Shingles now come in different styles and colors.

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Asphalt shingles have come a long way since they first hit the market at the turn of the 19th century. Since then, standards have improved, and the production process fine-tuned so homeowners are offered a residential roofing option that comes in a variety of colors and styles, while also providing excellent wind, weather and water resistance.

Asphalt roofing by reputable roofers in Charlotte makes use of only the best asphalt shingles providers on the market, including Owens Corning who produces glass fiber shingles. The difference in quality of asphalt roofing can be surprising, but when you call reliable roof contractors such as Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, you are getting not only quality asphalt roofing materials but quality service, as well!

Residential roofing companies provide free estimates!

When you call the best residential roofing companies in Ft Mill / Rock Hill SC, to assess your roof and offer an estimate, you should not pay a dime for this service. Residential roofing companies who are locally owned and operated have spent years building good customer relationships, and that means coming out when called to offer free estimates so you don’t have to pay for something that is not a benefit to you in the end.

Trustworthy asphalt roofing companies will find out your budget and do everything they can to create a free estimate that meets your needs. Asphalt shingles come in an array of styles, manufacturing materials and colors to meet almost any budget! If a Charlotte homeowner wants to have Owens Corning’s best fiberglass material and top of the line color and style choices, your reputable roofer should be able to provide that! If your budget is more modest, and you really just want to protect your home with a durable roof, there are asphalt shingles to meet that need.

Asphalt shingles come in variety of colors, thicknesses, to take roof from blah to stunning!

If you are ready to use your residential roofing to spice up the look of your home but don’t wan to break the bank in the process, you will be pleased to know that asphalt shingles come in many different styles and colors. You don’t have to settle for black or gray! Using a combination of colored granules, Owens Corning fiberglass shingles have an unprecedented richness in every color of the rainbow. If your home’s exterior is neutral, you might consider adding asphalt shingles that are thicker to provide a rich, textured look. If your home is already detailed, you could choose more muted, softer asphalt roofing. The only thing holding you back from having your residential roofing company give you the roof you always dreamed of is your imagination!

When you want to replace your roof with asphalt shingles, calling the best residential roofing companies in Charlotte and the Ft Mill / Rock Hill SC, area, will guarantee you find asphalt roofing that meets your needs. From a modest budget to the sky is the limit asphalt shingles are still affordable and now more attractive than ever! If you want to find out more about asphalt shingles, call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors today for a free estimate!

The best roofing company knows what is best for your roof

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When mother nature brings terrible storms through the Charlotte and Ft Mill / Rock Hill SC area, calling the #1 Charlotte roofing company, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors,can ease the headache of repairing or replacing your roof. Why? Because the best roofing companies know that customers who are already under a tremendous amount of stress from storm damage don’t need the hassle of dealing with insurance companies; because they understand that sometimes a small repair will do the trick, rather than an entire roof replacement, and they won’t try to sell you something you don’t need or can’t afford; and because they are locally owned and operated so there is no question that their services are guaranteed to your satisfaction.

#1 Charlotte roofing company happy to make repairs if needed!

Not all roofing companies will make repairs in the Ft Mill / Rock Hill SC area, but the #1 Charlotte roofing company understand that budgets can be tight and roof replacements expensive. That is why the best roofing companies are willing to work with their customers, and stay within their budgets by providing roof repairs instead of complete replacements. Reputable roofers know that storm damage is as individual to a roof as it is to the area the storm travels through, so not every house within the same area will need the same attention. Some houses may need asphalt shingle replacement, others may need new tiles or slate. The best roofing companies are skilled in all kinds of roofing materials, and can offer repairs or replacement for almost any type of roof.

Insurance companies no problem when hiring #1 Charlotte roofing company

When you call the #1 Charlotte roofing company to give an estimate on repair or replacement of your roof after storm damage, don’t forget that the best roofing companies can also help negotiate with your insurance company. Insurance companies will want to examine your roof after you call them with a report of storm damage because they are not in the business of giving away money; they are in the business of making money. So when you schedule an appointment with an insurance provider after the storm, call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, the #1 Charlotte roofing company, to come out at the same time and offer their take on what is going on with your roof.

The best roofing companies are experienced negotiators and have worked with insurance companies for years. The #1 Charlotte roofing company will measure your roof, assess the damage and then compare it with what the insurance company finds. If they are on the same page, great! If not, then the best roofing companies will always step up for their clients and talk turkey about what has to be done to replace or repair your damaged roof. It is this kind of service that helps remove the stress for Ft Mill / Rock Hill SC, homeowners and make sure they get the coverage they have paid into all of these years.

The recent storm system that blew through Charlotte, and Ft Mill / Rock Hill SC, left a pile of debris and damaged roofs, but your #1 Charlotte roofing company is ready to help you get the coverage you deserve! When you call the best roofing companies to assess storm damage, they will also look at your budget and not pressure you to replace an entire roof if that is not necessary. If it’s time to repair or replace your roof, call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, the #1 Charlotte roofing company, and get them out to your home today!

A severe storm passed through the Mooresville  and Lake Norman area over the weekend.  Strong winds and hail were spotted.


No matter the size of hail that struck the roof of your home in the Mooresville area, you could have hidden storm damage, that if not addressed can cause problems with the structure and soundness of your home. Call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, your Charlotte roofing company, to have your roof inspected as soon as possible. We will prepare a detailed inspection report and assist you in working with your insurance company to get your roof repaired or replaced as quickly as possible.

Storm damage and strong winds have left me needing to repair my shingle roof in Charlotte, but I don’t know where to start!

Roof repair in Charlotte NC

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When should I call my trusted roofing company?
Storm damage can be misleading. Even if you aren’t positive that your home has been damaged, it’s best to call your trusted Ft Mill / Rock SC roofing company for a free estimate and let the professionals take care of your most valuable investment. Having a structurally sound roof over your head is an important investment to protect your home, so don’t let the recent storms get the best of you. Calling Advanced Roofing and Exteriors should be your first step in getting your home back to normal after experiencing storm damage.

I need someone to help repair my shingle roof!
Shingles are designed to withstand a lot of abuse from the elements, but when strong winds and severe storms hit, it’s best to use caution and have your roof inspected. Your trusted Charlotte roofer can usually repair your damaged asphalt shingles without a major inconvenience to you. One thing to consider is that if you see a roofing professional at your neighbor’s home, call Advance Roofing and Exteriors right away. If your neighbors have storm damage from recent strong winds, it’s likely that your home received the same strong winds and that your roof needs to be repaired, as well!

Get a free estimate from your trusted roofing company
The best roofing companies in the Ft. Mill / Rock Hill SC area offer free estimates for repairs, so you can know exactly what to expect during the repair process. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors will work hard to ensure that you have all the information you need to begin your roof repair project. If you are planning on filing a claim with your homeowners insurance, you might want to consider these tips. Take note of the date that the damage occurred, so you can submit an accurate report of what happened to your insurance agent. It’s helpful to have photos available, in addition to notes.

Next, get an inspection! Before you say to your trusted roofers, repair my shingle roof, an inspection will help ensure that you are receiving the help you need with your damaged shingles roof, and can help you provide accurate information when submitting your claim to your insurance agent. If you are submitting a claim to your insurance agency, it can be helpful to meet with your insurance agent.  Keep your roofing estimate close by, and make your decision to hire a trusted roofing professional based on their reputation in the community, not just the price they’ve quoted you.

Get going on your roof repair project!
When your home suffers storm damage, don’t be afraid to call reputable roofers and say, repair my shingle roof! Your trusted roofing company can make the whole process easy on you, so you can have a dry roof sooner than you thought was possible. Call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, Charlotte roofing company today, and you’ll be one step closer to recovering from storm damage in Charlotte!

Charlotte's best roofing companiesWhen your home has been rocked by recent storms and high winds, you don’t have a lot of time on your hands to look for Charlotte’s best roofing company. The best roofers can help you pick up the pieces of any storm damage you might have incurred ASAP! The best roofers can get your home back to looking and functioning at its best without any hassle. Most importantly, those affected by recent storms should not use storm chasers to repair or replace their roofs.

Residents of Ft. Mill / Rock Hill, SC know that high winds and powerful storms are unpredictable. Knowing who the best roofing companies are can save you time and will help you get the best service right away.

How to find the #1 Charlotte roofing company
Charlotte’s best roofing companies want to give you some tips for finding the best roofers for your roof repair or installation. You may be concerned about how long the project will take, and for good reason! Everyone wants their home repair projects to be finished quickly, and Advanced Roofing and Exteriors will often finish a roof repair or replacement in one day! For larger roofs though, even the best roofers may need an additional day or two.

The best roofing companies in Ft Mill / Rock Hill SC, know that your schedule is important, as well. Sticking to the agreed upon times and dates for the project is important to your trusted roofing company, and Advanced Roofing and Exteriors will always give you a choice when it comes to scheduling your roof repair.

Charlotte’s best roofing companies are insured and licensed. You can rely on their expertise and you can be sure to trust that they only hire experienced, trustworthy employees. Additionally, you should ask for references when hiring a new roofing company. If previous clients were happy with the work that was done by your local roofing company, you might feel comfortable hiring them, too! Calling to speak with previous clients can give insight into the quality of work that you can expect. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors knows that when you do good quality roofing repairs, word gets around!

What else can one of Charlotte’s best roofing companies help me with?
It can be difficult to make big decisions regarding roofing materials, and Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is happy to help you decide which materials are right for your home. Whether you are interested in asphalt shingles or a metal roof, you can get all the information you need to make the right choice from Charlotte’s best roofing companies.

You might be in the market for a new home, and spring is the perfect time to be house shopping. However, buying a home with a less than adequate roof is a mistake many homebuyers make. You can call your trusted roofing company for a roof inspection of the home you’re thinking of purchasing, just to be sure that you’re making a wise investment.

Call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte, and Ft Mill / Rock Hill SC, for all of your roofing needs; they are one of Charlotte’s best roofing companies!

Residents of Charlotte, North Carolina are devastated after a tornado ravaged their homes and neighborhood during the weekend of March 3, 2012. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors has been very visible in the area for the majority of roof repairing activities. Equipped with expertise in roof repair and replacement, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors roof experts worked quickly to put back roofs on homes hit by the tornado.

With the extreme damages to homes, the tornado left the residents wondering how and where to start. Roofs, gutters and walls were damaged leaving families without protection from the elements. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors receives request for free estimates daily via their direct phone line and website.

Through their valuable experience in roofing repair, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors are working hand in hand with suppliers to maintain a good flow of supplies to accommodate new roof or roofing repair requests from their clients. Accredited and fully licensed by organizations like BBB and BNI, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers a wide range of award winning services from roof repair and roof replacement to assistance with roof insurance claims.

If your home has been damaged in recent storms, you might be wondering where to start looking for the best Charlotte, NC roofing contractors. In the wake of bad weather, a quick response from a reliable, trustworthy roofing company is necessary! Call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors first, so you can be confident that your roofing project will be finished quickly, within your budget, and with superior quality of workmanship.

Neighbors on the roof could mean you have storm damage too!

best Charlotte roofing contractors

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After a wave of storms passes through your area, it is always a good idea to inspect your home for any obvious damages. However, if your neighbor’s roof is being inspected or repaired, this sends up a red flag that you need to have your roof professionally inspected, too! The best Charlotte roofing contractors offer free estimates and inspections, so you can be sure that you don’t enter in to a large home repair project without knowing exactly what to expect. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors knows that your budget is important to you, and they will work around your needs to make sure that you never compromise on quality!

Where to start search for best Charlotte roofing contractor?

When searching for a roofing contractor, you may be wondering where to start. The best Charlotte roofing contractors have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. You should also check Angie’s List to see what past clients have to say about the Ft Mill SC, area roofing company you are thinking of hiring. Past clientele are reliable sources of information when it comes to finding the best roofing contractor, because they are most likely to give you an honest recollection of how their home’s roofing project went. Asking questions about staying within budget, cleanliness of the worksite, and overall satisfaction are good to start with.

Owning a home is a huge investment that requires more maintenance than some people realize. The best Charlotte roofing contractors can meet your needs and assist with roof maintenance. Some Rock Hill SC, roofing contractors will only take on projects involving a completely new roof, while Advanced Roofing and Exteriors knows that not everyone needs a new roof! Hiring an honest roofing company that values integrity will help ensure that your home is in the best possible care.

Quality materials key to roof life

Home repair is stressful! Advanced Roofing and Exteriors can minimize that stress and meet your needs. While all roofing materials do eventually deteriorate from exposure to wind, pollution, rain, hail and other elements, the best Charlotte roofing contractors will only install quality materials to slow down that process as much as possible. Roofing is necessary for every home, but constant repairs and frequent replacements are never an expectation when you hire reputable roof contractors.

If your Charlotte home has been through the ringer with intense springtime storms, call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, Charlotte NC roofing company who will provide you with a free roofing estimate. There is no need to worry about keeping your valuable investment protected from the elements when you have the best Charlotte roofing contractors on your side!

best roofer

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If you are faced with the task of repairing your home after recent storms, you may be wondering, how can I find the best roofer to replace my shingle roof? When faced with the tough job of recovering from storm damage, it is important to find a trusted roofing company. Charlotte residents should take comfort in knowing that, when unpredictable weather comes their way, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is ready to take the weight from their shoulders and let them relax knowing their roof is in good hands.

When you want to find the best roofer to replace your Ft Mill SC, shingle roof due to damage from high winds and hail, know that you can turn to your trusted roofing experts at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. As a family-owned business, they know and understand your priorities. Replacing your shingle roof should be a stress-free experience! How can you find the best roofer to replace your shingle roof? Start by checking references. The Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and former clients are great resources, and can be trusted to give you honest information about the service you can expect from your trusted roofing company.

Replacing a shingle roof with new asphalt shingles may seem like a daunting task, but it can be as easy as selecting your favorite type and color of shingle, and sitting back while Advanced Roofing and Exteriors does the work!

What kind of choices do I have with asphalt shingles?
The majority of homeowners use asphalt shingles, due to their affordability and durability. You can count on a quality asphalt shingle to last for decades! One of the most basic options you have in asphalt shingles is a trustworthy three tab asphalt roofing shingle. Three tab shingles are a great choice because they meet fire resistance requirements and homeowners can expect them to last for 20 years or more. It is easy to stay within your budget without compromising on quality when you choose three tab asphalt shingles for your Rock Hill SC home.

Architectural shingles offer timeless look

Another high quality choice in asphalt shingles is the architectural shingle, which has an estimated lifetime of 30-50 years. Architectural asphalt shingles give a dimensional look to your roof which brings an element of timeless style. Furthermore, you can expect much more out of your dimensional shingles than basic roofing materials. Architectural shingles have a much sturdier base to them and are heavier, without needing additional support underneath them. Some are nailed down the traditional way, while others, in addition to being installed with nails, use an interlocking tab. Regardless of how they are installed, you can rely on architectural shingles to provide a superior, high quality option when considering asphalt shingles.

In the wake of storm damage, homeowners need roofing contractors they can trust to provide unbeatable quality in the Charlotte area. Make Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, Charlotte NC roofing company, your first call when you find yourself asking, how can I find the best roofer to replace my shingle roof?

Roof repair Charlotte NC

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Repair my roof and save me money, you ask? With Advanced Roofing and Exteriors it is as good as done! There will be no runaround from this reputable roofer when you need to fix a damaged roof but don’t want an entire roof replacement. Roof contractors may tell you they don’t repair roofs after recent strong winds cause leaks and spots on the ceiling of your home so they can sell you an entire roof that you don’t need and can’t afford. Reliable roofing companies will always work with you to repair your roof and save you money!

Fix my damaged roof!

Repairing your roof is almost always possible, and you should rely on a trustworthy Ft Mill / Rock Hill SC roofing company to give you the information you need to make an informed decision. Roof estimates should always be free, and when Advanced Roofing and Exteriors comes out to your home to assess the damage, you can rely on their integrity. As a family-owned company with one of the highest BBB business ratings (A), this reputable roofer values their excellent reputation and will not sell you services you don’t need. There are a variety of causes to roof problems, including maintenance and weather issues like the recent strong winds in the Greater Charlotte area, as well as design flaws. You will want to know exactly what caused your roof problems to prevent the problem from happening again, and your roofer should always be able to tell you the problem that initiated the damage. Repairing your roof is almost always an option, and you can be sure this reliable roof contractor will give you all of your options and help fix your damaged roof to keep away those leaks and spots on the ceiling.

When roof replacement necessary call Charlotte’s trustworthy roofing company

Even if you want to repair your roof, it may be necessary to replace the roof. You will want your roof replacement handled by reliable roof contractor who will give you all reasonable options that fit into your budget and style. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors specializes in roof replacement as well as roof repair, and can show you the latest roofing options, from asphalt shingles to cedar, slate, tile or metal roofing, your reputable Charlotte NC roofing company can help you find the perfect roof to meet your budget and style needs. When repairing your roof is not possible, call a trustworthy roofer for your next roof estimate!

If you have storm damage, let reputable roofers help you with the insurance process

Repairing your roof after a bad storm may seem daunting, especially if you need your home insurance to help cover the cost. Your reliable Ft Mill / Rock Hill SC roof contractor recommends you take pictures of damage and then call them for an assessment and estimate, and say, repair my roof. When the insurance company comes to assess the damage, it is wise to have the roofer present to compare notes and roof measurements. If the insurance adjustor doesn’t think there is significant damage to warrant roof repair or replacement ask your reputable roofer to debate with the insurance representative, so you get fair treatment.  Don’t let repairing your roof overwhelm you; call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to help you through the insurance process.

Repair my roof or fix my damaged roof are all requests that Charlotte’s trustworthy roofing contractor is used to hearing, especially after recent strong winds left many residents with leaks and spots on their ceilings. Roof replacement is not always necessary, and reputable roofers are happy to offer a roof estimate and tell you exactly what needs to be done to meet your budget. The next time you need to repair your roof, let the experts at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, Charlotte roofing company, stop by your home for an estimate!

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, a local roofing company in Charlotte NC, is offering up to $1000 towards insurance deductibles or upgrades on any estimate over $5,000. This was initiated after a violent storm ravaged several homes in the Charlotte area last week. With at least $2 million dollars in damages, the storm that hit the area on Saturday is considered one of the worst that the county experienced. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors wants to provide assistance in the processes required to help homeowners restore the safety and security of their home.

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, under the leadership of its CEO and owner Kevin Sweeney, is hoping to better assist residents struck by the violent storm. The roofing company considers the recent offer as a way of extending help to those who experienced the worst during the storm last week. Known for their award winning customer service, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers roof repair and new roofs, and will help residential and commercial customers with their storm and roof insurance claims.“With an A Better Business Bureau rating, you can never go wrong,” says one customer’s testimonial.

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors established its name on credibility, expertise and experience. It has been in partnership with manufacturers and suppliers who have been in the business for more than 50 years; some of them are Fortune 500 companies in the US. Some of these partners are Owens Corning, CertainTeed and Genflex.