Five Signs You Need to Call a Charlotte Roofing Contractor


When to call a Charlotte roofing contractor: Has fall and winter been rough on your roof?  Do you wonder if it’s time for some roof repair or roof replacement?  There are five easy signs to recognize that it’s time to call a roofing contractor.

Missing or damaged Shingles

If your shingles are buckling, crackling or bending those shingles will most likely need to be replaced. The National Roofing Contractors Association advises that you replace damaged roofing shingles before your home experiences damage that is more extensive. Making a small roof shingle repair can save you from a more costly repair later.

If your roof has lost several rows of shingles, it may be time for a new roof. Also, look to see if the flashing is damaged or has pulled away from the roof.  Flashing is the sheet metal that is placed over joints of roof and wall construction to prevent water seeping into the house and causing damage. The major cause of residential roof leaks is a fault in the roof flashing.


Times of heavy ice buildup

If you had a lot of ice on your roof this winter, its time to call a roofing contractor to come inspect your roof.   Warm attics cause rapid melting and refreezing of snow. This produces heavy ice that can harm the gutters and the roof.  Your Charlotte roofing contractor may recommend ventilation and insulation work in the attic to fix this issue.

A wet, soggy yard

If you have gutters that are clogged or damaged, excessive water runoff can harm your foundations.  Walk around the perimeter of your house and inspect the ground.  If the ground seems to stay wet, you probably have a gutter issue and need a gutter repair or replacement, as soon as possible, before the run off causes damage to your home’s foundation.

Gutters that are loose

If your gutters are pulling loose from the strain of ice, snow, leaves or other debris, it’s time to repair or replace the gutters. Your roofing contractor can tell you if you need work done on your gutters. You can prevent water damage to your home by maintaining your gutters.  There are also several solutions your Charlotte roofing contractor can offer to you to protect your gutters from excessive leaves building up in the gutters.


Water stains on the roof decking

Go to your attic and check the underside of the roof. Look for water stains and damaged wood. Look at the plumbing pipes, vents and around the chimney.  If any daylight is coming through the roof cracks, and your roof is not completely sealed, it’s time to call a Charlotte roofing contractor.


What if I’m not sure if my roof needs repair or replacement?

Roofs are difficult to inspect from the average homeowner’s eye. It’s dangerous to get a ladder and climb up on your roof to get a better look. Leave the roof inspections to the professional roofing contractors. Trust the your professional Charlotte roofing contractors at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. We can give you a free estimate and help you decide whether it’s time for some minor repairs or if it’s time for a roof replacement.


Sometimes roof shingles can become damaged and start to curl.   Roof shingle curling needs repair, the curled roof shingle will makes your roof more susceptible to wind damage. It’s important to contact your Charlotte roofing contractor to get an estimate.

Causes of Roof Shingle Curling: The roof shingle curling action can be caused by moisture on the bottom or underside of the roof shingle. Moisture can build up in the attic and cause wetting and drying cycles in the roof shingles.

Charlotte roof shingle repair

Another cause of roof shingle curling can be inadequate ventilation.  Inadequate ventilation causes heat and moisture to be entrapped in the attic.  This problem will eventually penetrate the roof and cause roof shingle curling.

Sometimes the roof shingle curling comes from the weather gets cooler.  If the roof shingles only curl in cooler weather, it is commonly called “Winter Shingle Curling.”  This is when the corners of the shingles slightly curl up from the deck of the roof when cold, and then lay back down, flat, when the weather is warmer.  This problem is most common when it is cool and moist, and happens most during damp, winter conditions when frost forms on the top surface of the roof shingles.  The curling happens when the top surface contracts, while at the same time, the underside of the shingle receives a small amount of passive heat from the attic space. This happens because the underside of the roof shingle is flat against the roof and receives the indoor attic heat more easily.  The variation of temperature between the top side of the roof shingle and the bottom side of the roof shingle will result in some roof shingle curling.

Roof Shingle Curling can also be caused by applying wet shingles on a dry day, or dry shingles on a wet day. Nails that pop out of the roof and the roof shingle can also cause roof shingle curling.

Sometimes Roof Shingle Curling is also called “fish mouthing.  The word “fish mouthing” refers to the buckling of the front edge of the roof shingle.  This action is usually a random pattern on the roof and although it does not usually affect the durability of the shingle, it should be addressed at some point.

Solutions for repairing your Charlotte roof shingles: There are solutions to repairing your roof shingles if they are curling. By improving the air circulation in the attic, you can occasionally stop the roof shingle curling.  This is a simple process and will keep you from costly and time-consuming roof shingle repairs.

Contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors if you have roof shingles that need need repairing. Don’t worry- roof shingle repair it is a simple roofing repair we can take care of easily.  Call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, 704-999-4130, and we’ll set aside a time to come by and give you an estimate.  We will also look at your entire roof and give you a report on its condition.

I live in Charlotte and I’m thinking about a Metal Roof. Is it a good choice for my new roof?

You’ve heard about metal roofs but wonder if it’s the right choice for you. Here are some common questions about metal roofs:

  • Will it last?’Metal Shingle
  • Is it noisy when it rains?
  • Does it rust?

Metal roofing has evolved dramatically over the years. According to the MRA (Medal Roofing Alliance,) metal roofing was originally offered only as vertical, roll-formed panels, with didn’t fit in most suburban neighborhood decors. Today, there are metal roofs that resemble shingles, tiles, slate and cedar shakes. It’s even possible to treat the metal and give it an aged appearance so that it fits with the age of the home. The average roof life of a shingle roof is less than seventeen years, and requires a full replacement every 10-15 years. Metal roofs last up to 40 to 60 years due to the engineering of the product. A metal roof has superior corrosion resistance, additional UV protection and can stand up to 120 mph winds.

Metal roofs don’t curl, crack, warp, split or break. They have excellent ventilation- with their nonporous surface, which prevents the freezing, and thawing that occurs in colder climates, and provides protection from fires.

Today’s metal roofing material is strong, long lasting, weather-resistant and conserves more energy than traditional asphalt shingles.  Metal roofs are more expensive than asphalt shingles, but are a better investment. Metal roofs actually cost less than asphalt roofs once you consider the life span of the product.  In some cases, home appraisers increase the sale price of a home with metal roofs by $1.45 per square. Some insurance companies provide up to a 35% discount on home insurance, when you have a metal roof, due to the extra hail and weather protection it provides.

Metal roofs are also economical and give homeowners an energy savings of 20% or more due to a reduction in the attic heat gain and the sun’s reflection. Metal roofs reflect solar energy and cool your home by re-emitting most of the solar radiation that is absorbed.

Metal roofs are easy to install and can be installed over existing asphalt roofs. There is no tear down process and this reduces landfill waste, and panels easily snap together. Most metal roofing products are made up of 56% recycled material and this also helps the environment.

If a house is properly insulametal shake for a metal roofted, it is not noisy when it rains, although some people really enjoy the sounds of rain on a metal roof.  The existing decking and remaining shingles also buffer the sound, and most people don’t hear anything different than a shingle roof when it rains.

If you have been considering a metal roof, contact your local Charlotte roofing contractor, here at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, and we will bring over samples of metal roofs and answer any questions you may have about installing a metal roof for your home or business.  We hope you choose us as your Charlotte metal roof installer.

You may have seen the Pink Panther on our home page and wondered why a Charlotte Roofing Contractor uses the Pink Panther logo.

Owens Corning Pink panther for roofing contractorsThe Pink Panther is the official logo of Owens Corning. Owens Corning is one of the fine company’s we use, here at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, as one of our suppliers.

Owens Corning was founded in 1938. They have been a Fortune 500 company for more than 56 years. Owens Corning delivers high quality products, and that’s why we use them.  They feature laminated roofing shingles that have a life time warranty. You also get a large selection of roof shingle colors from them.

To learn more about Owens Corning Roofing products, click on this link, and you will be directed to the Owens Corning website. We are proud, as a relatively new roofing contractor in Charlotte, to be listed as a preferred provider by Owens Corning. If you have any questions, call us here at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors and we will be happy to answer your questions.  We hope you will choose us as your Charlotte roofing contractor.

When looking for a Charlotte roofing contractor- there are several important tasks you should complete to find the best Charlotte roofing installer.Charlotte roofing installation


Experience- You want a Charlotte roofing contractor with good experience, one that can show you some of his previous roofing jobs. Ask to see the most recent 2-4 roofing jobs.  Go drive by the roofs, and ask your potential Charlotte roofing installer any questions you may have about previous work.   You can also ask to speak to the previous customers of these roofing jobs.


Reputation- The reputation of the Charlotte roofing contractor is very important. Call or look on the internet at the BBB listing of this company. Read the comments previous customers have written, and notice the roofing company’s BBB rating. Ask for a list of previous customers that you can call. Read testimonials from these satisfied customers and decide if that describes the kind of experience you are looking for in your roofing installer.

Roofing Materials- It’s important to use quality roofing materials to repair or replace your roof. Ask for samples, warranties and any other additional information you require about roofing materials.

License and Insurance– Ask if the Charlotte roofing company has a business license and liability insurance.  A good roofing company will also have an address and phone number, and be happy to provide you that information. Never work with a roofing company that seems to be “traveling through” the area. Many homeowners have had negative experiences from these unreliable types of people.

Payment- the final payment of a roofing job should be made upon satisfactory completion of the project.

Recommendations- Ask your friends, neighbors and co-workers for recommendations of the Best Roofing Company in Charlotte. They will give you the names of the Charlotte roofing contractors they prefer and have used before.

We know you will be pleased and satisfied with the work of Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. Give us a call, and we will be happy to provide references and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to talking to you and hope you will choose Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to be your Charlotte roofing installer.

Your roof has been damaged due to a recent storm.  You wonder if you need a roof replacement or just a roof repair job. You need to find a good Charlotte roofing contractor, but aren’t sure how to start looking. Here are some tips from the Better Business Bureau to help you make a good decision, find the best Charlotte roofing contractor, save money, and get your roof repaired in a timely manner:Damaged roof

* Do not be rushed into signing a contract with a particular roofing company. Get business cards, and ask for written estimates for their work. Call your Better Business Bureau for the most current information on individual companies.
* Beware of a roofing company that puts emphasis on how the homeowner can get a new roof paid for by the insurance company.
* Talk to your insurance agent personally, and ask for advice on how to proceed in getting roofing repairs made. Keep receipts for temporary repairs.
* Investigate the track record of any Charlotte roofing contractor you consider hiring. Secure references, and do not give anyone a deposit until you are sure they are reputable.
* Take your time about signing a contract with a local Charlotte roofing contractor. Get a written estimate that includes any oral promises the roofing installer provided. Remember to ask if there is a charge for an estimate before allowing anyone into your home or on your land. Ask for explanations for price variations, and do not automatically choose the lowest bidder. Get a copy of the final, signed contract before the job begins.
* Resist dealing with any Charlotte roofing contractors who ask you to pay for the entire  roofing job up-front. A deposit of one-third of the total price is standard procedure. Pay the final amount only after the work is completed to your satisfaction.
*A legitimate  Charlotte roofing company should be able to provide the following information:
– Local references and roofing testimonials
– Business license
– Roofing credentials
– Workers compensation insurance
– General liability insurance
– Written manufacturer warranties

Any other questions or concerns, contact us directly, at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, 704-999-4130 or research for more information at your local BBB.

We are excited to have a roofing blog for Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, here in Charlotte, and look forward to an additional way to keep our roofing and exterior home improvement customers and potential customers informed, educated and updated.  It’s common to wonder whether you need a new replacement roof or a roofing repair. We are here to answer questions like this one.

If you have roofing topics or exterior home improvement topics you would like to learn more about, send an email to and we’ll put the answer to your question in our next blog post. Our goal is to continue to be Charlotte’s best roofing company and your Charlotte roofing installer. Our satisfied customers and “A” Better Business Bureau rating are testimonials to our hard work and efforts to keep our customers satisfied and pleased with our work.

When you are looking for a Charlotte roofing contractor, come to Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. We will do our very best to exceed your expectations with our high quality roofing materials and customer service.

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Kevin Sweeney, owner
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