Hire the best roofing company Charlotte offers to repair a leaking roof

Roofing company in Charlotte, NCThe most professional Charlotte roofing company offers is the best choice to fix a leaking roof

If you believe you may have a leaking roof, the first step is to try and locate the leak.  It is not hard to spot mold growth or water stains, but when the water is penetrating the roof and diverted to other areas by insulation or beams, figuring out exactly where the leak is on the roof can be challenging.   Even you though see the water stain or other evidence of a roof leak in one corner, the actual damage may be located in a completely different place.   It takes a bit of detective work to pinpoint roof damage.  It is usually best to hire the best professional roofing company Charlotte offers, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to determine the extent of roof damage to your Charlotte or Concord NC home and provide an estimate for repairs.

Finding the leak

If you want to try and locate the roof leak yourself, there are certain steps you should take to ensure your success.

Take a good look around

Find the best flashlight you own and head upstairs to the attic.  Using the flashlight, examine the underside of the roof looking for areas with darker stains or coloring.  It is typically best to do this while it is raining or right afterward, since dry stains are harder to find.   You should also look for evidence of mold growth.  Since mold thrives on moisture, if you find a patch of mold, you may have found the source of the leak.

Check the insulation

You may have insulation on the underside of your roof and this can be helpful for finding leaks since the water or moisture will deteriorate the insulation.  Remember, however that a leak can be several feet or either side of the insulation since the moisture can travel.  If you see damaged insulation, carefully remove the damaged sections and look for signs of a leak on the underside of the roof.   The professional roofers and inspectors at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, the best roofing company Charlotte offers can easily do a thorough inspection for leaks.

Look for foreign objects

You may see easily visible leaks which are caused by some type of object which has pierced the roof.  For example, a roofing nail that was improperly installed can easily go through shingles and decking causing a pin hole that allows water in.  Also check all of the roof vents, especially if they are near gable ends or ridges.  The seals around these types of vents may weaken and allow rainwater in.

If you have a roof leak in your Charlotte or Concord NC home call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, the roofing company Charlotte homeowners prefer.