Roofing contractor in Charlotte, NCWhen you need roof repair, hire a professional roofing contractor

Getting up on your home’s roof is not for the faint of heart.  There are many types of roof repair which should be performed by a professional roofing contractor.   This is especially true if there is extensive damage or your roof is old.  Many times your roof can be damaged during a storm when power lines or tree limbs fall on it.  Even if there is no noticeable damage such as a gaping hole, there may be shingle damage or tiny cracks which can allow water to come in.  Water can do a lot of damage to both your roof and the interior of your home.  If your roof is older or has sustained damage, you may not be sure if you need roof repair or replacement.  Call the best roofing contractor in the Charlotte and Concord NC area, Advanced Roofing and Exterior.  They will do a complete inspection and provide you a detailed estimate for all repairs.

What you need to know before calling any roofing contractor

There are certain bits of information you will need in order to determine whether to replace or repair your roof.  Hiring a roofing contractor is the best way to get this information.

An estimate of all physical damage

It is very important to have an accurate estimate of all damage to your roof.   This prevents headaches later on from damage which was not identified or repaired.  The best roofing contractor in Charlotte, Advanced Roofing and Exterior will climb up on the roof and will also inspect the interior of your home to determine the extent of all damage.

Know your numbers

Before you call a roofing contractor, know the square footage of your home.  Roofs come in many different shapes and sizes and these factor into repair and replacement costs.  Also take note of the type of roof you have since low-sloping roofs are typically less expensive to repair or replace than high-pitched roofs. Also consider the materials you want to use on your roof.  Asphalt shingles are much less expensive than tile or metal, but they do not last as long.

Deal with professionals

Before you get any estimates from a roofing contractor, ensure they have a valid business license.  This is especially important after a natural disaster such as a hurricane or tornado.  This is when scams can happen.  People are vulnerable following a natural disaster and these con artists are quick to take advantage.  They will even knock on doors offering to inspect roofs for damage and then will either take off with the money and not do the work or will perform substandard repairs which will not last.  To avoid these types of issues, call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, Charlotte’s best roofing contractor for all your roof repair needs.

Roofing company in Charlotte, NCThe most professional Charlotte roofing company offers is the best choice to fix a leaking roof

If you believe you may have a leaking roof, the first step is to try and locate the leak.  It is not hard to spot mold growth or water stains, but when the water is penetrating the roof and diverted to other areas by insulation or beams, figuring out exactly where the leak is on the roof can be challenging.   Even you though see the water stain or other evidence of a roof leak in one corner, the actual damage may be located in a completely different place.   It takes a bit of detective work to pinpoint roof damage.  It is usually best to hire the best professional roofing company Charlotte offers, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to determine the extent of roof damage to your Charlotte or Concord NC home and provide an estimate for repairs.

Finding the leak

If you want to try and locate the roof leak yourself, there are certain steps you should take to ensure your success.

Take a good look around

Find the best flashlight you own and head upstairs to the attic.  Using the flashlight, examine the underside of the roof looking for areas with darker stains or coloring.  It is typically best to do this while it is raining or right afterward, since dry stains are harder to find.   You should also look for evidence of mold growth.  Since mold thrives on moisture, if you find a patch of mold, you may have found the source of the leak.

Check the insulation

You may have insulation on the underside of your roof and this can be helpful for finding leaks since the water or moisture will deteriorate the insulation.  Remember, however that a leak can be several feet or either side of the insulation since the moisture can travel.  If you see damaged insulation, carefully remove the damaged sections and look for signs of a leak on the underside of the roof.   The professional roofers and inspectors at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, the best roofing company Charlotte offers can easily do a thorough inspection for leaks.

Look for foreign objects

You may see easily visible leaks which are caused by some type of object which has pierced the roof.  For example, a roofing nail that was improperly installed can easily go through shingles and decking causing a pin hole that allows water in.  Also check all of the roof vents, especially if they are near gable ends or ridges.  The seals around these types of vents may weaken and allow rainwater in.

If you have a roof leak in your Charlotte or Concord NC home call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, the roofing company Charlotte homeowners prefer.

Roof installer in Charlotte, NCHow to know you hired the right roof installer

Many types of home upgrades are purely an elective choice, however roof repairs or replacement are not a choice, they are essential.  Our home’s roof is not only extremely important to our personal comfort, it also is a major part of the home’s structural integrity and even the resale value of the home.  Installing or repairing a roof is one of the most expensive and challenging projects a homeowner faces.  There are significant costs involved and the project is so complex that it is usually a good idea to hire a professional roof installer.  In Charlotte and Concord NC, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors are the best roofing company to choose.  They enjoy an outstanding reputation for quality work and great prices.  This roof installer will get your roofing project done on time and on budget.  They can also provide advice and recommendations on the best roofing materials for your home’s style and our Charlotte and Concord weather.

When you need a new roof

So how does a homeowner know exactly when they need a new roof?   With many homeowners, they do not think about their roof until it springs a leak.  Perform an inspection on your roof at least twice a year, preferably in the spring and the fall.  A spring inspection is very important, especially if your area experienced a difficult winter with a lot of ice and snow.  You should check for debris on the roof and in the gutters and downspouts.  Also check for any signs of damage such as loose, torn or cracked shingles or nail holes.

What to look for

Begin inside your home, up in the attic or under the eaves.  Take a flashlight and look for any light coming in through the roof.  Also look for water stains, streaks or even running water, all signs of leaking.  Check your documentation on your home to see when the roof was last replaced.  This will help you determine how old your roof is and how much longer you can expect it to last.  The experts at Charlotte’s best roofing company, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors expect most asphalt roofs to last about 20 years, while metal and tile roofs can last up to 40 or 50 years.  After you’ve inspected the interior of your roof, take a look at the exterior.  You do not have to climb up on the roof, in fact that’s something better left to a professional roof installer.  However, with a good pair of binoculars you can look for damage.  Shingles should be lying flat against the roof, not curled or raised at the edges.   Check the flashing around skylights, vents, and chimneys for breaks or cracks.  Also look for sagging or dropping along the roof.  Check for rotting boards and trapped moisture, both of which may mean roof replacement.

If you do see any cracks or tears, then call a professional roof installer to do a thorough roof inspection.  In Charlotte and Concord NC, call one of the best roofing companies in the area, Advance Roofing and Exteriors.

Metal roofing in Charlotte, NCAdvanced Roofing and Exteriors installs the best metal roofing Charlotte and Concord homeowners can buy

When it comes to protecting your home’s roof, metal roofing is the best choice.  Metal roofing protects from rain, wind, ire, hail and rot and is much more durable and energy-efficient than other roofing materials.  One of Charlotte’s best roofing companies, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors are pros at installing the best metal roofing Charlotte homeowners can buy.  While the initial installation cost may seem expensive, a new metal roof will last almost 50 years and is virtually maintenance free.   There are different types of metal roofing and depending upon personal taste, style of house, and location, each brings different advantages.

Different types of metal roofing

A roof made of standing-seam metal will have metal panels placed vertically along the roof deck.  Every panel has two seams which stand up and are crimped together sealing the joint.  This keeps the elements from penetrating the roof.  A standing seam roof is also very good at moving water off the roof, helping to prevent leaks.   There are other types of metal roofing, including metal shingles which appear just like asphalt or wood shingles and metal tiles which look like ceramic tiles.  Galvanized steel, copper, and aluminum are the three most popular types of metal roofing.  All of these types of metal roofing are just as durable and resistant to damage.  Metal roofs easily outlast all warranties, which are often up to 50 years.  In the long run, a metal roof is by far the most cost effective type of roofing material.

Durability and beauty of metal roofs

It used to be that metal roofs were all bright, shiny and metallic looking.  Today, finishes are much more varied and compatible with home exteriors.  Metal roofs no longer seem fit only for farmhouses.  Metal roofing material comes in a variety of matte finishes, colors, and profiles.  Literally any color is available and the metal can be finished so it does not appear shiny or high gloss, but instead has a more subdued matte appearance.  Metal roofs can be manufactured to resemble any type of roofing material from cedar shakes to ceramic tile.  There is even distressed metal roofing which has an irregular pattern and does not show hail damage.

Value and energy efficient

The best metal roofing Charlotte and Concord NC homeowners can select is sold and installed by Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, one of Charlotte’s best roofing companies.  These metal roofs are not only durable, but also can add an average of $1.45 per square foot to a home’s appraised value.  Insurance companies also prefer metal roofs, often providing discounts for metal roofing since it is impervious to hail, wind or fire.  For an estimate on the best metal roofing Charlotte and Concord  homeowners can buy, call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors.

Shingle repair in Charlotte, NCHow to locate the shingle repair Charlotte residents are raving about

It can be very expensive to replace or even repair a roof.  The best defense is to perform annual inspections on the surface the roof and monitor how it is performing.  If you can uncover and fix minor problems today, it can make all the difference between repair and replacement later on.  You do not necessarily have to climb up on your roof to assess its condition.  It is recommended to hire the company which performs the best roof shingle repair Charlotte offers to perform your annual roof inspections.  Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte and Concord NC will thoroughly inspect your roof and provide you a detailed report on any damage which needs to be repaired.

What to look for

While there is no need for you to get up on your roof, you can do a preliminary inspection yourself with a good set of binoculars.  Use these binoculars to go over your roof visually and see if there are any spots needing repair, shingles which are loose, or any obvious signs of leaking.  Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is the company with the best reputation for shingle repair Charlotte offers.  If you find evidence of damage, give them a call to perform a complete roof inspection.

There are certain danger signals you can look for to determine if your roof is not adequately protecting your home.

  • Curled, crack, loose, or missing shingles
  • Water in your attic after an ice buildup or a heavy rain
  • Visible stains on interior ceilings or walls
  • Noticeable mold or mildew growth on shingles

If you see missing shingles, all you may need is to call the best shingle repair Charlotte offers, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors.  They can replace or fix any damage to your roof, from shingles to an entire roof replacement.  Depending upon the damage to the shingle, it may be an indicator to replace all of the shingles or even the entire roof.  This is especially true if the shingles are curling or cracked at the edges.

Choosing the right shingles for shingle repair or replacement

Asphalt shingles are the most popular type of roofing material, mostly because they are cost effective, easy to install and available in a wide array of colors and styles.  They are not only less expensive than wood shakes, metal, slate, tile, or wood, but their life span guarantees pits them very favorable against other types of roofing materials.  There are two basic types of shingles: organic and fiberglass and each makes a great roofing material.

No matter what type of roof damage you have, call the company providing the best shingle repair Charlotte offers, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors.

Residential roofer in Charlotte, NCHire the most reputable residential roofer Charlotte offers to avoid a scam

When you need a new roof or roof repair, you should be very careful to avoid a roofing scam.  Dishonest contractors can prey on unsuspecting homeowners, especially after natural disasters.  While it is crucial to repair or replace your roof, especially if you are seeing leaks or other visible damage, it is also very important to hire the right residential roofer Charlotte has in town.  A roof replacement or major roof repair is a substantial investment in the equity of your property, so it is not a good idea to hire a roofing contractor unless you confirm they have a good reputation.

How to tell a scammer from the real thing

You, as the homeowner are most at risk of some type of roofing scam immediately following a natural disaster.  This is especially true if your home is located in an area where there has been substantial damage.  When this happens, areas of devastation may be flooded with storm chasers.  These are disreputable contractors who come into an area of devastation from out of the area.  These types of contractors often do not have credentials, insurance, or even the right materials to perform roof repairs or replacement.  If you need roof repair or replacement in Charlotte or Concord NC, call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, one of Charlotte’s best roofing companies.

Traits of a dishonest roofing contractor

There are a few ways to ascertain if a roofing contractor is a reputable residential roofer Charlotte homeowners trust or an out-of-town scammer.

  • The contractor does not have a branded company, but is working out of a truck which is obviously not a company vehicle. When you set up an appointment with a roofing contractor, ensure they arrive to provide you an estimate in a van or truck that is clearly branded with the company’s name, logo and address.
  • The contractor asks for advance payment for materials. One of the most common scams involves a dishonest contractor asking for money upfront to purchase materials and then never coming back to perform the work.
  • The contractor cannot furnish proof of insurance and bonding. You should always ask for proof that a contractor has the right insurance and is bonded.  If a contractor tells you that they have to get back to you with the paperwork, walk away.
  • They tell you there is no need to pull a building permit. A professional roofing contractor will always follow state and local guidelines for roof replacement.  They should never recommend a way to get around the laws.

An honest, reputable roofing contractor will always have the right answers and will be willing to share information on insurances, bonding, and referrals with you.  Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte and Concord NC is the residential roofer Charlotte homeowners trust.  Call them today.

Roofing contractor in Charlotte, NCTips for choosing the right Charlotte roofing contractor

Roofs in Charlotte NC generally last for 15 to 20 years.  This is mostly because of weather and natural wear and tear.  When you need to select a roofing contractor to install or repair your roof, there are some factors to consider.

Choose a roofing contractor with a reputation for quality work

It does not matter what style, color or type of roof you select, who installs it is one of the most important factors.  If you select the right roofing contractor, such as Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte and Concord NC, most of the hard work is done.  If the roofing contractor you select does superior work, then you can feel assured your roofing project will go well.  If, on the other hand, your roofing contractor does shoddy work, work done on your roofing project may begin to come apart within a few days.   This is why it is important to choose the best roofing contractor you can find when you need roof repair or replacement.  There is nothing worse than investing money in a new roof or an extensive repair and then have problems with the roof.

Check around for information on a roofing contractor

When you are looking for a roofing contractor, personal referrals or word of mouth recommendations are a great way to ensure you find a quality roofing contractor.  Talk with homeowners who have used a particular roofing contractor to get a good idea of how they operate.  You can use recommendations or referrals to winnow out those roofing companies who do less than stellar work.

Do your research

Before signing a contract with any roofing contractor, be sure and thoroughly research their record and reputation.  Talking with current and former customers and employees can help you understand how a company services its customers and how they treat their employees.  Companies who do not provide quality follow on service after a roofing project may not be the best choice to do your roofing project.  Likewise, a roofing contractor who does not treat its employees well may not be able to provide quality work on your roof.

Get it in writing

When you meet with a roofing contractor to discuss the details of the roof project, ensure everything you agree upon is put in writing and is part of the project contract.  Even if you think the roofing contractor is a great guy, unless you have each detail of the project in writing, nothing is guaranteed.  Also, it is important that you check and verify the roofing contractor’s licenses and certifications.  You should also ensure the roofing contractor has all the necessary insurance for the project.  This is particularly important to protect you, as the homeowner from litigation if someone gets hurt during the project.  Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte and Concord NC are the right choice as your roofing contractor, especially if you want quality work and outstanding customer service.

Roofing company in Charlotte, NCKnowing when you need to call the best roofing company Charlotte offers

Do you need a residential roof replacement in Charlotte or Concord NC?  If you do, do not go in blind.  It is important that you be able to recognize when your roof in in disrepair, understand how contractors work and know which roof will best suit your home.  The more you know about your roof and how to tell if it needs work, the easier it is to make the right decisions when it comes time to replace your roof.  Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, the most professional roofing company Charlotte and Concord NC offer can do a thorough inspection on your home’s roof and determine its condition.  Their professional roof inspectors will advise you on which repairs may be necessary or even if you need an entire roof replacement.

What to know when talking with a roofing contractor

When you meet with a roofing company, it helps to already have some idea of whether or not your roof has damage.  There are a few things you can do before having a roofing company visit your home.  First, go up into your crawlspace or attic with a flashlight and look for these issues:

  • Signs of water damage, including dark spots, leaking, or trails of moisture.
  • A sagging roof deck.
  • Areas or spots where you can see outside light.

Next, go outside and from the ground, look for the following:

  • Wear around pipes, chimneys, and vents.
  • Missing or damaged shingles.
  • Mold or rot.
  • Sand or granules accumulated in the gutters.

If you believe you see damage on your roof, it is recommended to hire a professional roofer to inspect your roof.  Climbing on a roof can be dangerous if you are not trained in working on a roof.  The best roofing company Charlotte homeowners can hire to inspect their roof is Advanced Roofing and Exteriors.  They will come to your home and perform a thorough, detailed inspection to determine the extent of any damage and if your roof needs to be replaced or if it can be repaired.

Choosing a new roof

Even if your roof does not need to be replaced, you may want a new one with a new style or color.  You may also be considering a roof replacement to help with energy costs.  There are many different materials and colors available and some of these materials can go a long way to helping reduce your heating and cooling bills.  Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte and Concord NC can help you select the best materials to meet your goals.  Your options include asphalt shingles, metal roofing, shake shingles or tile.  These are all great choices for a new roof.  Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, the professional roofing company Charlotte homeowners prefer will work with you to find just the right material and color for your new roof.