Charlotte metal roofing companiesCharlotte metal roofing companies make an impact

Charlotte metal roofing companies are leaving an impact throughout the region, and one of the most obvious results is that many homeowners will never need to deal with a roofing contractor ever again. If you are like the average person, you are not excited about the idea of laborious home maintenance projects. Perhaps the least appealing of all is dealing with roof repair and roofing contractors. Have you ever wondered if the construction industry will catch up with the rest of the world when it comes to advances in building material technology? For example, when will houses be able to let the homeowner know there is a problem such as shingles missing, or sense when there is a leak in the roof?

Regression of building technology

Unfortunately, we have seen the development in building materials head in the wrong direction. It seems that over the past few decades, the trend has been toward the development of lower cost products. Regrettably, lower cost products have translated into lower quality. Homebuilders have found creative ways to make homes cheaper, and homeowners become responsible for extra expenses after the home has been sold.

Everyone can think of an example where homeowners buy a brand new home and within the first few years they replace faucet fixtures, carpets, or counter tops because the original products could not hold up. One of the worst examples for roofing materials are the old surface mounted, bubble skylights, which gained popularity in the 1980s. In a short period of time, they started cracking, discoloring, and failing miserably.

Not every product was such an extreme example, but we have all seen building materials that homeowners purchased for their homes thinking they would save some money, only to later find out that the replacement quality was marginal, failing to improve the beauty, security, value, and durability of our homes.

Increases in metal roofing installations

Savvy homeowners are demanding more from builders and renovators; hence, there is no coincidence in the growth of the number of metal roofs in the market. In other words, metal roofing systems are the technological wave of the future. Charlotte metal roofing companies provide homeowners with significant design choices for visual beauty, and metal roofing offers great durability as well as energy efficiency. Homeowners understand that choosing metal roofing is a way to invest permanently in their homes, making a home improvement that significantly reduces or even eliminates the recurring re-roofing cycle.

One of the top Charlotte roofing contractors

If you are considering a permanent solution for the roofing of your home, consider Advanced Roofing and Exteriors of Charlotte, NC. Having served the residents and businesses of the Carolinas for decades, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is a full service roofing and exterior home improvement company. Call their office today for a free estimate from one of most trustworthy Charlotte metal roofing companies.

Charlotte roofing companiesOutstanding Charlotte roofing companies

As one of the most populous major metropolitan cities in the southeastern seaboard, there are some outstanding Charlotte roofing companies. In fact, though it may sound biased, Charlotte is a great place to live. It does not matter whether you are looking for a great place to eat or a fun place to hang out, Charlotte has something to entertain or capture the imagination of all sorts of people. The weather, for the most part, is mild, but there are extreme events from time to time, such as ice storms in the winter and blistering hot summer days. Relating this to Charlotte roofing contractors, on these extreme days, it is somewhat unrealized that these individuals work tirelessly to make sure that roofs are in fantastic shape for the foreseeable future.

Roofing is extremely hard work

Most of us are pretty thrilled to be working in air conditioned and climate controlled environments as we toil away in offices, department stores, and even warehouses where we do not need to be out in the elements. Roofers, however, work in the most severe environments regardless of the time of year. When it is a balmy 85 degrees outside, it is at least 105 on the roof. Regardless of the working conditions, the quality of work must be faultless, and it is expected to last for decades. Installing shingles, laying tar, or applying coatings is extremely hard work on a roof. This is why we need to have a sense of appreciation that there are people in our community that are willing to provide us this service.

The most successful Charlotte roofing companies

This dedication to their craft compels customers to refer the best Charlotte roofing contractors to neighbors and coworkers. Roofing is a messy and disruptive process, especially when old roofs are torn off. However, the best roofing companies leave your home and neighborhood looking better than it did before they arrived. Could you imagine your neighbor having their roof replaced, only to have some of the trash and debris from the old roof ending up in your yard? The most successful roofing companies address every aspect of the repair and replacement process, making sure to remove all of the debris from the old roof in a thorough manner.

Commercial versus residential roofing

For the most part, there are specific roofing companies for residential homes and others that work primarily on commercial projects. The main reason for this is because businesses tend to require an entirely different style of roof from that average residential roof. Residential homes are predominately comprised of asphalt shingles or tiles that are approved by local code or a Home Owners Association. Businesses tend to have flat coating roofs, metal roofing, or any type of roof that matches the architecture of its representative neighborhood. The most experienced and the best Charlotte roofing contractors provide both residential and commercial services.

One of Charlotte’s best roofing companies for residential or commercial roofs

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is a full service, licensed, insured, and family owned roofing company. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors has served Charlotte and the surrounding areas for over twenty years. The company specializes in residential roofing and commercial roofing installation, repair, and inspections.

As one of Charlotte’s best roofing companies, they provide:

  • Residential roofing
  • Commercial roofing
  • Siding and boxing systems
  • Residential and commercial gutters

They are accredited with an “A” rating with the Better Business Bureau. Call their office today to schedule a free estimate with one of the top Charlotte roofing companies.


Metal roofing in CharlotteMetal roofing in Charlotte

Few architectural changes are as prevalent today as metal roofing in Charlotte. Driving down the streets almost anywhere in the city, one can see various examples of metal roofing springing up as groups of contractors are at work upgrading homes, shopping centers, restaurants, and industrial complexes. Charlotte metal roofing companies are bringing affordable metal roofing to Charlotte homeowners. The innovative steel panels and metal shingles protect your home up to three times as long as a traditional asphalt shingle roof, making metal roofing in Charlotte the last roof that you will ever buy.

Why install a metal roof

Metal roofing is available in a wide variety of styles and colors that will give your home a bright and new appearance, without changing the look and feel of its architecture.  You can install a metal roof that is designed to provide maximum protection and resistance to the elements. Metal roofing panels are tested to withstand up to 120mph winds and are class 4 impact resistant. This means that the manufacturer will stand behind the product providing protection for your home, even in some of the most extreme weather situations.

Each panel is designed for strength and longevity. They have been manufactured out of hardened, industrial strength metals, and then coated with a weather resistant barrier that is designed to protect against oxidation. Special coatings are applied that will shield the panels from Ultra Violet rays and will help to keep the color fresh looking as the roof ages. Additionally, the metal roofing material is specially treated to ensure that the roof is non-porous as well as freeze and thaw resistant. These specific and precise steps that are taken during the manufacturing process create panels that are uniform in appearance and consistent in performance. Each installation of metal roofing in Charlotte is built to last.

Metal roof installer that you can trust

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is one of the industry leaders when it comes to Charlotte metal roofing companies. The innovative company has installed and repaired countless of roofs in Charlotte, Concord, and the surrounding areas with resounding success. Homeowners are investing in metal roofing because they understand the value of metal roofing and how much money it saves them over the long term.

Traditional roofing products need replacing every 10 to 25 years, while a metal roof can last up to three times as long, at least 40-50 years. In nearly every case, metal roofing is a once in a lifetime purchase. Charlotte homeowners that replace their roof with a metal roof from Advanced Roofing and Exteriors will join the long list of nearly 30 years of satisfied customers. Call them today for a free estimate and to learn why metal roofing in Charlotte just makes sense.


Charlotte roofing contractorsFinding the best Charlotte roofing contractors

There is an abundance of Charlotte roofing contractors, and unfortunately, a few may not have a reputation for being experienced and professional. Everyone has heard at least one nightmare contractor story, and it causes a lot of homeowners some undue anxiety when it comes time to choose roofing companies. It is entirely possible to avoid these sub-standard roof companies and hire one of Charlotte’s best roofing contractors.

Research the roofing companies

It is important that you do some research amongst the Charlotte roofing contractors to find the best one for your needs. The best contractors will not only properly install or repair your roof, but they can inform you as to what will be the proper materials for your roofing project. If your roof is only in need of a few simple repairs, a trustworthy contractor will be honest and forthright with you. They understand that you do not want to spend more money on your roof than is necessary and that saving you money will make you a loyal customer. The flip side of this is that a responsible contractor would never attempt to perform a patch job when it is actually time for a new roof. That will only cost you more time and money in the future.

Roofing and home improvement

The best Charlotte roofing contractors are skilled in all phases of roofing construction, as well as associated home improvement projects like gutters, siding, and even window replacement. For example, if you need a new rain gutter, one of these versatile roofing companies can provide that service and probably save you money in the process. If your roof was damaged in a storm, the most experienced roofing companies can help you with the process of filing a claim with the insurance company. They can perform periodic inspections in an effort to help you keep accurate records that will be of value when you need warranty repairs or replacement.

Professionally recognized

Reputable Charlotte roofing contractors are easy to recognize because they enjoy accreditation and high ratings with the Better Business Bureau or with consumer advocate websites that review local contractors. Pay close attention to the customer feedback. Of course, your friends, family, or coworkers who have had roof repair or replacement at their homes or businesses are a good source for positive references.

One of the top Charlotte roofing contractors

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is a fully licensed and insured, family owned, full service roofing and exterior home improvement company. They have been serving Charlotte and the surrounding areas for over twenty years. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors specializes in residential roofing as well as commercial roofing installation and repairs. They also offer periodic inspections and can help you with your other exterior improvement projects. Call them today and request a free estimate from one of the top Charlotte roofing contractors.

Charlotte roofersDepend on Charlotte roofers

Reliable Charlotte roofers can be invaluable partners when you are considering buying a house. The housing market is heating up and buyers are discovering that interest rates are at an all time low. This means that there are literally thousands of lower priced and foreclosed homes that are available for purchase. This is great news. There is a caveat, however. Many of these homes have been poorly maintained, if they have been maintained at all. If you find yourself considering such a home, be sure that the foundation and roofing have no major problems.

Proposals from a Charlotte roofing company

It is advisable that you choose a home that already has a quality roof. Of course, there are cases when you can get the seller of the house to drop the price much lower than it would cost to repair or replace the roof. If you find yourself in that situation, make a phone call to one of the trustworthy Charlotte roofing companies so they can come out and give you a proposal to let you know how much it will cost to repair or replace the roof.

The cost of a new roof depends on many factors such as the type of materials used, the warranty, the square footage of the roof, and how much old roofing must be torn off. Make sure that you get a very specific bid proposal because it is nearly impossible to give a universal estimate on the cost for a roofing project that applies to ‘most’ homes. Also, be aware that there are scenarios where the seller is required by law to be responsible for the repairs to the roof before they can sell the home.

Have the roof inspected for repairs

If possible, it is a great idea to get a quote that will inform you as to what work that will need to be done to the roof before you commit to a price with the seller. Contact the seller and let them know that you want your local Charlotte roofer to come out and perform a roof inspection before you obligate yourself to purchase the house. There are cases when a roof can look worse than it really is. In fact, the roof may just need a good cleaning or some shingle replacement. The wisest thing is to let a reliable Charlotte roofing contractor give you an idea as to how long the roof will last if it does not need immediate replacement.

One of the top Charlotte roofing companies

If you are looking for a reliable and honest roofing contractor to inspect your prospective house purchase, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors has been setting the standard for Charlotte homes for over twenty years. They are a fully licensed and insured full service roofing and exterior home improvement company. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is highly rated by the Better Business Bureau, and they enjoy a reputation as an experienced and dependable contractor throughout the region. Call them today to have one of the best Charlotte roofer perform an inspection that can save you a great deal of money.

charlotte roof repairsMaking Charlotte roof repairs safe for homeowners

You know that Charlotte roof repairs are unavoidable when you notice wet insulation and water stained boxes when bringing the Christmas decorations down from the attic. You are aware that when roof repairs are ignored, it will not be long before you are looking at roof replacement. A leak can be small when detected, but that small leak is a sign that there is an enormous problem with your roof system. Somewhere along the line storm damage has taken its toll. This is the time of year when roof repair is most predominant, it is also the time of year when we spend much more money than is common, and paying from roof repairs never was part of the plan.

Knowing that Charlotte roof repairs are imminent, most homeowners consider doing the work themselves in an effort to save on the expense. Many homeowners are convinced that that they can carry out the roof repairs on their own. In reality, roof repair is not the simple task that some think it is. The job is hazardous and full of pitfalls. Of course, nothing is risk-free, but repairing the roof goes beyond the normal skill set of the average homeowner. Roof repairs will involve walking and climbing on the roof, and that act alone is fraught with dangerous possibilities. The safest option is to call one of the trustworthy and experienced Charlotte roofing companies. However, if you are determined to repair your leaking roof on your own, consider the following tips to avoid an unsafe situation.

Create a detailed plan

The first step is to plan the job. Determine how you will evaluate the areas that need repair, then comprise a list of all the roofing materials you will need for the job. Plan the logistics of the project, such as what areas will be fixed first and what the repairs will be. It is important to plan where you will place debris, tools, and other materials. Determine a method for keeping the roof organized and hazard free as you work.

Gather and decide on safety equipment

Rubber-soled shoes are crucial to help prevent slipping and falling. This type of shoe provides excellent traction. Safety glasses are vital to protect your eyes from flying debris. You will need work gloves to protect your hands from sharp, metal flashing, nails, and abrasions. You will need a tool belt to hold your tools, providing your hands with freedom as you move about the roof.

Be sure to utilize some type of fall protection system. Check with your local equipment rental shop for recommended fall protection systems for home roofing repairs. You should never climb onto the roof without personal fall protection in place. In the same manner, make sure that you use only stable ladders and climbing equipment. Be sure that every ladder is rated to sustain the total weight of you and anything you will be carrying onto the roof. Make sure that the ladders are long enough so that you never need to stand on the top rung.

Hire a reliable Charlotte roofing company

Realistically, if your roof is higher than two stories or has a significant amount of damage, it is better to hire a reliable contractor. In addition to reliability, the roofing company should have extensive experience. They should offer workmanship guarantees, and it should be a company that has a reputation for finishing the work on time and correctly.

The perfect roofing contractor for Charlotte roof repairs

The best way to handle roof repairs is to put the work in the hands of reliable local contractors and let them take all the risk, leaving you with the rewards. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors of Charlotte, NC, is fully licensed, insured, and extensively experienced with residential roof repairs and roof replacement. They are the ideal Charlotte roofing company. They also provide regular roof inspections. Call them today to learn how safe and affordable Charlotte roof repairs can be.

Repair my roof shinglesReplace or repair my roof shingles

It is the time of year when storm damage necessitates every homeowner to ask, “Do I repair my roof shingles, or do I replace them?” The decision may be yours, but how much it costs may be decided by your insurance company. What will your insurance company decide to do if your shingles were damaged in a storm and there are no replacements because your particular shingles have been discontinued?

In most cases, insurance companies will replace your entire roof if there is no acceptable match for your existing shingles. However, read your policy, as this is not always the case. For example, if you experience a windstorm that completely obliterates one side of the home, some companies have determined that they will only repair the damaged section, and they will not replace the entire roof.

Understand your insurance policy

It is also important to be careful when installing a roof. There have been circumstances where a roof had multiple layers of shingles, and the policy only covered tearing off one layer. Guess who will be responsible for the additional shingle removal? When it comes to roof repair and replacement, homeowners are discovering that buying the cheapest insurance is not always the best deal. It is important to make sure that your policy not only replaces your roof, but that it is written to ensure that repairs will bring your home up to the most current building codes.

Change your insurance policy

If your roof is destroyed in a storm, you could run into a case where your policy will only pay for something that is identical to your current roof. However, if the building codes or standards have changed, you do not want to get stuck with the bill for the compulsory changes to make your roof compliant. It is advisable that you check your policy, and if necessary, add a rider that covers code upgrades. Generally, such an item is very inexpensive.

As I found out when I had to repair my roof shingles, your insurance is a very important part of your financial protection in the event of a catastrophic event. Do not wait to find out when it is too late to make a change, set aside some time to have a meeting with your insurance agent, express your concerns, and make sure your policy protects you as it should.  In other words, protect your roof so that it can continue to protect your home.

One of the top Charlotte roofing contractors

If you are in need of roof repair and you think it may be directly related to storm damage, call your Charlotte roofing contractors soon because you only have a limited time to make a claim for storm damage. Residents of Charlotte and Concord, NC, are fortunate to rely on Advanced Roofing and Exteriors for roof repair and roof replacement. Advanced has been serving the area for over twenty years. They are highly rated by the Better Business Bureau, and they enjoy a reputation as trustworthy and experienced. Call them today to request an inspection for storm damage; pick up the phone and say, “Help me repair my roof shingles.”

roof replacementUpgrades for roof replacement

When it is time for a roof replacement, most homeowners simply go with the exact same roof that the builder installed. It is important to remember that homebuilders usually use materials based more on cost per square foot rather than based on value or long term service. For example, when it is time to replace the original stove or refrigerator that came with the home, most homeowners see this as an opportunity to upgrade to a more modern unit with added features. In other words, they choose to upgrade. Seldom do they go out and buy the exact same stove or refrigerator, even if it costs more. Homeowners should make the same important considerations when it is time for choosing materials for roof replacement.

Roofing materials

The most common type of roof for the average American home is the asphalt shingle roof. If you have a shingle roof, the most appropriate upgrades would be to go to a higher grade of shingle or to a metal roof. Your choice will depend largely on your personal taste, your budget, and the lifespan you desire for your new roof. Here, we will focus our attention on these two materials because homeowners can get the best value from either type of roof. Both styles of roof are cost effective and come in a wide variety of colors and looks.

Shingle roof upgrades

Asphalt roofs come in many different grades, and chances are that it will be fairly easy for you to upgrade for a very affordable price. Homeowners can choose between color, style, and warranty. Asphalt shingles are available with 20, 25, 30 year, and even lifetime warranties. Get the best warranty that you can afford, even if you do not plan on staying forever.

If you are considering a Charlotte or Concord, NC, roof, it is advisable to consider higher wind resistant shingles. You should consider an algae resistant shingle if you choose a light colored roof. The climate in the winter can require a rubber underlayment at the eaves, which would eliminate problems with ice dams.

Upgrade to metal roofing

Metal roofs can be a substantial upgrade from both architectural and functional standpoints. In addition, metal roofs last as long as 50 years, providing great value for the expense. Metal roofing is energy efficient, which will save money on heating and cooling costs. Metal roofing typically costs more than asphalt shingles. Its long life and tremendous variety of styles and colors make it an attractive upgrade for any other type of roofing.

The leader in Charlotte roofing companies

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is one of the most recognized roofing companies in the Carolinas. The family owned company is licensed, insured and bonded. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors has been serving Charlotte and the surrounding areas for over twenty years. Call them if you are seeking a trustworthy contractor for your roof replacement project.

Best rooferCharlotte roofing companies

Finding the best roofer in Charlotte, NC, is not about what you know, but rather it is about what you will learn after you ask the right questions of prospective companies. If it was a matter of looking in the yellow pages, it would be simple to find a Concord roofer or countless Charlotte roofing companies. However, when homeowners realize the importance of a well maintained roof, they want the best roofing contractor available.

They understand that the right selection means having a roof that will look better and will last longer. Homeowners should have confidence in the Charlotte roofing company that they are trusting to give them an honest assessment of their roofing condition. A dishonest contractor can guide overly trusting customers to spend significantly more than is reasonable. Below are some of the most important questions that will help you to choose the ideal contractor for your roofing repair.

Get important details of the roofing company

Reputable roofing companies will always provide you with details such as their business name and address and the number of years that they have been in the industry. Included in this information should be their tax ID number, contractor licensing, insurance certification, and even surety bonds. Trustworthy roofing companies will gladly disclose the essential details that establish them as a legitimate and experienced business entity.

Discuss particulars of the estimate

The best Charlotte roofing companies offer detailed and well-written job estimates. You should expect the estimates and bids to be free of charge, but that does not mean that you should accept a makeshift and vague document. To find the best roofer for your project, make sure that the estimate includes the following details:

  • The complete scope of the work
  • Itemized list of labor costs and material costs
  • Specific timeframes of when the project will begin, end, and hours during the day
  • Methods and responsibility for removal of old roofing material

Ask about warranties

The most successful roofing companies offer workmanship warranties that stand behind their work for a specified time after the job is completed. The workmanship warranty is not to be confused with the material warranty. In addition to providing financial protection for the homeowner, the workmanship warranty lets you know that you are dealing with a company that will do whatever is necessary to take care of its customers.

It is critically important to ask for copies of the warranty that is provided by the material manufacturers. Make sure that you understand the terms within the warranty. For example, some warrantees might be reduced or voided if repair work is completed by someone other than a licensed contractor.

Ask for customer reviews or references

The best roofers have letters from homeowners and clients that have been satisfied with the products and services they have received from the contractor. These letters often include the contact numbers or email addresses of the referring customer. Feel free to ask the contractor to provide these references for your personal examination.

One of the top Charlotte roofing contractors

If you are looking for the best contractor for your repair or replacement project, consider Advanced Roofing and Exteriors of Charlotte, NC. They are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is a family owned company that has a long list of satisfied customers for over twenty years. Call them today and ask for a free estimate from one of the best roofers in the Charlotte and Concord area.