Best commercial roofer vs. residential roofer in Charlotte, NC

Best commercial roofer in Charlotte

The best commercial roofer helps keep Charlotte, NC businesses protected from the elements. This type of roofing professional specializes in replacing or repairing roofs on businesses such as gyms, stores, offices, schools, and more. But, is there really a big difference between a commercial roof and a residential one? Turns out, there is. Let’s explore that question in more detail, below.

Commercial roofs and residential are different

If you own a business, your roof is going to be different than the one on your home. Home roofs are typically pitched with peaks so water and debris can flow off them. But, a commercial roof likely is flat or nearly flat and if often made from metal rather than asphalt shingles.

They are also different in size and height. Most homes will be smaller than a business office’s roof. And, though your home may be a few stories, there are many businesses with four or more floors.

The difference between roofers

Since the roof is different in an office building, you will want to make sure you find a commercial roofer that is experienced in this area. By using a company or professional with experience working on commercial roofs, you can feel confident they are knowledgeable about the job and the idiosyncrasies that may come with working on flat, metal roofs.

When you use the best commercial roofer, they should be able to provide references from other businesses whose roofs they have completed work on. A residential one will only have references from residential jobs. Getting references is important when choosing a roofer, and it’s even more important you get references from people that had the same type of work done that you are going to have. In this case, ask for a commercial reference to ensure you can feel confident in the quality of their commercial roofing work.

Some people do both

There are some companies that offer commercial roofer expertise and residential. They may have different crews for each type of job or may have team members who are trained in both areas. This is fine. You should still be sure to check their references for commercial jobs if that is what you are using them for.

Charlotte, NC best commercial roofer

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