Great Charlotte NC roofers came to repair my shingle roof

repair my shingle roofRepair my Charlotte shingle roof

When I needed to find a roofer in the Charlotte and Concord NC area to repair my shingle roof, I expected the search, and the repair job, to be major hassles. How did it all turn out? The search turned out to be easy and interesting, and out of all the Charlotte roofing companies I considered, the one I chose to repair my shingle roof turned out to be the very best!

Finding a roofer to repair my shingle roof

The first thing I did was to go online and search asphalt shingles, roof repair, Charlotte. It did not take long to see how many Charlotte roofing companies there are out there! Being new to the Concord NC area, I asked friends and neighbors for the names of roofing companies they knew about or had used themselves. I checked through the local yellow pages. I drove around my part of town, looking for asphalt shingle roofing projects that are currently underway, and noted the names on the signs contractors post outside their jobsites. Surprisingly, some of the names of Charlotte roofing companies I was gathering from these different sources began to sound familiar! As easy as that, I had a list of potential roofers to repair my shingle roof!

Online website for a Charlotte or Concord roofing contractor

Next in my quest for a roofer to repair my shingle roof, I checked out the websites for those Charlotte roofing companies on my list. This was very helpful, as I was able to discern which roofing companies specialize in asphalt shingles, and which steer potential customers toward entire roof replacements and away from roof repairs. I enjoyed reading the testimonials, and viewing the photos of completed asphalt shingle projects. I looked to see which manufacturers each roofing contractor used. I also checked Angies List.

Personal contact with the roof installer

The first roofing company I called said they were too busy for asphalt shingle repairs, but three others seemed interested in gaining my business. I visited their showrooms, checking for licenses, permits, and indications of community involvement. I asked for proof of insurances, and made arrangements for sales representatives to visit my home to inspect the roof and submit a free estimate. Two roofers were extremely forthcoming with information about asphalt shingles, roof design, and what needed to be done to repair my shingle roof.  I opted for Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, based in Charlotte, partly because they could begin repairs right away, but mostly simply because I liked the people involved.

When the crew from Advanced Roofing and Exteriors arrived to repair my shingle roof, I was impressed at how prompt and courteous they were; as the two-day project progressed, I appreciated their professional attention to detail, including cleaning up the entire worksite at the end of the first day. Visit them at  and click or call for your consultation. I am very pleased that I found Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to repair my shingle roof!