofers and get in touch with roofers with whom people have had positive experiences.  But remember, just because your friend had a good experience does not mean that the contractor is a reputable roofing company.  So when you contact the roofer, ask for references and call those references to see how their experience was.  When doing your research, if you contact five references and talk to one who had a bad experience, understand that statistically you have a 20 percent chance of having a bad experience with that roofer as well.

Avoid hiring a non reliable roofing company in Charlotte NC

Investors often go to a stock broker and entrust hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions of dollars, of the money they are depending on for their retirement, to one man for safekeeping and investment.  All too often, people will go to that stock broker based on one stellar recommendation from a good friend, or simply because they met the man and he was so charismatically trustworthy on the surface that they were literally willing to put their future livelihood in his hands.  Unfortunately, this is how people can lose the product of 40 years hard work and sacrifice, in the blink of an eye, at the hands of a non-reliable stock broker.  Common sense will tell you that this kind of thinking is reckless, but it is easy to disregard common sense when you are taken by the kind words of a charismatic con artist.  Who is to say how other clients were treated by the stockbroker unless research is done to follow up on multiple references?

Do your research and find a reputable roofing company in Charlotte NC

In Charlotte NC, there is one highly reliable roofing company you can certainly trust, and that is Advanced Roofing and Exteriors.  But do not take the word of a simple blog post.  Do your research on Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, reliable roofing company in Charlotte NC.  Call them and ask them for references to find out for yourself who you can trust.  Find yourself a reputable roofing company today.

Residential roofing installers can help you sell your Charlotte NC home.  Perhaps you are ready to sell your home after living in it for 20 years and you want to do something that will set it apart and make it more attractive to buyers.  Well, if you were selling a car, what might you do to make your car more attractive?  For one thing, you might put new tires on your car.  Often when a car buyer looks at a car he is looking at it from the perspective of future things that might need to be purchased in order to keep the vehicle in good condition.  A brand new set of tires means that a considerable investment in new wheels will not be required in the future.

How residential roofing contractors can help

Residential roofing installers in Charlotte NCHiring professional residential roofing contractors to install a new roof for your home, although more expensive than a new set of tires, is also an excellent way to make your house more attractive to homebuyers.  In this bad real estate economy, anything that you can do to make your house more sellable can help set your home apart from those houses belonging to the thousands of other home sellers out there.  Some people might try remodeling their bathroom or putting new carpet inside.  This can certainly improve the chances and add some value to the home.  But if the roof is badly in need of repair it is perhaps the most significant detriment to selling your house; aside from living next to a garbage dump or an airport!

Nobody wants to buy a project or a fixer-upper unless they are out for a very good bargain.  So if you have been trying to sell your house and it is in need of a new roof, contact some residential roofing contractors for an estimate and find out what they can do to beautify and add value to your home.  When the offers from homebuyers start pouring in, you will not be disappointed that you made the investment.

Who is a good residential roofing installer in Charlotte NC?

Maybe you are not planning to sell your home, but are simply interested in the benefits of a home makeover. Maybe you want to make your home more attractive and to replace an old roof that is badly in need of repair. One of several very good Charlotte NC residential roofing installers stands available to help.  Advanced Roofing and Exteriors are first-rate and well-respected residential roofing contractors who can install any kind of roofing system you desire.  Whether you want a new asphalt roof, Spanish ceramic tile, metal roof, or wood shingle roof, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors can give you what you need.  They will provide you with a free estimate for their work, a list of references you can call to verify their trustworthiness and they will even help you deal with your insurance company so you can get all the money for the roof repairs you need.

The only residential roofing contractors you need

If you live in the vicinity of Charlotte NC, you too can benefit from the expert residential roofing contractors at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors.  Do not delay, contact professional residential roofing installers today.

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