Commercial roofing in Charlotte can be energy efficient

Commercial roofing to save your business money

Commercial roofing is important. The right sort of commercial roofing can be a big money saver for your business. When it comes to helping the environment and saving money at the same time, a white roof is the next best thing to solar panels. It can cool your whole building, reflecting a little bit of the light and heat of the sun back into space and reducing the amount of money you spend on air conditioning. As it happens, the polymer/filler blend thermoplastic olefin, or TPO, is a new roofing material which is very resistant to ultraviolet light, and it is most often sold in white.

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Metal roofing is another form of roofing that can save money. We think of metal as heating up in the sun, but it is less prone to this than asphalt shingles, and it readily re-radiates the hear back into the air when the sun goes down. Installing metal roofing is a specialized skill, so be sure to look for commercial roofing experts who know how to do it.

What a commercial roofer should be able to do for your business

Ask other business owners in the Concord, NC area if they know any commercial roofers they would recommend.A commercial roofer should be able to fix the roof of your place of business without interfering with your business or costing you too much money.It is essential that the roofer finish the work on time and within the cost estimate, because you need to be tell your customers when to expect you back in business and keep that promise.If the roof needs so much work that you have to close until the work is done, you will need it done as soon as possible and well enough that you will not have to go through this again for a long time.

BBB ratings are usually a reliable guide, but not always.They only lower their grades in response to complaints made specifically to them, and there are other avenues such as Yelp that a dissatisfied customer might go to. Before calling a roofing company, do a very thorough online search to lean their reputation.

Charlottes best roofing company

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors are the best commercial roofer in Charlotte and Concord, NC. They have won the Angies List Super Service Award twice. This family-owned company is also a member of the Home Builders Association of Charlotte and an Owens Corning preferred contractor. They will plan their work schedule to suit your needs, and provide all the roofing materials themselves. If your business needs a completely new roof, or you just need to repair an old roof, call today for a free estimate on commercial roofing.