hail damageWhen hail damage has me looking for someone to help fix my damaged roof Concord NC, I know I need to find Charlotte roofing companies such as Advanced Roofing and Exteriors that can provide roof estimates, fix my damaged roof, and maybe help me with my insurance claims. I know that hail damage often follows along a line of thunderstorm activity, leaving many buildings with differing degrees of storm damage on their roofs. I wonder, why does the amount of hail damage differ so much from house to house?

How can I tell if I have hail damage?

An important clue as to whether your own roof has sustained hail damage can be found on the ground. How do things in your garden look? Damaged plants and bushes, cracked or broken pottery and ornaments, dented furniture and lighting fixtures, or a dented car roof could all indicate hail damage on your roof. Also, check with your neighbors to see if they have hail damage.

Why do some houses sustain hail damage and not others?

The condition of your roof before the hail storm hits is one indicator of potential hail damage. The newer and better maintained your roof is, the better your chances of avoiding serious hail damage. However, roof pitch and wind direction both have an impact on how much hail damage your roof may sustain during a storm. The more severe damage is caused by direct hits from hail stones, with glancing blows doing less damage. Thus, for hail that is falling straight down, a high-pitched roof is likely to fare better than a flat roof. If the wind is blowing hard enough to make the hail hit a high-pitched roof more straight on, it would have the more severe damage. Conversely, a flat roof in a very windy hail storm may not sustain hail damage at all!

Should I try to fix my damaged roof myself?

Insurance claims procedures require written roof estimates and hail damage or storm damage assessment by an insurance claims adjuster. Depending on the severity of your current hail damage, you may be able to make your own repairs, but unless you are confident that your workmanship is equal to roofing experts like those at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, your insurance carrier may look at any future storm damage claims with a certain amount of suspicion. Insurance policies do not generally pay for damages on poorly installed roofing material.

Many Charlotte roofing companies have experience with hail damage, and storm damage in general. If you suspect your roof has sustained hail damage, call for expert roofers to come and perform a roof inspection to determine if it has suffered storm damage. The experts at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors will provide free roof estimates for necessary repairs of hail damage, and meet with your insurance adjuster to be sure nothing is missed in their damage assessment.

Charlotte roof repairsCharlotte roof repairs typically reach their zenith immediately after hail damage or other storm damage leaves residents scrambling for recovery. Generally, Charlotte and Concord NC climate conditions bring mild weather, but when hail damage accompanies thunderstorms, homeowners are reminded that the ever-present possibility of repeated weather events should never be ignored. Charlotte roofing companies stand ready to help if storm damage leaves you in need of roof repairs or roof replacement.

Not all roofing companies are equal

Roof repairs or roof replacement costs can be among the highest investments in roof maintenance a homeowner can make, so selecting the right Charlotte roofing companies is an important exercise. For Concord NC or Charlotte roof repairs, be sure to hire Charlotte NC roofing companies. Local businesses are invariably more responsive and more reliable than out-of-town outfits because they rely on customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth advertisement to maintain a good reputation among their friends and neighbors.

Storm damage

If you wonder whether your roof has sustained storm damage after a thunderstorm or other severe weather, there are observations you can make while standing firmly on the ground. Check with neighbors to see how their roofs have fared. Are there loose shingles on the ground? Can you see branches or other debris on your roof surface? Does your home have cracked windows or loose shutters? Look around in your yard and garden for signs of hail damage. If you suspect your roof has sustained storm damage, call in roofing experts like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to make a roof inspection. Climbing up onto a roof is a dangerous business, best left to the experts. Especially after a storm, roofs can be slippery especially if there has been damage to shingles.

Charlotte roof repairs or roof replacement

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte NC is a family owned and family operated business which has earned its first-rate reputation with high quality Charlotte roof repairs and roof replacements. Some Charlotte roofing companies prefer to do complete roof replacements and try to pressure homeowners into foregoing less expensive roof repairs.  With customer satisfaction as their benchmark of business success, these expert roofers are a telephone call away when you need assistance. If simple roof repairs are sufficient for your needs, they are pleased to provide that service. If you do truly need an entire roof replacement, they are happy to perform that service as well. They are also able to help with your insurance claims for hail damage or other storm damages. The experienced roofers at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors perform Charlotte roof repairs using quality materials and the expert skills of well-trained craftsmen who take pride in their work.

Go to Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to find the roofing experts who provide Charlotte roof repairs you can rely on. Among Concord NC and Charlotte roofing companies, the friendly and knowledgeable service at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors cannot be beat. Call today, and get the kind of Charlotte roof repairs you can count on.

roof repairs

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The decision to have a roof replacement rather than roof repairs is an important one for homeowners in Charlotte, Concord NC and elsewhere, due in part to the investment involved. Because it is your first defense against the elements, you need peak performance from your roofing design, roofing materials, and roofing installation. And you want to be sure you are paying for the service you actually need, and no more.

How do I know if I need to repair my roof?

If your roof leaks consistently, you do not need more evidence that repairs are in order, and can make a call to one of many Charlotte roofing companies without a second thought.  If you see signs of damaged shingles on the ground, or a collection of shingle granules in your gutters or on the ground, you will likely need a rooftop inspection to determine whether the situation requires roof repairs or roof replacement. Because rooftop inspections are dangerous, the best place for most homeowners is on the ground. If, however, you have some roofing experience and feel comfortable up there, you might elect to go up for a look before calling in the experts.  If damaged flashing or vents are found, they may be the problem, and a relatively easy fix. If there are many damaged shingles which cannot be fixed with minor repair work, you will certainly want to have a roofing professional like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors handle roof repairs or replacement before a major weather event causes further damage to the roof or to the interior of your home.

How can I decide if I should repair my roof, or have a roof replacement?

Whether you need a complete roof replacement or simple roof repairs depends on the present condition of your roof, how well your roof design performs its job of shedding water and keeping your property dry, and the age of your shingles or other roofing material. Like most other roofing materials, asphalt shingles have a predictable life span. If your shingles are relatively new and most of your roof is in good shape and performing well, you may get acceptable results with simple roof repairs.

How do you know if repairs will do, or if a roof replacement is required? Ask Charlotte roofing companies you can trust for a professional opinion. Some Charlotte roofing companies do not like to make roof repairs and are likely to recommend a total roof replacement whether or not less expensive roof repairs will suffice. Ask Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte for a free estimate on roof repairs or roof replacement. After making a thorough inspection of your roof system, these experienced roofers will give you an honest appraisal and the information you need to make an informed decision about your roof.

For an honest and straightforward assessment of roof replacement versus roof repairs, and for great service on either option, call one of the highest rated Charlotte roofing companies on Angie’s List. You can search the words: Charlotte, repair my roof, or roof replacement; or visit Advanced Roofing and Exteriors and read reviews from satisfied customers. Make arrangements for a representative from Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, serving the Charlotte and Concord NC areas, to inspect your roof and offer an estimate for roof replacement or repair.

dependable roofer

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If you woke up to storm damage, finding the best roofer in Charlotte NC is probably at or near the top of your list of things to do today. Every homeowner knows that sinking, dreadful feeling that comes with the discovery of roof damage after a night of high winds, rain, or hail. The list of chores grows:  taking photos, cleaning up the debris in the yard, getting in touch with the insurance company, and finding the best roofer in the Charlotte and Concord NC area. But which Charlotte roofing company is best?

Charlotte roofing companies

Finding the best roofer in the Charlotte and Concord NC area for your roofing project depends on how you identify what is important to you as a consumer and as a homeowner. Is your home one you plan to live in for years to come, or is it one you hope to turn over for a profit? Is your asphalt shingle roof new, or is it about time to replace the entire roof? How well does your overall roof system work? How secure are the roof vents and flashing? Thoroughly experienced with residential shingle roofs, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte NC has established their prestige as one of the best Charlotte roofing companies. A local company, the folks at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors combine the personal attention of a family business with the customer-commended integrity of expert craftsmanship and trustworthy service.

Qualities to look for
Choosing between Charlotte roofing companies can be very easy if you are just concerned with the bottom line. Costs are often what steers some homeowners toward a Concord roofer who offers the lowest roof estimate. In some cases, opting for the lowest estimate can be the right decision. However, if finding the best roofer means finding Charlotte roofing companies or Concord roofers who offer the most comprehensive and professional services and quality materials, you will need to look a little closer.
The best Charlotte roofing companies offer free estimates, damage assessment, help with insurance claims, complete asphalt shingle roof repair or replacement, and they always communicate your replacement and repair options clearly and effectively.

Customer satisfaction

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors sets itself apart from other Charlotte roofing companies in both the quality and expert application of the materials they use. Customer-oriented roofers understand that excellent workmanship leads to a positive business reputation, and they follow that incentive as a regular practice to use only the most skilled workers and the highest quality materials available. Professional and experienced Concord NC area roofers allow their work to do the majority of their reputation building. Their training and experience is revealed in how they allocate the right amount of time, roofers, and supplies to each roofing project, and in their team of hardworking, polite, and articulate roofers who complete every job with skill and integrity.

When you make finding the best roofer tops on your list of things to do, your day will improve once you select Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to come out to assess your roof damage, make any immediate repairs necessary, and offer you a free estimate for your roof repair or replacement. The expert roofers will also help with your insurance claim! If finding the best roofer in Charlotte NC has led you to Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, this has been your lucky day!

getting estimates on my roof repair

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Getting estimates on my roof repair after recent Charlotte winds left storm damage turned out to be easier than I had expected. Results from a pre-purchase home inspection when I bought my house eight years ago estimated 10 years of life left in the asphalt shingle roof, so I was not too surprised to find loose shingles on the ground the morning after the wind storm. Realizing I would

need to fix my damaged roof before the next rainstorm, I set about getting estimates on my roof repair.Go local, and go for valueI believe that supporting the local economy is a good reason to hire local roofing companies to fix my damaged roof, so I opened the yellow pages to see what the Charlotte and Concord NC areas have to offer by way of roof repair companies. Ouch. Slogging through that long list would take days on the phone and I probably still would not know who could fix my damaged roof. I went online and entered the search words: roof repair estimate, charlotte. Yikes. There are a lot of Charlotte area roofing companies who would like to fix my damaged roof.  How was I going to find someone local to give me a fair deal? If I was going to get roof estimates before the next rain, I needed a quicker way.

Word of mouth references

I called a few friends and family for help getting estimates on my roof repair, and several mentioned the personal references available from AngiesList.com. Now, that is more like it! Not only does Angie’s List provide customer reviews, the website also includes information about each roofer, like whether they will do repairs as well as new roof installations, how long they have been in business, what licenses they hold, whether they are insured and bonded, and so on. After reviewing a few that include Concord NC in their service area, I made a few phone calls and asked for free roof estimates to repair the storm damage to my roof.


Getting estimates on my roof repair was easy, now that I knew who to call, and selecting which roofers would fix my damaged roof was easy, too, after meeting the very professional representative from Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte. I received two estimates; one for immediate repairs from the storm damage, and one for full roof replacement. Both roof estimates were thorough and detailed, and I felt confident making comparisons to the estimates offered by the other companies I had called.

My plan is to have Advanced Roofing and Exteriors fix my damaged roof, before another storm arrives, and to schedule a more permanent solution to potential storm damage; namely, a new roof, later this year.

Getting estimates on my roof repair has introduced me to the roofing professionals at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte NC. Visit them online at www.advancedroofingandesteriors.com to see if they are the kind of professionals you might want to do business with, too.  Having this reputable roofer in my home repair telephone directory is going to make my life as a homeowner a lot easier, I expect, and not just for getting estimates on my roof repair!

Asphalt shinglesare the most common residential roofing materials currently used in Charlotte and Concord NC, and in fact the most common residential roofing in use all across the country. Asphalt shingles are made with felt paper or fiber glass matting permeated with asphalt, covered by another layer of asphalt containing colored mineral granules. Their excellent durability and performance levels account for the popularity attributed by homeowners to asphalt roofing.

asphalt shingles

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Weight of asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles were previously classified by weight per hundred, or per 100 square feet, as a means to predict durability of the various thicknesses available in asphalt shingles. Most asphalt roofing in use today is classified by the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Asphalt shingles are now known as 10 year, 15 year, 20 year, 25 year, 30 year or 35 year shingles. This change came about with a widening use of light fiber glass matting instead of heavier felt paper in shingle manufacturing.

Options in asphalt shingles

Modern asphalt roofing is available in various textures and edge patterns. Strip shingles are about three times as long as they are wide and are distinguished by the number of cutouts or tabs that they have. Different texture and shadow effects are achieved with strip shingles by varying the number, shape and alignment of the cutouts. The most common type of strip shingle is the three-tab shingle. Interlocking asphalt shingles are individual shingles that mechanically fasten to each other, and are used to provide greater wind resistance. They come in various shapes and sizes providing a wide range of design possibilities. Laminated shingles are sometimes called three-dimensional or architectural shingles because they create visual depth on a roof and impart a custom look. These asphalt shingles contain more than one layer of tabs to create extra thickness, and are a favorite among builders, roofing contractors and home buyers.

Benefits of asphalt roofing for residential roofing use

  • High performance in extreme temperatures and in areas where wind, water, and ice are prevalent.
  • Affordable high-volume production and low application costs of asphalt shingles provide overall value in terms of comparable life expectancy.
  • Low maintenance and easy repair for properly applied asphalt shingles.
  • Fire and wind resistance standards for asphalt shingles are rated and defined by nationally recognized standards and tested by independent testing agencies. Wind resistance labels indicate the asphalt roofing has been manufactured and tested to demonstrate acceptable resistance in high-wind locations.

For more information on asphalt shingles and for help in selecting which asphalt shingles might be the best choice for your residential roofing needs, contact the asphalt roofing specialists at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte NC. Visit them online at www.AdvancedRoofingandExteriors.com  and complete a customer service request for a consultation. Extending their expert roofing services from Charlotte to the Concord NC area, this reliable roofing company will provide reputable asphalt roofing advice, and will be happy to make the installation of asphalt shingles on your roof a valuable and satisfying experience.

asphalt shingle roof

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How soon can you repair my asphalt shingle roof is a phrase Charlotte NC roof contractors hear week after week, especially after strong winds have left a swathe of storm damage in their path. Asphalt shingles cover more residential roofs than any other single roofing material, and when strong winds hit, worn or loose asphalt shingles are often the first to fly.
Providing your family with protection against strong winds and other severe weather, your roof is one of the most important investments you can make as a homeowner. It follows that proper installation, maintenance and repair are equally important if your roof is to stand up against storm damage.

Asphalt shinglesAsphalt shingles are made of tar-like hydrocarbon and speckled with small colored ceramic granules. The mineral granules do provide protection from ultraviolet light, but asphalt will still deteriorate over time; generally speaking, a well-maintained asphalt shingle roof can be expected to last 15-20 years.
Shingles that are curled at the edges and severely discolored are telltale signs you may be overdue for roof repair or replacement. And, if you notice a deposit of worn away granules in your gutter or on the ground, call your Charlotte roofer at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors for a free estimate. Another clear sign? Shingles on the ground!


Reputable roofing contractors

You get what you pay for, so do not be tempted by bargain shingles at the local do-it-yourself store. The cheapest shingles on the market just do not hold up to storm damage. Work with a local roofing contractor, like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, to select the best shingles your budget will allow because quality shingles last longer and are less likely to leak. Quality workmanship in repairing or replacing your shingle roof can also save you money in the long run, because improperly installed shingles can cause as many, or more, problems than you already have! Besides, improperly applied shingles could void the warranty on them.


Who should repair my asphalt shingle roof?

When considering which Charlotte roofing contractor could best help you with storm damage to your shingle roof, contact consumer websites like Angie’s List to read customer reviews. Check with the local Better Business Bureau. Ask friends and neighbors for recommendations.  Advanced Roofing and Exteriors serves satisfied homeowners in the Charlotte and Concord NC area, providing reputable and reliable roofing services that deliver and exceed expectations.


Who can repair my asphalt shingle roof and also help with insurance claims?

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors has extensive experience in storm damage roof repairs, and in helping homeowners deal with their subsequent roof damage insurance claims. A representative from Advanced Roofing and Exteriors can meet with your insurance adjuster to assess your storm damage to ensure that nothing is missed and that you will ultimately receive fair and full compensation for repairs needed.  Visit www.AdvancedRoofingandExteriors.com to learn more about this family owned and family run roofing company and see why it receives consistently high reviews from community members.


Repair my asphalt shingle roof? Tell it to Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. Have them restore your roof to its highest level of performance and be ready for the next string of strong winds that rush across your Charlotte and Concord NC area.  Call them today, and say, how soon can you repair my asphalt shingle roof?

The best Charlotte roofing contractors provide first-rate residential and commercial services to their satisfied customers. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in the Charlotte and Concord NC area is dedicated to delivering the highest level of workmanship for your roofing project, from start to finish.

best Charlotte roofing contractors

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Professional and experienced roof contractors

Solid experience and proven results are essential to reputable roof contractors. When looking for the best Charlotte roofing contractors, rely on the reputation and references they engender from their hard work and excellent craftsmanship as revealed in website customer testimonials and on Angie’s List. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors has developed a reputation for quality results and customer service that exceeds the expectations of their clients.

Expert roof contractors

Your roof is exposed to more effects of the weather than any other portion the house. Hail, high winds, blistering sun, bitter cold and snow. If your roof is more than 25 years old, or has been damaged by hail, chances are it needs to be replaced.Regardless of your choice of roofing material, you want the best Charlotte roofing contractors to offer you efficient andaffordable options. If your roof needs replacing, repair, or if you are installing a new roof, you want roof contractors who pay attention to the details on every aspect of your roofing project. You want expert roof contractors who ensure that your finished product represents the highest quality materials and construction standards found in the roofing industry.

Quality materials

A strong, weather tight roof is essential for any home or business, and the longevity of your roof depends greatly on the quality of materials you select.When you choose the best Charlotte roofing contractors, you receive the finest quality roofing materials the finest roof installation crews and workmanship in the business.Expert roof contractors deliver quality results to ensure your durable roof will last for decades into the future.Visit www.AdvancedRoofingandExteriors.com to review the nationally known and respected brands this local roofing companyprovides their roofing clients.

Reputable and reliable roof contractors

A new roof is a huge investment. You can trust Advanced Roofing and Exteriors with your investment. Family owned and family run, these roof contractors can deliver a high-performance roof that enhances the beauty and value of your home, crafted for you by roofing specialists with a commitment to integrity and excellence.

Roof repair

When storms and windy weather strike your Charlotte or Concord NC neighborhood, call a professional to climb on your roof to inspect for roof damage that you cannot see from the ground. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors will to provide a free and reliable estimate for your storm damaged roof. The best Charlotte roofing contractors retain their reputations as ethical and honest roofers by always giving their customers a fair deal, quality work and great service.

Serving residents and business ownersin the Charlotte and Concord NC area as one of the best Charlotte roofing contractors, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors aims to give you an excellent customer experience with reliable and personal service. Call them today for a free estimate or for a consultation on your roofing project, and see why they consistently tank among the best Charlotte roofing contractors.





When my Charlotte neighborhood was strewn with blown-off shingles all up and down the street and my neighbor pointed out I would need to repair my damaged shingle roof, I knew I was in over my head. Happily, the very same neighbor had some helpful suggestions.

dependable roofer

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Stay on the ground

When you suspect you may have roof damage, stay on the ground and have professional and reliable Charlotte roof installers make a thorough inspection. Immediate repairs may need to be done to protect your home from further damage, and if you need to file a claim against your homeowners insurance policy, roof estimates as early as possible can help with the processing. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, serving the Charlotte and Concord NC areas, offer free roof estimates, and will meet with your insurance adjuster to ensure all aspects of damage to your asphalt shingles and to your home are included in the settlement.

Go for quality materials and industry expertise

When it comes to the materials that keep a sound roof over your head, make sure they are quality asphalt shingles with a nationally recognized reputation for performance and a warranty you can count on. Asphalt shingles come in varying weights, colors, shapes, and design, giving you a wide choice of roofing materials; experienced Charlotte roof installers can help you make the right choice for your residential roof repair, taking into account your roof design and the architectural style of your home. Visit www.AdvancedRoofingandExteriors.com for information on how these Charlotte roof installers address your needs when you have damage to your roof shingles.

Always use local roofers

Often, when an area has been hit by severe weather that inflicts widespread roof damage, storm chasers swoop in with promises of cut rates and immediate service. Do not use them. Storm chasers are only in your neighborhood, your town, or your state, because they hope you might easily fall prey to their unethical business practices of offering special deals that always seem to entail payment up front.

When you use the services of local Charlotte roof installers, you know where you can find them if you have questions or complaints after they have driven away!

Check references

Angie’s List, the Better Business Bureau, and satisfied customer testimonials are a good place to read a little about prospective Charlotte roof installers, and to gain insight on whether they might be a good fit for your roofing project. Check references thoroughly.

When needed to repair my damaged shingle roof, I was fortunate to speak with a person who had recently been delighted with the roof repair service provided by Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte NC. Log on to their website and complete their service request. Meet with one of their helpful and knowledgeable representatives, and you will see why I chose these reliable roofers to repair my damaged shingle roof!