roof replacementRecent wind damage to homes in my Charlotte NC neighborhood left me wondering if I ought to just bite the bullet and go ahead with the roof replacement my house will almost certainly need in the next couple of years.  On the one hand, it might make sense to wait until some of the loose shingles blow of and ask my insurance carrier to reimburse the costs to repair my roof; on the other hand, I hear my insurance carrier may refuse payment to repair my roof if it was already in disrepair. Help! What should I do?

Inspect your roof from the ground

Standing on the ground, take a good look at your roof. Do you see curling, cracking, loose or missing shingles? Are there areas where debris gathers in soggy piles? Can you see green growth on your asphalt shingles? If necessary, use binoculars or take advantage of a conveniently placed window to view as much as you can without actually climbing onto the roof itself. It can be dangerous up there; roof-top inspections are best left to experienced, and insured, Charlotte roofing companies, like the professionals at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors.

Do the math

Check your records to see how old your roof is, and how many years the warranty covers. Generally speaking, asphalt shingles are warrantied for fifteen to thirty years, depending on the material. If your roof shows signs of aging ahead of schedule, roof repairs or roof replacement may be in order. Call in a representative from one of the Charlotte roofing companies that sell your brand of shingles for a roof inspection and advice on roof repairs or roof replacement.

No time like the present

When it comes to your roof and its important role in the protection of your family and your property, you should not be cutting corners or taking chances on its structural integrity. Do not postpone necessary roof repairs, or wait until you sustain roof damage from a wind storm. If your roof is already damaged when another storm hits, repair or replacement costs are apt to increase with the additional damage; plus, your homeowner’s insurance carrier is not obligated to honor a claim for damage to an unreliable roofing system. The roofing experts at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors can advise you on the best shingles for your home, and can provide you with either roof repairs or roof replacement service, depending on the condition of your roof. Visit them at and click or call for a free estimate.

Whether you need a roof replacement because your shingles have outlived their warranty, or need roof repairs from storm damage, you want the best service from the best of the Charlotte roofing companies. Call the reputable and reliable professional roofers at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, serving the Charlotte and Concord NC areas, for advice on roof repairs or roof replacement, today!

Charlotte roofing

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When you are investing in your roof, whether for repairs or replacement, or if you are building a new home, finding the best roofer in the Charlotte and Concord NC area will be the first item on your list of things to do. There are many Charlotte roofing companies to choose from, and you want to make a good choice.

Investing in your roof

Your roof protects your property and your family from the elements, so you want to be sure it is properly designed and installed; the money you invest in installing, repairing or replacing a roof is a long-term investment, and you want to get maximum value for each dollar you spend. You also want to be sure that you qualify for a return on premiums you pay for your homeowner’s insurance policy by making sure your roof is properly installed.

Finding the best roofer for your project

Concord roofers with a proven track record of customer satisfaction are relatively simple to locate, given the ease of Internet searches and helpful websites like Angie’s List.  Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, with a center of operations in Charlotte and a service area extending into outlying regions, has been voted the best of Concord NC area and Charlotte roofing companies by its loyal customer base. Citing professionalism, courtesy, attention to detail, craftsmanship, and quality materials, recent appreciative testimonials attest to the level of service provided. When you hire Charlotte roofing experts who are certified in the proper application of quality materials, you can expect the highest level of workmanship and maximum performance of your roof.

Quality workmanship and quality materials

Reputable Charlotte roofing companies hire only competent roofers, and then make sure they have the additional training necessary to apply the quality materials which Concord roofers like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors confidently provide to their customers. Charlotte roofing companies who stand by their materials and workmanship can be trusted to do the kind of job you want for your family home.

Charlotte roofing service, and more

Visit for more information on the kinds of services these roofing professionals provide, including help with the insurance claims process for roof damage, roof inspection and maintenance services, and free estimates. You may also be interested in talking with them about other home renovation services available.

Key to finding the best roofer for your roofing project is quality. Quality workmanship and quality materials is a combination that is hard to beat, and the Charlotte roofing experts at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors deliver both in a package of professionalism, reliability, reasonable rates, and great service. When finding the best roofer in the Charlotte and Concord NC area is important to your roofing project, make your choice the right one with Advanced Roofing and Exteriors!

Charlotte’s best roofing companies

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When storms hit the Charlotte and Concord NC areas, Charlotte’s best roofing companies go on high alert, ready to answer your call for help with immediate repairs.  If your roof has sustained storm damage, the best roofing company for the job is the one that not only provides great service and quality workmanship, but also offers collateral assistance such as meeting with insurance claims adjusters and helping with roof damage insurance claims.

Charlotte’s best roofing companies

Charlotte’s best roofing company would certainly be one that has established itself as trustworthy and reliable, which might be evidenced by the number of satisfied customer testimonials on their websites. Visit Advanced Roofing and Exteriors and read what customers have to say about these roof installers, whom customers have repeatedly voted as the #1 Charlotte roofing company.

Know your roof installers

No matter what your roofing needs, reputable local roof installers are the best roofers for you. Storm damage often serves as a draw for storm chasers; those fly-by-night roofers appear uninvited at your door, offering cut-rate prices to repair your roof.  Do not use storm chasers. You may be out of luck if you cannot locate them when you find a problem with their work later on. Cut-rate prices often mean a cut-rate job; too many homeowners have learned the hard way they should not use storm chasers. Charlotte’s best roofing companies can be counted on to perform work of the highest caliber, and to stand by their work.  Charlotte’s best roofing companies serve clients in surrounding areas, too. Whether you live in Gastonia or Concord NC, Fort Mill or Rock Hill SC, you can count on receiving the kind of great service and quality workmanship you would expect from the best roofing company and the best roofers around.

Get the best roofers available

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors has been voted the #1 Charlotte roofing company by its many satisfied customers in Charlotte and Concord NC, and in surrounding areas. At Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, your true needs for roof repair or roof replacement are among the issues to be discussed. Some roofing companies simply prefer to install a new roof rather than repair an existing roof, not giving you an option. Another important reason for their success is an expertise in dealing with insurance adjusters; these roofing experts can help you recover the full amount necessary to complete your roof repair. If you must cope with roof damage and its accompanying stress, the expert assistance of Charlotte’s best roofing companies with insurance claims can make a big difference.

Charlotte’s best roofing companies have earned the loyalty of their customers with excellent service, skilled workmanship, and a reliable work ethic. Ask the roof installers at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors for a free estimate on your roofing project. You are certain to be well-satisfied with the outcome, and sure to agree that they are highly placed among Charlotte’s best roofing companies.

asphalt shingles

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If you are looking for Charlotte’s #1 roofing company, wading through a listing of the best roofing companies in Charlotte and Concord NC could take quite a while. Charlotte NC rightfully boasts of many qualified roofing and exterior home improvement companies serving Charlotte and the surrounding regional areas. But which of Charlotte’s best roofing companies will be the best choice for your roofing project?

Who is Charlotte’s #1 roofing company

Charlotte’s #1 roofing company will have these attributes:

  • employs only the best roof installers
  • stands by their work
  • helps with insurance claims
  • uses only quality materials
  • has proven record of fair business practices
  • maintains a professional worksite and demeanor
  • leaves worksite neat and clean
  • cares about customer satisfaction

Best roofing companies checklist

The best roofing companies in Charlotte, Concord NC and surrounding areas proudly display evidence of:

  • Professional associations
  • Better Business Bureau rating
  • Angie’s List rating
  • Rave customer testimonials
  • Full licensure and insurances
  • Industry training certifications

Best roof installers

The best roofing companies hire only the best roof installers.  The best roof installers are industry trained and certified to do your roofing job right, the first time. They are expert and experienced roofers who know their job, do it well, do it on time and on budget, and strive to achieve the most important goal of the best roofing companies everywhere – your satisfaction. When you do business with Charlotte’s best roofing companies, you can expect a satisfying relationship with professionals who take the time to courteously answer your questions, keep you informed throughout the work process, and finish up by making sure your grounds and property indicate that the job has been done and done well. The best roof installers can be counted on to go the extra mile to provide the quality of work which meets or even exceeds your expectations.

Know how to contact Charlotte’s #1 roofing company

You should have the contact information for Charlotte’s #1 roofing company on your home services phone list. When you visit Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, you can either click or call for a service call to discuss your roofing project. Voted Charlotte’s #1 roofing company, the reputable and reliable professionals at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors stand by their work, their materials, and their word. Take the time today to copy their telephone and email information into your service directory.

The professionals at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors have been voted Charlotte’s #1 roofing company, an achievement which makes owner Kevin Sweeney, who founded his roofing and exterior remodeling company out of a desire to create an excellent customer experience for his clients, very proud indeed. Once you work with the area’s best roof installers, you will agree that Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is indeed Charlotte’s #1 roofing company!

Charlotte roofers

There are many Charlotte roofers to choose from, and it is hard to know which ones can be counted on for the kind of service and workmanship that will keep you coming back as a loyal customer. Many Charlotte roofing companies seem qualified and knowledgeable, until later on when you discover that the roof repair or replacement job they did was poorly executed, and they are not returning your phone calls.

Local business endorsements and authorizations

When selecting Charlotte roofers for your Concord NC or Fort Mill SC roofing project, check in with the local Better Business Bureau to be sure their service claims are valid. As local businesses, Charlotte roofing companies rely on their good reputation to support business goals and sustain customer loyalty.

Reputable Charlotte roofers are licensed and authorized to do business within the State of North Carolina and in the local areas, signifying government acknowledgment of their qualifications and skillset. Also, the best Charlotte roofing companies have a catalogue of satisfied customer referrals that testify to their ability to deliver the goods and services promised. When searching for Charlotte roofers for your roofing project, read customer testimonials on the company website, and at

Charlotte roofers ready to serve you

Offering shingles from nationally known and respected manufacturers like CertainTeed, Owens Corning, GAF, among others, the best Concord NC and Charlotte roofing companies can be counted on to have the right product to fit your needs and your budget. When you call expert Charlotte roofers like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, you can expect a quick response, professional service, and a free roof repair or replacement estimate. Visit them online at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors.

Using locally owned Charlotte roofing companies

Your roof is the first line of defense against any and all natural elements that could cause structural damage, or even interior damage, to your home. Because the safety and security of your family and property are at stake, you should be confident that skilled and knowledgeable workers who are dedicated to making sure your home gets the protection it deserves are the Charlotte roofers you call for roof repair or replacement. Locally owned Charlotte roofing companies are your best bet for the kind of service you want for your home and your family. As family owned and family run Charlotte roofers, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors more than meets the criteria for reliability and trustworthiness you want and need from Charlotte roofing companies.

When your roof sustains storm damage, or when you are planning a roof replacement or a new roof installation, call the Charlotte roofers with a proven track record for excellence in service and quality of workmanship. The expert roofers at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors will be happy to meet with you to discuss your roofing project, offer advice and assistance in selecting the best materials for your needs, and provide expert roofing installation that will exceed your expectations. Call these Charlotte roofers that you can count on for quality service.

If you are a Charlotte or Concord NC homeowner in a seemingly never-ending search for the best Charlotte roofing contractors, you need look no further. Named the best Charlotte roofing contractors by their many satisfied customers, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte NC provides comprehensive roofing services you can trust.

Seeking the best Charlotte roofing contractors

Charlotte roof installers

This family owned Charlotte roofing company stands ready to install, inspect, repair or replace your roof. If you have tried other Charlotte roofing companies and have not been completely satisfied with the level of service, workmanship, or the quality of materials used on your residential roof system, visit Advanced Roofing and Exteriors online at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors and learn what roofing solutions are available from the best Charlotte roofing contractors.

Peace of mind

The best Charlotte roofing contractors are fully licensed, insured and bonded, and hire only the most talented and skillful employees to join their fully certified staff. When you contract Charlotte roofing companies to do work at your home, you want to feel confident that your roofing project will be handled professionally, courteously, and in a timely manner. You want to know that you are working with a trustworthy roofing contractor and getting quality workmanship at a fair price. You also want the peace of mind that comes from dealing with Charlotte roofing companies that stand behind their work.

Customer satisfaction

The best Charlotte roofing contractors put a great deal of emphasis on quality service, knowing that a satisfied customer is good for business. Charlotte roofing companies which operate from a desire to create an excellent customer experience are sure to meet or exceed your expectations. The owners at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors take pride in their A+ Better Business Bureau rating and rave reviews on Angies List. Satisfied customers in the Charlotte Mecklenburg area, South Carolina cities such as Fort Mill, Rock Hill, Sun City and Lancaster, and the Concord NC, Mooresville and Lake Norman areas attest to the exemplary roofing services they have received.

End your search for the best Charlotte roofing contractors

Are you tired of the constant search for qualified Charlotte roofing companies you can trust? Why start all over again each time you need expert roofers? Go to Advanced Roofing and Exteriors and click or call to talk with professionals you can rely on. Once you have found the best Charlotte roofing contractors and have their contact information in your household services telephone directory, your searching days are over!

At Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, they have earned their reputation as the best Charlotte roofing contractors; Kevin Sweeney and his staff look forward to working with you on your roofing project.

Call today, and be glad you have finally found the best Charlotte roofing contractors for your roofing project!

repair my shingle roofWanted: Charlotte NC roofing companies to submit bids to repair my shingle roof. Must be reputable, reliable, and experienced with the application of asphalt shingles.

Repair my shingle roof

When I needed to find someone to repair my shingle roof, I initially considered placing a newspaper want ad for someone who could replace my missing roof shingles. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but mostly because I wanted to avoid unwelcome calls from fly-by-night home repair people. Instead, I went online to see what might turn up if I Googled the keywords, repair my shingle roof. I got several hits for one of the Charlotte roofing companies that earned rave reviews on Angie’s List, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. This roofing company serves both Charlotte and the surrounding areas, including Concord NC, which is convenient to my location.

About asphalt shingles

Because I did not really know whether I should repair my shingle roof or have the entire roof replaced with new shingles, I did some another online search. I already knew that asphalt shingles are the leading choice for residential roofing in the US because of their durability and low cost of application. What I did not know is that the traditional grey asphalt shingles on my roof are not the only types of asphalt shingles that are available on the market today. They come in a broad array of colors, shapes, and textures, and an enormous range of styles. Properly installed asphalt shingles need very little regular upkeep, and are easily repaired if damaged. Asphalt shingles do a great job protecting our homes from wind, water, ice and snow, and are equally efficient in both high and low temperatures. Asphalt shingles carry Ratings of A, B, and C fire resistance. An A rating designates the highest protection. In addition, many asphalt shingles are awarded a high wind resistance rating.

Repairing, or replacing, asphalt shingles?

I also learned that asphalt shingles generally last between 20 and 30 years. Since my single roof was not new when I bought my Concord NC house, I realized I might very well have to do more than simply repair my shingle roof. I may need a whole new roof! I followed the on-line suggestions for determining if I might need a new roof. I walked around the house with binoculars and inspected for cracked, curled or missing shingles, and looked for little piles of mineral granules from the shingles on the ground. There were some cracks, some curls, but from what I could tell without climbing up onto the roof myself, which I did not want to do, I did not think there were any missing shingles. I decided to call a reliable roofer, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, to come and check out my roof.

Finding Charlotte roofing companies to repair my shingle roof

Following up on my successful visit to Angie’s List, I visited Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to read more about Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte NC, the Charlotte roofing company which had been so nicely reviewed. I liked what I saw, and filled in the online request for service. Right away, one of the representatives came out to my house to make a roof inspection. We talked about whether to repair my shingle roof or to replace it, discussed cost options, and I received a written estimate for a roof repair.

Before I make a final decision on whether to replace or repair my shingle roof, I will meet with the roofing experts at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to see what styles, shapes, and colors I might want should we decide a replacement makes more sense at this time. Follow my lead: call in the roofing experts at this reputable Charlotte roofing company for an estimate and advice on asphalt shingle roof repair or replacement. I know that whether I repair my shingle roof or have a new roof installed, I will get the kind of service I can rely on.

steps in finding the best roofer

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Dependability and professionalism are key elements to consider when finding a reliable roofing contractor in Charlotte NC. When it comes to the installation, maintenance, or repair of the roof that protects your family and property, finding a reliable roofing contractor who will give you the kind of service you can count on at a price you can afford is important.

Finding a reliable roofing contractor

Before the arrival of the internet and Angie’s List, homeowners looking for Charlotte or Concord roofing companies would have thumbed through the yellow pages looking for a familiar name or called friends and neighbors for a recommendation. This system still works quite well for folks who have been in the same neighborhood for a few years or have a local acquaintance to offer advice, but is not so successful for someone who is new to the area. Newcomers now rely on the Internet and Angie’s List as a source of recommendation in finding a reliable roofing contractor.

Charlotte roofing companies now online

Most Charlotte roofing companies doing business in this day and age have a website; choose one or two from a general search for Charlotte roofing, and check them out to see what kinds of services they offer; many websites specify areas of specialty, others deal strictly with certain roofing materials, some Charlotte or Concord roofing companies prefer to do roof replacements rather than provide roof repairs, some offer help with roof damage insurance claims, etc.

Reliable roofing contractor

Finding a reliable roofing contractor is easier when you read reviews on Angie’s List and testimonials on roofing company websites. What do previous customers say about the Charlotte or Concord NC roofing companies you are reviewing? What they say about the quality of workmanship is important, as is the quality of materials the roofing contractors use; equally important is what former customers say about the company and its representatives, and the way in which they conduct the business of delivering customer satisfaction. At Advanced Roofing and Exteriors with service extending from Charlotte into Concord NC and surrounding areas, the order of the day is to create an excellent customer experience. When you call this reliable roofer, you get dependable and professional service.

Finding a reputable roofing contractor in Charlotte NC might have taken quite some time without the Internet, but chances are that you would still end up calling in the roofing experts at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors for your roofing project. Visit them online at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors and click or call for a service call. You will be glad you did. Make finding a reliable roofing contractor in the Charlotte NC area the easiest and most valuable thing you have accomplished today!