Finding a Charlotte Roofing company to repair my roof

Repair my shingle roof

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Repair or replace my Charlotte roof

Even though there is a cost associated with roof repair, when I repair my shingle roof, I actually save money. The prospect of replacing your entire roof can be financially daunting. Modern roofing materials are manufactured to last anywhere from 20 to 50 years. It would be wonderful to be able to put some shingles on the roof and forget about it for the next 50 years, but that is not realistic. The roof is the part of your house that is most exposed to the element. Your roof never takes a day off. Day in and day out it is exposed to the heat of the sun, ultra violet rays, it never comes in from the rain, holds up under the extreme weight and cold of snow, endures hail storms, ice storms, and even hurricane force winds. It is only logical that from time to time, some element of your roof will need repair.

A roof is made up of a number of components. As a homeowner, you should be concerned about parts you can visually see such as the flashing, the shingles, and vent openings.  It is very important to get in the habit of visually inspecting your roof every time you experience extraordinary weather. However, unless you are particularly knowledgeable of house construction, it is best to get an expert opinion from a reliable and trustworthy roofing company.

Charlotte Roofing companies save you money

A reputable and trustworthy Charlotte roofing company will not only fix your roof, they will save you money in the long run. That fifty year roof, will only last you fifty years if you properly maintain it. This means that shingles that were bent or broken in the last wind storm will need to be replaced before they start a leak. If the flashing gets pounded by hail, or you underlayment blisters, they must be fixed. Having a roofing contractor maintain your roof will provide you with a documented record of such maintenance which is important to have when you are filing claims for storm damage. This is another way that the right roofing contractor saves you money because they are experienced at working with insurance adjusters. An experienced contractor can help you with filling out claim forms and can be close at hand to share their professional opinion with the insurance adjuster.

Your Charlotte roofing company can save you money by offering the best possible materials for the value. If they are a certified installer, they will be able to provide you with a workmanship warranty as well as the manufacturer’s long term warranty. Thus, if shingles need to be replaced before the warranty, you will not need to pick up that cost according to your warranty. It is easy to see that the right roofing installer is your partner in helping you maintain part of your home and saving you money in the process.

Finding the right Charlotte roofing companies                                                                

If you live in the Charlotte or Concord areas, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors has been serving the needs of the community and the city for over 20 years. They come highly recommended by the Better Business Bureau, and their customers give them high praise for their honesty and reliability. Call them today for a free estimate. You will see why I choose them to repair my shingle roof.