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Choosing the best roofing companies for you

When it comes to replacing your roof, you have a number of choices in roofing materials and almost as many options in roofing companies that service the Charlotte and Concord NC region. Reliable roofing companies are committed to providing quality service at the best overall value for their customers. The most responsible roofing companies feel an obligation to the local community to serve as an economic and social asset to the community and to the people they serve

Responsible roofing companies mean quality you can count on

Replacing a roof is a major undertaking, both physically and financially. Local roofing companies can best advise you regarding which type of roofing is best suited to your home, your budget, your personal preferences, and the North Carolina climate. As a homeowner, you should understand limitations of any product warranties; expert roofers from Charlotte roofing companies like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors take the time to explain both materials and manufacturer warranties. These expert roofers are trained and certified for proper roofing installation, protecting product warranties, and protecting your property from the elements.  When you hire professional roofing companies to install your new roof, you can rest easy knowing that quality workmanship and quality materials are working for you.

Annual roof inspections protect warranty

Many roofing warranties require an annual or seasonal inspection to make sure that normal wear and tear cannot cause roof system failure or that improperly applied roofing materials, such as flashing, vents, or gutters, do not result in damage to the roof itself. Manufacturer warranties do not cover owner neglect, nor do they cover improper installation. Contact your local roofing companies to ask about their roof inspection and maintenance programs.

Annual roof inspections protect insurance coverage

Annual roof inspections protect your homeowners insurance coverage, as well. Just as manufacturer warranties do not cover owner neglect, neither do insurance policies. When you file an insurance claim for roof storm damage, an insurance adjuster will come to examine the damage. If his or her assessment indicates that wear and tear or improper installation played any part in the damage to your roof, your claim could be denied outright. Ask roofers at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to explain how their roof inspection program can save you money.

Roofing companies help with insurance claims

You might also ask roofing companies about the kinds of assistance they can provide if you do file an insurance claim. Many roofing companies are experienced with the ins and outs of insurance claims, starting with the initial claims filing and comprehensive roof estimates, and they work closely with the insurance adjuster to ensure all aspects of your roof damage are considered in your claim. Roofing contractors at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors have a proven record of helping their customers receive the maximum amount allowable on their policies.

Making your choice among Charlotte roofing companies is an important step in maintaining your roof and protecting your property. Remember, though, that homeowners must work hand in hand with their roofing companies, because your informed participation is an important factor in how well it all works.

Charlotte roofing contractors

Be prepared with Charlotte roofing contractors

Most homeowners will admit they never thought about Charlotte roofing contractors until they had a problem with their roof. Fair enough, but roofing materials are like automobile tires: there comes a time when they are too worn, and when they fail, bad things can happen. Just as you check the condition of your tires before leaving on a road trip, getting your roof inspected before the next storm season is a smart thing to do. Many Charlotte roofing contractors offer roof maintenance programs, which entail regular comprehensive inspections and on-the-spot repairs to prevent potential leaks or blow-offs.

Insuring the condition of your roof

Unless you have already found your favorite among the roofing companies serving the Charlotte and Concord NC area, now is a good time to think about Charlotte roofing contractors. If a storm damages roof material that should have been replaced because of wear and tear, your homeowners insurance carrier will likely refuse to pay roof repair or replacement costs. By being responsible for the condition of your roof, you not only protect your insurance coverage, but you also protect your manufacturer warranty. Trust the expertise and experience of your local roof companies to help keep your roof, and your wallet, from becoming victims of storm damage.

Keeping an eye out for possible problems

You should know what kinds of things concern Charlotte roofing contractors when they first examine your roof, and you can see some of them from the ground. Using binoculars, check for cracked, curling, or missing shingles. If your roof is covered with asphalt shingles, look for bare areas that have lost some of its granular covering. Also, check the condition of your roof from the inside, looking for water stains.  If you see any of these signs, chances are your roof needs repair, or perhaps even replacement. Your next step? Call Charlotte roofing contractors for a free estimate.

Trustworthy Charlotte roofing contractors

Finding roof companies you can trust to give you an honest evaluation of the condition of your roof is relatively easy. Check online with the Better Business Bureau and AngiesList, and read customer testimonials and other reviews of each potential roofing company you are considering. Meet with your Charlotte roofing contractors to get a feel for their business ethic. Ask for references from customers, and follow up to hear personal experiences with service, materials, workmanship, and especially trustworthiness.

Charlotte roofing contractors are available to help you prepare for the next storm season. Choose wisely, and your property will be well protected for years to come. Consider Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, serving the Charlotte and Concord NC areas, for your roofing needs. See why these Charlotte roofing contractors have been chosen Charlotte’s #1 roofing company.


hail damage

Scheduling repair of hail damage

From what I can see, my house in Charlotte, NC has recently sustained hail damage. I am wondering how quickly I need to fix my damaged roof. I have also noticed quite a lot of storm damage in my immediate neighborhood, so I anticipate that local Charlotte roofing companies are probably backlogged, taking care of emergency repairs and writing roof estimates for insurance claims. How promptly after the storm does a hail damaged roof need to be repaired?

Most hail damage is not an emergency

When your roof sustains storm damage, you should always have emergency repairs taken care of as soon as possible to at least temporarily protect your property from further damage. Unless your roof system is leaking, however, there is no reason to hurry your repairs for hail damage. Most hail damage does not present an immediate emergency to property; accordingly, most insurance companies allow homeowners up to a year to make repairs or replacements made necessary by hail damage.

File a hail damage claim right away

Even though the actual inspection and possible repair of your hail damage can wait a little while, report your storm damage to your insurance carrier as soon as you can get through to them. Immediately after a hail storm hits a specific area, insurance carriers get lots of calls. After large hail storms, it is not uncommon for an adjuster to take two weeks, or even longer, to get out to see your hail damage. The danger in a long delay before an insurance adjuster examines your roof is the additional deterioration that could take place. Weathering can sometimes cover up signs of hail damage, leading your adjuster to reject a claim of hail damage to what appears to be roofing with excess wear and tear.

When roof estimates are too good to be true

You should be aware of so-called storm chasers, who show up in a storm damaged community as soon as the weather clears and submit low-ball bids for roof repair. Storm chaser offers can seem too good to be true, and they are. Storm chasers typically use inferior materials, which quickly fail, and slapdash workmanship. You can actually save money by refusing super low roof estimates and opting instead for more reasonable quotes from reputable local roofers. When you do business with someone you know, it is a simple thing to locate them later on if you have problems or concerns. Call reliable roofers from local trustworthy Charlotte roofing companies if you have hail damage. After making a thorough inspection of your hail damaged roof, your local experts will provide a written roof estimate acceptable to your insurance carrier, and if you like, they will meet with your insurance adjuster to review your storm damage. Charlotte roofing companies like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, serving the Charlotte and Concord, NC region, can help keep hail damage from putting a dent in your roofing budget.

Hail damage, although not necessarily a roofing emergency, does require attention within the next few months. Choosing Charlotte roofing companies to make storm damage repairs protects not only your property, but protects you from unethical practices by unethical roofers who prey on homeowners who need help. Call your Charlotte roofing company today, and ask them about fixing your hail damage.

Charlotte’s #1 roofing companyOnly Charlotte’s #1 roofing company will do

When you need to repair or replace your roof, do not settle for anything less than Charlotte’s #1 roofing company. As you make your choice among the best roofing companies in the Charlotte and Concord, NC areas to do repair or installation work on your roof, consider that you may be forming a long-term relationship with roofers who will help with all your roofing issues for as long as you own your property.

Charlotte’s best roofing companies want your business

Hopefully, your choice of roofers will prove to be an asset for the duration of your homeownership. In addition to timely repairs or roofing installations, the best roof installers provide comprehensive service to help keep your roof operating at peak performance. Charlotte’s #1 roofing company is committed to protecting your property against the effects of nature and wear and to helping you maintain or increase its value; these roofers understand that unless you are completely satisfied with the caliber of their work product, you will not be a return customer. Your repeat business is vital to the success of the best roofing companies in your local area.

Service is the name of the game for the best roofing companies

Annual roof inspections are an important service offered to loyal customers of Charlotte’s best roofing companies. Your roof sits up there, day after day, open to whatever nature throws at it, vulnerable to storm damage and the ravages of wear and tear. For property situated in the path of damaging seasonal storms in Charlotte and Concord, NC, it is a good idea to have your roof inspected after every severe storm. These regular inspections not only serve to avoid potential damage from wear and tear, but they also work to support the terms of the warranty on your roofing installation.

The best roof installers are reputable, reliable and responsible

The best roofing companies for lifetime service are those that you find to be the most reputable, honest, reliable, responsible, and trustworthy. You want roof installers who will give you an honest assessment of your situation, who are ethical in all their business dealings, and who are willing to stand behind their work because their work is of excellent quality. These characteristics can elevate any of the best roofing companies in the Charlotte and Concord, NC region to the position of Charlotte’s #1 roofing company.

Finding Charlotte’s #1 roofing company

To identify Charlotte’s #1 roofing company, visit, check with the Better Business Bureau, and review websites of possible candidates for your roofing job. To determine which of these companies have the qualities you are looking for, consider their experience, check their licensing and insurances, and ask for referrals from recent roofing projects. Ask potential roofers for written estimates for your roofing project, and when you compare them, look at more than the bottom line. Look to see that all aspects of the project are included in the proposal, including materials, labor, building permits, deposits, and clean-up, and make sure the written estimate provides a start date and estimated completion time.

Charlotte’s #1 roofing company is in your Charlotte and Concord, NC area, waiting to serve you. If you are lucky, your search for the best roof installers will lead you to the only roofing company you will ever need, and your roofing worries are essentially over. For the best roof installers in the business, you may wish to investigate Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte, NC, who have been voted Charlotte’s #1 roofing company by their loyal customers multiple times.

Charlotte’s best roofing companiesWhere to find Charlotte’s best roofing companies

Look to the Southern Piedmont and Charlotte NC Better Business Bureau to find Charlotte’s best roofing companies. An accreditation with the Better Business Bureau means listed roof installers meet or exceed requirements that promote truth in advertising and demonstrate a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints. Also, look for the best roofers in reviews posted on AngiesList, a consumer review website that reports customer satisfaction levels for various home service providers. These days, doing research online makes much more sense and takes much less time than thumbing through the yellow pages.

The #1 Charlotte roofing company wants your approval

In addition to knowing the roofing business, Charlotte’s best roofing companies also recognize that a satisfied customer is their most precious resource. That is why the best roofing companies provide a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee; even with excellent response time, quality materials and top-notch workmanship, if you are not completely satisfied with the outcome of your roofing project, conscientious roofer installers feel they have not done their job.

Choosing the best roofing company for your roofing needs

Choosing your contractor is the most important decision you will make for your roofing project. The #1 Charlotte roofing company and expert roof installers provide explanations, instruction, and the details you need to make an informed choice of roofing services and materials appropriate to your project. From the moment you contact your Charlotte roofer until the minute the last piece of debris is cleared away from your property, you can expect superior service from each employee, every step of the way.

Characteristics of Charlotte’s best roofing companies

Charlotte’s best roofing companies share the following characteristics: they operate locally and are fully licensed and insured to do business in your community; they do not use storm chasers to supplement their workforce; and their skillful roof installers have earned industry certifications for the proper application of your roofing system. The best roofers are able to provide work product references for previous roofing installations and repairs, and they are committed to excellence in workmanship and service. Charlotte’s best roofing companies can help you submit storm damage insurance claims, and they meet with your insurance claims adjuster to help make sure you receive maximum claim benefits.

You can count on the #1 Charlotte roofing company

As a homeowner in Concord or Charlotte NC, you do not have to settle for roof installers who simply get the job done; you can have a company that strives for excellence and delivers it with each and every project. Charlotte’s best roofing companies do just that; no matter how big or how small your project, you can count on them to get the job done right the first time.

Charlotte’s best roofing companies

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, serving the Charlotte and Concord NC region and beyond, has been named the #1 Charlotte roofing company multiple times by its legion of loyal customers.  They stand first among Charlotte’s best roofing companies, ready to help with any and all roofing projects, whether they entail storm damage repair, shingle replacement, an entire roof replacement or a revision of your roofing system.  Get to know Charlotte’s best roofing companies, and choose the best roofers for your project.

Charlotte roofers

Get great roofing services from local Charlotte roofers

Professional Charlotte roofers take pride in providing their customers with reliable and affordable services for all their roofing needs. Homeowners in the Charlotte and Concord NC area know that when they entrust their property to reputable Charlotte roofing companies, they can count on the most reliable and most cost-efficient services available in the region.

Charlotte roofers want your business

Charlotte roofers understand that your home or business represents a major investment to you, and they strive to provide the highest possible levels of professionalism, craftsmanship and customer service to help protect your interests. Expert Charlotte roofing companies offer a complete range of roofing repair, installation, and inspection services for all types of commercial and residential structures. The best Charlotte roofers have developed many long-standing partnerships with their loyal customers, and they look forward to enjoying the same success with you or your business.

Local Charlotte roofers deliver

Experienced Charlotte roofing companies undertake all aspects of roofing, including helping you design or re-design your roofing system and choose an appropriate roofing material, style, and color to match your architecture.  Charlotte roofers will also perform maintenance inspections to determine the stability of roof decking and underlayment, flashing, guttering, vents, and other facets of your roof system.

Charlotte roofers also deliver reliability, building strength, and longevity. When you invest in the roofing services of Charlotte roofing companies, you are investing in proven construction methods and durable materials from proven vendors. Also, when you entrust your residential or business roof to expert Charlotte roofers, you will receive customer service beyond your expectations.

Personal service from local Charlotte roofers

When you have a problem with your roof, trained Charlotte roofers will do a comprehensive assessment and let you know if a patch, roof repair, re-roof, or a whole new roofing system is called for. The best Charlotte roofing companies make it a point to keep you up to date during every aspect of your roofing project, including the choice of roofing materials and how their application will keep your roof at high performance levels. When you work with reputable Charlotte roofers, you do not have to wonder what is happening, when workers will arrive or finish, or who is going to clean up your yard after they are done. Many Charlotte roofers also provide assistance with all of the red tape involved in storm damage insurance claims, and they go the extra mile to meet with your insurance claims adjuster to help your claim result in the highest payment allowable under your policy.

Certain Charlotte roofers provide the highest quality materials and finest craftsmanship in the region, including Concord NC and upper South Carolina, and they have been named the #1 Charlotte roofing company multiple times.   For outstanding work and honest prices, contact the experts at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte NC. You can count on these Charlotte roofers!

repair my shingle roof

I need to repair my shingle roof

Finding loose asphalt shingles on the ground after the recent high winds blew through the Charlotte and Concord NC region made me realize that I need to repair my shingle roof. Knowing little or nothing about roofing, I also realized that I needed to hire one of the professional Charlotte roofing companies. But first, I went online to learn some roofing basics to help me in my search for a roofing company to repair my shingle roof.

Repair roofing shingles

The repair of damaged roofing shingles should be done as soon as possible to prevent the risk of additional tears, leaks and other threats to the integrity of the roof and protection of the property. Even tiny leaks should not be ignored, because they indicate a breach somewhere in the waterproof seal protecting your home. It often takes a roofing expert to locate the source and path of a water leak. If your roof has a leak, have a roofing professional perform the inspection while you wait on the ground. Roofing is not exactly rocket science, but it does take experience, training, safety equipment, the right tools, and adequate workers compensation insurance. Charlotte roofing companies want you to stay safe, and they want to do a good and thorough job at repairing your shingles.

Charlotte roofing companies at your service

Reliable Charlotte roofing companies are well-suited to provide the high caliber of workmanship and attention to detail homeowners have come to expect. I learned in my online research that when you ask Charlotte roofing companies like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors for a solution to your roofing problems, you can look forward to a professional partnership that delivers excellent service, premium roofing materials, and skillful workmanship that puts you at ease while making sure you are well informed and up to date on the job as it progresses.

Re-roofing or roof replacement

Replacing a roof generally involves tearing off the old roof, often down to the deck, to prepare a surface on which new asphalt shingles can be applied. Waterproofing the roof is central to roof installation or replacement, so experienced roofers take care to confirm roofing underlayment is adequate. Sometimes new asphalt shingles can be installed over old ones, depending on the condition of decking and whether your roof has already been overlaid. Many communities restrict the number of times a shingled roof can be re-covered.

In the end, I asked the roofing experts at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to repair my shingle roof, and I am as pleased with the outcome as I was with the process. The new asphalt shingles match the old ones perfectly, and overall my roof combines beauty with reliability. If you need roof repairs, contact the reliable roofers at Advanced Roofing Exteriors.  I am pleased these professionals came to repair my shingle roof.

finding a reliable roofing contractorFinding a reliable roofing contractor

The importance of how well a roof defends a property against the harsh elements of nature is often overlooked by homeowners. That is, until the necessity of finding a reliable roofing contractor to repair roof damage becomes necessary. Many folks in the Charlotte and Concord NC area do not know how to perform roof repairs themselves, but they are reluctant to hire a professional roofer because storm chasers and other unethical roofers have made them suspicious of even Charlotte roofing companies and Concord roofing companies. However, help finding a reliable roofing contractor is at your fingertips.

Why hire Concord or Charlotte roofing companies

Fixing a leaking or damaged roof is the kind of job you should not do by yourself unless you are an expert; working on a roof can lead to serious injuries, and an inexperienced worker could even make matters worse. Contact Charlotte or Concord roofing companies to do this tough job; trained and experienced roofers know every aspect of the job and can finish the work properly and quickly.

The time for finding a reliable roofing contractor is now

Once you notice a problem with your roofing, you should have it taken care of at once because the problem will only get more serious with time, and repair fees will only get more costly. Delaying needed roof repair could bring danger or harm to both life and property. Once you have overcome your first hurdle, finding a reliable roof contractor, all the rest will fall comfortably into place.

Guidelines for finding a reliable roofing contractor

Websites that list the various Charlotte or Concord roofing companies abound on the worldwide web, making finding a reliable roofing contractor easy and quick. Reliable Charlotte roofing companies hold relevant business licenses, building and roofing permits, and carry adequate liability insurance for worksites and for their employees. You can check these credentials, along with Better Business Bureau ratings and AngiesList reviews, online without having to leave home. Be thorough in your online investigations; read websites and note which roofing services are featured by each of the roofing companies that interest you, the caliber of roofing materials used, and manufacturer certifications earned by roofing installers and management alike. Ask for written estimates from several roofers, and compare complete job descriptions, materials, labor, startup and completion dates, warranty information, and other services outlined on each proposal. Do not rely on the bottom line figure as the sole point of comparison.

Finding a reliable roofing contractor does not have to be difficult, especially when you use the best research tool available today: the internet. Charlotte roofing companies like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors have access to the latest techniques, equipment, and quality roofing materials, and they are familiar with recent roofing and building regulations in your community. Make finding a reliable roofing contractor who services the Charlotte and Concord NC area your first step toward making repairs to your roof.