Roofing Company in Charlotte and Concord, NC

Roofing company is something you see advertised regularly. You might believe it’s difficult to choose a particular roofing company. Before deciding, maybe you should consider educating yourself about some common roofing types in recent times.

Roof designs offered by Charlotte’s best roofing companies

Knowing about the roof design beforehand would save you a lot of stress of picking one in a hurry. Below are popular roofing designs that you should know;

  • Gable Roof: It is easy to identify because of its triangular shape. When you hear people say peaked roofs or pitched roofs, they refer to the gable roof. In Charlotte and Concord, NC, if you want the roofing company to install a roof that quickly sheds water and snow, you should go for the roof.
  • Hipped Roof: The roof is one that slopes on every side of the house. The feature makes the roof more durable and long-lasting than the gable roof. It also easily sheds snow.
  • Mansard Roof: If you want your roofing company to make you a roof with so much space at the top, perhaps for a spacious attic or an extra workspace, you should go for the mansard roof.
  • Flat Roof: The name of the roof sells it, you are correct, the roof is flat. The professionals make it in a little sloppy way to facilitate the downpour of water. The roof is suitable for technological installations like solar panels, heating, and cooling units.
  • Butterfly Roof: On the other hand, if you want the roofing company to give you something more exquisite, you should check out the butterfly roof. The design is in a V-Shape. The butterfly design provides room for larger windows.
  • Sailbox Roof: The roof is more of an asymmetrical one. Both sides of the roof are sloping, but they are not equal. The sloppiness makes it very suitable for rainy conditions. Everything just literally slides off.
  • Curved Roof: The curved roof is a rather unpopular one. However, if you want your roofing company to give you something more unique, then check out the curved roof. The sight of this roof is very pleasing to the eyes.
  • Combination Roof: The combination roof instead focuses less on a specific design. As the name implies, the roof merges multiple designs at once. The roof is superb for aesthetic reasons. Although the roof structure’s complexity gives it a slightly higher cost, when you set your eyes such kind of roof in Charlotte and Concord, NC, you’d see it’s worth it.

Getting the best Roofing Company in Charlotte and Concord, NC

As exquisite as all those designs sound, to get the best result, you need Charlotte’s best roofing companies. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offers commercial roofing and residential roofing services to Charlotte, NC, and surrounding areas.