Charlotte metal roofingChoosing a metal roof for your church

There is another roofing trend in the city of Charlotte; it appears that churches are considering the option to reroof with a metal roof. Homeowners and businesses have come to realize that metal roofs and metal roofing panels are an ideal solution that improves the look of their home or building while ending their roofing worries forever. Now church boards and leadership has found that long lasting and beautiful roofing is also very important for churches. Quite naturally, church roofs are some of the most beautiful and complex in the region. Reroofing a church is not a project that many can afford every twenty years. Regardless of the original architecture, from asphalt shingles to slate roofs, church roofing can be replaced with metal roofing that remains true to the original look, the main difference will be that the new roof will be long lasting and energy efficient.

Replacing asphalt shingles with metal roofing

Churches that need to replace an asphalt shingle roof will be interested to learn that they can end the ongoing expenses related to regular roof maintenance and replacement. In the Charlotte area, most asphalt shingle roofs tend to last about 15 years on average. The main reason for this is because modern shingles are made with substantially less petroleum content than they used to be. Additionally, factor in the rate of inflation, and asphalt shingle roofs tend to double in cost by the time a new one is needed. For churches and commercial buildings, this can compound to an extreme outlay of cash over time. Another factor is the aesthetics. With metal roofing shingles, you can still remain true to the look and design of the original roof, while providing a cleaner, neater improvement to the appearance of the church.

Churches with clay tile roofs

Many churches that were built in the early 1900s were constructed with roofing that consisted of clay tile or slate. Tile roofs are by nature, beautiful and durable; but they are also exceedingly heavy as well as expensive. Tile and slate roofs are reliant upon their underlayment in order to be water and weather proof. These roofs will often develop leaks because of failures in the underlayment. A modern metal roof can replicate the textured beauty of tile roofing at a fraction of the weight, and t a more affordable cost.

Energy efficient metal roofing

A significant benefit for both asphalt shingle and tile roofed churches is the improvement in energy efficiency. Most metal roofing products are extremely energy efficient. Asphalt shingles, especially if they are in dark colors, absorb the heat of the sun at a greater rate and heat up the attic significantly. The same can be said for tile roofs because they absorb and hold heat extremely well, radiating heat into the building long after the sun has set. Metal roofing reflects the light and heat from the sun, keeping the church cooler and reducing heating and cooling costs.

One of the best Charlotte metal roofing companies

If you are considering a permanent solution for the roofing of your church, home, or business; consider Advanced Roofing and Exteriors of Charlotte, NC. They have served the residents and businesses of South and North Carolina for decades. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is a full service roofing and exterior home improvement company. Call their office today for a free estimate and to learn more about all the benefits included when you reroof with a metal roof.

Roof installation from the best rooferDiscovering the best Charlotte or Concord roofer

If you are looking for the best roofer for your repair or replacement project in Charlotte, you will discover that there are plenty of companies to choose. However, if you are looking for the best qualified contractor who will get in and do the job right without cutting corners, you will probably need to throw out the lowest bid. This is not to say that on those occasions when you get bids from 3 or 4 companies that are highly rated with the Better Business Bureau and they are only a few dollars different in price, that the better roofing contractor does have the lowest price. That is generally the exception to the rule.

Cheap bids mean cut corners

There is always a reason that cheap companies give bids that are cheap… and the reasons are never good. Inexperienced companies or companies that are desperate for work, will develop a system in which they can cut corners in order to offer a price that is low enough to get the attention of the home or business owner. To cover their losses, dishonest contractors take shortcuts such as skipping the repair of rotted or insect damaged wood. They may use inferior materials that carry a weak or short term warranty. They may hire undertrained workers that they can underpay (or not at all). Some contractors will even ask for more money when the job is already under way. Just read the online reviews for Roofing contractors, and you will get a good idea of how it is done.

Charlotte roofing novices

Some companies are just starting out and they will give a low profit bid just for the opportunity to build a portfolio, but remember that your roof is the largest single investment in your home and this is no time for a novice to be learning at your expense. There are plenty of general contractors who are always looking for a cheap bed, and they are more than willing to take a chance on a new company if it will save them some money. So do not ever feel guilty for refusing to be the guinea pig.

Competitive Charlotte roofing companies

On the other side of the coin, the highest bid does not insure top quality work. Rest assured that the best roofing companies in Charlotte are very aware of how important price is, especially in a slow and rebounding market. Reputable contractors who have been doing business in this area for decades will usually try to get you the best possible deal. Prices for a new roof can vary a lot because there are so many options available, depending upon the type of roof you choose. Do your best to make sure that everyone is offering you the same type of roof, with the same warranty, and the same grade of materials; and the reputable roofing contractors will all be in about the same range. If estimates differ by a substantial margin, call each roofer and ask them why.

The best roofing companies know that they have to be competitive to stay in business. They also want the job done right because just as importantly, their reputation follows them. Make sure that you do not be the home or business owner that yields to the temptation of a super low bid on a new roof. Some folks will read this and just cross their fingers, hoping for the best from the cheapest. Remember that the best roof is one protects your home for the next twenty years.

Family owned roofing company in Charlotte, NC

When choosing a roofing company that is one of the best in this area, consider working with a local family owned business. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is a longtime member of the Charlotte community, and they will ensure that you will be pleased with every step of the process. They also specialize in numerous exterior home improvement projects, including the installation of residential and commercial roofing, and maintenance inspections. They offer the highest quality materials at an affordable price and they stand behind their work. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors has been serving the region for over twenty years. Call them today for a free estimate from one of the best roofers in the Charlotte area.

Charlotte metal roofing companiesThe best metal roofing companies

The best Charlotte metal roofing companies offer beautiful metal roofing options for commercial and residential properties throughout the region. Although many of them will continue to offer composition and wood shingle roof styles, every home and business owner needs to consider the many types of metal roofing panels and shake style designs. In addition to providing the highest quality materials, metal roofing contractors will install your roof with the highest degree of professionalism.

Conventional versus metal roofs

Metal roofing companies are trained to inspect and repair all types of conventional roofs. Most have been in the industry so long that they started out providing service for every type of roof. What separates them from the average contractor is that they had the foresight to invest a part of their business in superior materials and construction techniques that will extend the life of your roof as well as enhance the protection of your home or business. They can explain how metal roofing avoids many of the problems that are commonly found in flat roofs, asphalt shingle roofs, even tile and slate roofs.

Metal roofing is stylish and modern

The average home or business owner is surprised by the vast selection of roofing styles that are available with metal roofing. There are styles that emulate traditional shingles or even wooden shake roofs. After a consultation or inspection of your current roof, it does not take much to convince customers to switch to a durable and stylish metal roof to replace their old one. Metal roofing installations have become very popular in Charlotte.

In addition to roofing products that are similar in design, metal roofing also offers designs that can bring your home or building into the 21st century. Call on a Charlotte metal roofing contractor to learn about roofing systems that are resistant to wind and hail. Many of the metal roofing products carry a limited lifetime warranty. Charlotte metal roofing companies offer the highest quality materials available, along with the expertise and installations that are backed by a workmanship warranty.

Family owned metal roofing installers in Charlotte, NC

If you are looking for a roofing company that has the expertise to enhance your home with the most advanced roofing products, consider working with a local family owned business. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is a longtime member of the community, and will ensure that you will be pleased with every step of the process. They also specialize in numerous exterior home improvement projects throughout the Charlotte, Concord and the surrounding areas; including the installation of residential and commercial roofing, and periodic inspections. They offer the highest quality materials and stand behind their work. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors has been serving the region for over twenty years. Call them today for a free estimate from one of the premier Charlotte metal roofing companies.

Metal roofing in CharlotteThe choice to install a metal roof

Increasing numbers of homeowners are turning to metal roofing in Charlotte, NC. Surprisingly, a significant number of homeowners who plan to install a metal roof will be replacing a wood shake roof. This is surprising because many of these customers originally chose wood shakes because of its organic and natural characteristics. Ideally, they wanted a roof that blended into the natural surroundings and with the architecture of their homes or businesses.

These customers are calling Charlotte metal roofing companies and are looking to replace cedar shake roofs for a number of reasons. First of all, many homeowners have discovered that wood shakes are simply not lasting as long as they used to. The most common complaint from experienced shake roof customers is that their first cedar shake roof lasted 30 years, but many of the cedar shake replacement roofs are failing after only 10 years.

The advantages of metal roofing in Charlotte

The primary reason for this is very easy to explain. Older cedar shakes from the 60s and the 70s were made from old-growth timber; The since the mid to late 80s, cedar shakes have been made from much younger, fast-growing, and farmed cedar that cannot be expected to last as long as old growth timber.

Another reason why these homeowners are considering a reroof with metal roofing is because replacing a wood shake roof and going to asphalt shingles is a tremendous visual downgrade. Additionally, the market and resale value of the home would also drop to unacceptable levels. In other words, replacing a cedar shake roof with asphalt shingles would be like tearing up your emerald green lawn and replacing it with gravel. Metal shake roofing simulates the look of split wood shake roofing, but carries a much longer service life, lower weight on your structure, and easier installation. Metal roofing products are made to last, with the best possible fire ratings as another distinct advantage.

When the cost of the two types of roofing are compared, most people find that metal roofing is competitive with real cedar shakes; and for a comparable price, you can expect several decades of durability and weather resistance. It only makes sense to invest in the more durable metal shakes when they provide the same beautiful appearance as wood shakes. Be sure to ask your Charlotte metal roofing company about the energy efficiency ratings of a metal shake roof.

Experience the best of Charlotte metal roofing companies

It does not make sense to buy the best roof that money can buy, and hire a cut-rate installer. You will need to find a reliable and trustworthy contractor who has the skill and the experience to give you the best roof possible. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors has been installing roofs in the Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. They are fully licensed, insured and bonded. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is a family owned, full service roofing company that specializes in metal roofs, as well as many exterior home improvement projects. Call their office today for a free estimate for installation of metal roofing in Charlotte.

Charlotte roofing contractorsSpring time roof repairs and finding the best Charlotte roofing company

As we begin to see light at the end of the winter tunnel, Charlotte roofing contractors will soon have their phones ringing off the hook. Although we have made it through the roughest part of the winter season, spring showers will reveal a rash of leaking roofs that are caused by winter snow and ice. Because of the nature of the business, roofing contractors face overwhelming seasonal demands; especially when the weather is warmer.

Charlotte roofing contractors in high demand

Additionally, when the Charlotte and Concord areas are hit with severe weather, local roofing contractors can be fully booked to repair the resultant roof damage for several months. This is one of the major frustrations time for homeowners who have discovered roof leaks and are pinched by insurance claim deadlines. Here we will offer some suggestions to help you exercise patience and remedies that can help you make the most of a frustrating situation.

Contact your insurance company

When dealing with insurance deadlines, it is important to check your specific policy, and to notify your Charlotte’s best roofing companies to find someone who will have the ability to get the work done before the deadline. Some insurance companies require the repairs to be completed within one year of filing your claim. However, be aware that you commonly have three years from the date of the occurrence of the storm to file your claim.

It is advisable that you refrain from filing the claim until you can confirm a date for roof repairs. If you have already filed a claim, call your insurance company and inform them about the backlog for quality roofing contractors. Ask your roofing contractor write a letter that confirms the reason(s) for the delay, and ask for an extension. Be sure to keep in touch with your insurance company and your roofing company in an effort to avoid any surprises.

Temporarily patch roof leaks

It seems that roof leaks tend to get homeowners excited and in a panic. Admittedly, roof leaks can be a big problem for your home interior. If you are unable to get a contractor out in a reasonable time for a permanent fix, then you may have to turn to a temporary solution. Place a bucket underneath the source of the leak, and puncture the ceiling to allow the accumulated water to drain. Then you can use roofing cement, a tarp, or plastic sheeting to provide a temporary patch. Keep a close eye on the area to make sure it does not get worse. You may have to remove and replace the patch a couple of times if your roofing company is severely delayed. Be patient and open minded so that you can get through a challenging situation. Hopefully you will be able to needless frustrations and excessive damage to your home

One of the most experienced roofing companies in Charlotte, NC

When choosing a roofing company to perform your roof repairs, consider working with a local family owned business. Local contractors are part of the community, and will appreciate your business every step of the way. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors specializes in numerous exterior home improvement projects throughout the Charlotte and Concord, NC. They have been serving the community for over twenty years. They are capable and willing to help you file your insurance claim. Call them today for a free estimate from one of the premier Charlotte roofing contractors.

Tile Roofing Certified installer logo - for AdvancedKevin Sweeney of Charlotte’s Advanced Roofing and Exteriors recently took the Installer Certifcation Program offered by the Tile Roofing Institute. The course includes lessons related to roof preparation, tile installation and specialty applications.

The program is based on the Installation Manual for Moderate Climate Region, which is approved by the ICC. It aims to train entry-level roofers as well as those who have been around for a while, but would like to broaden their skills set. It can also serve as a refresher course for inspectors.

Upon completing the program, Kevin Sweeney earned yet another certification – Tile Roofing Certification – for Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. With this certification, the company’s clients can trust that Advanced Roofing and Exteriors can deliver quality services for those who want to have tile roofing installed.

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is a trusted roofing company in Charlotte, NC. The company invests on quality equipment, skilled personnel and training programs to ensure the delivery of exceptional services to their clients. Services offered by the company include roof installations and exterior home improvement.

For more information, visit or call them at 704-999-4130.

Charlotte roofing companiesCharlotte’s best roofing companies

There are many roofing companies in the Charlotte and Concord areas, the goal is to identify and hire the best of the Charlotte roofing companies. The best local roofers are manufacturer certified and highly experienced in all phases of roof replacement and roof repair. This includes metal roofs, flat roofs, asphalt shingles, tile, and waterproof roof coatings. Charlotte’s best roofing companies have built their reputation by providing outstanding service at affordable, competitive prices.

Regardless of the size of the job, whether it is fixing a minor leak, or installing a new roof, Charlotte roofing contractors use the highest quality materials from the leading manufacturers in the roofing industry. Choosing Charlotte’s best roofing contractors, means that you can be confident that you have selected one of the most trusted and respected roofing companies in the region.

Exceptional roofing warranties

Throughout the Carolinas, and locally in Charlotte, the top roofing contractors will guarantee your new roof or any roof repairs with substantial workmanship warranties. They will also continue to provide protection for your roof investment through periodical evaluations, emergency roofing repairs, scheduled preventative maintenance programs, help with insurance claims, as well as water proofing when applicable. The best Charlotte roofing contractors will exceed your expectations and they will guarantee their work in writing.

Exceptional companies and workers

The top companies are multi-faceted. They are proficient in commercial roofing projects, residential roofing, churches, and outbuildings. They are skilled in dealing with building and roofing contractors, property managers, remediation companies, real estate agents as well as homeowners. They provide emergency and professional services for leak detection, home roof repairs, residential roof replacement, apartment and condominium roofing, warehouses, shopping centers, industrial complexes, and government buildings. Their workers are local residents who have received specialized training and are personally experienced with roofing in the Charlotte and Concord areas.

The best Charlotte roofing companies maintain the highest levels of workers compensation, general liability, commercial vehicle, and professional roofing insurance for the protection of your home and family. Feel free to ask for documentation with every quote and estimate. You will never need to worry about a top roofing contractor asking you to pay upfront, or to use sub quality or left over materials. You can rest assured that no job is too small or too big. You will not need to worry about them sub-contracting your project to 3rd parties.

A dependable Charlotte roofing contractor

To find the best roofing companies, you should look for the most trustworthy and reputable ones. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors has been serving the Charlotte and Concord areas for over twenty years. They are fully licensed, insured and bonded. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is a family owned company that specializes in residential roofing repairs and installation, as well as exterior home improvement projects. Give them consideration when you call Charlotte roofing companies about spring time inspection and repairs.

General Laborer needed for Roofing Company in Charlotte, NC

General Laborer wanted to assist in the field with roofing service technicians, perform shop related duties, and deliver materials and samples. Candidate needs to be physically able to carry, set up, and climb a ladder. Confidence to walk on steep, 2-story roofs. Team player with a desire to learn and grow within the company. Prior roofing and/or construction knowledge and experience a plus, but not required. Must have valid driver’s license and speak English. This is a part-time, hourly W-2 position that may develop into a full-time hourly position for the right person.

Please email a list of qualifications and contact information to

Charlotte metal roofing companiesFinding the best Charlotte metal roofing company

Getting a metal roof is important to Charlotte businesses. It’s important to find Charlotte’s best roofing company and also make sure they are insured. As a matter of fact, you should be asking this question of every home-improvement contractor. These are crucial types of insurance coverage that you should verify, before anyone is ever allowed to work on your home. Repairing or replacing your roof is a significant expense… do not let a home improvement project expose you to catastrophic financial loss.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance protects the contractor and the homeowner from damages caused to you and your neighbor’s property; or injuries caused to you, your family, or guests when the contractor is working on your home. Liability insurance is relatively inexpensive, even for small companies or new contractors without much of a track record. Never take a company at its word, ask for a copy of their in force certificate, and consider it a deal breaker if they do not have insurance.

Workers’ compensation insurance

Workers’ compensation insurance protects the contractor and the homeowner, in the event that a worker gets injured on the job. This insurance covers injured workers for the cost of medical care, lost wages, and other damages that results from their on-the-job injury. Company rates are based on the likelihood of workers being injured on the job. Roofing is a relatively high-risk occupation, so workers’ comp insurance for roofing companies is expensive. In addition, individual company premiums for workers’ comp can be affected by their years of experience and track record for injuries.

Because workman’s comp insurance is expensive, many roofers, especially smaller contractors, do not provide it for their employees. This places the homeowner at risk because if a worker is injured while working on your property, that worker can sue the contractor and the home owner for lost wages, health care costs, and other damages as a result of their injury.

If the contractor does not have workers comp insurance, chances are great that you could find yourself as a defendant in a lawsuit. Just as with liability insurance, ask prospective contractors to provide you with their certificates of insurance for workers’ compensation including coverage amounts. Do not hesitate to call the insurance company listed on the certificate to verify that the policy is current and in good standing. Ask the company for a certificate to be generated that shows your name and address.

Metal roof installer in Charlotte, NC

After you chosen to install metal roofing on your home, you will need to find a reliable and trustworthy contractor who has the skill and the experience to give you the best roof possible. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors has been installing roofs in the Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. They are fully licensed, insured and bonded. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is a family owned, full service roofing company that specializes in metal roofs, as well as many exterior home improvement projects. Call their office today for a free estimate from one of the most experienced Charlotte metal roofing companies.

Metal roofing in CharlotteMore homeowners install a metal roof

Metal roofing in Charlotte has become a significant choice with local homeowners. Although these new roofs going up in Charlotte may look the same as the shingles that they are replacing, the reality is that the market for metal roofing has increased significantly over the past 10 years. Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware that metal roofs protect their homes from extreme weather while being durable, attractive solutions to reduce the carbon footprint. Of the vast number of Carolinians that expect to replace their roof next year, many are looking for “green” solutions, or energy-saving options. Metal roofing provides a product with a long life span with a high percentage of recycled content, and the demonstrated ability to decrease energy consumption.

Cool roofs

Metal roofs by their nature are energy efficient roofs, which are sometimes called “cool roofs.” This is because they are designed to transfer less heat or cold into the home, decreasing the demand for air-conditioning and heating. The end result is reduced energy consumption and decreased greenhouse gas emissions. Cool metal roofing materials reflect a high percentage of the sun’s rays and quickly release heat as it is absorbed. Like most energy efficient roofing materials, the initial investment is greater but the lifetime return in reduced energy costs more than pays the difference.

How it works

All roofing materials can be rated by two factors that determine their level of energy efficiency. These factors are called “reflectance” and “thermal emittance.” Reflectance measures how much of the solar rays are reflected by an object. Thermal emittance refers to a product’s ability to release the heat that it absorbs. Asphalt shingles only reflect about 5 to 15 percent of the sun’s rays. Metal roofing materials can reflect 20 to 90 percent depending on color, thickness, and other variables.

Thermal emittance is a very important characteristic of a cool metal roof. Shingle roofs can reach temperature of 150 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Because of their high reflectance and low thermal emittance, cool metal roofs will reach only 110 to 115 Fahrenheit. A key advancement in roofing efficiency is the manufacture of “cool colored” metal roofing panels that contain pigments that efficiently reflect solar energy. Originally, cool roofs were bright white; however, more colors are becoming available for residential roofing.

Experience the best of Charlotte roofing companies

It does not make sense to buy the best roof that money can buy, and hire a cut-rate installer. You will need to find a reliable and trustworthy contractor who has the skill and the experience to give you the best roof possible. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors has been installing roofs in the Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. They are fully licensed, insured and bonded. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is a family owned, full service roofing company that specializes in metal roofs, as well as many exterior home improvement projects. Call their office today for a free estimate for metal roofing in Charlotte.