The most common causes of Charlotte roof repairs in the winter

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This can be the busiest time of the year for Charlotte roof repairs. It is no secret that winter weather is particularly hard on your roof. The constant cycle of cold and warm temperatures that will expose your roof to freezing and thawing can create a number of problems that can lead to costly roofing repairs if they are not properly addressed. The following are the most common problems your roof will endure over the winter season.

Wind damage

Wind damage is the most difficult to detect because quite often, severe winds may only occur over a very short period of time. You could go to sleep at 10 pm, and there may be a constant breeze. During the night, severe winds could blow for 10 minutes. The wind speeds could pick up enough to loosen asphalt shingles or roofing shakes. If you should find shingles or other parts of your roof on the ground, contact some Charlotte roofing companies as soon as possible for roof repairs to have broken or missing shingles replaced before more damage occurs.

Ice dams

Ice dams result when the upper areas of an icy roof begin to thaw while the lower areas are still frozen. Melting ice and snow flows down and re-freezes on the lower sections and gutters. The resulting buildup is a bulging ice dam. Water can pool behind the dam, and then it can leak into your home through cracks and joints in the roofing system. There is no sure fire way to eliminate ice dams from ever occurring. However, proper insulation and good attic ventilation can minimize the possibility. Ask your roofing contractor about a rubber underlayment or some other type of waterproofing if this is a regular occurrence.


One of the most idyllic pictures of winter is a home laden with snow and icicles. They are formed by warm temperatures of sunny winter days and the subsequent drop to sub-freezing temperatures. As beautiful as they may look, they pose a real danger to people and pets. If they do not fall, their excessive weight can damage both roofing and gutters. This is why it is important to keep your gutters clear of leaves and debris. When the warmer weather returns, be sure to call a Charlotte roofing contractor to perform gutter maintenance in order to avoid leaks during spring rains.

Fallen tree limbs

If you have a lot of trees around your house, the scenery may be beautiful, but it also could mean that your roof is exposed to the dangers that large trees can impose. Overhanging tree limbs can bang against the surface of your roof, damaging its protective top layer and requiring roof repairs. Ice laden branches falling onto your roof can cause major problems. It is important that every fall you trim any branches that come within six feet of your roof.

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