Have the best roofers in Charlotte NC inspect before winter

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Charlotte roofing companies inspecting your roof

Because the roof plays such an important part in protecting my home from the elements, I want the best roofer I can find in Charlotte or Concord NC to help me make sure it is doing its job as well as it should. Where I live, we are susceptible to damage from high winds that so often come along with severe rain storms; wanting to make sure my roof is up to the task of keeping my family warm and dry during the upcoming winter season is why I put my trust in the best roofers in the area.

Roof maintenance

Every homeowner ought to have a professional come to perform a roof inspection once a year, to be sure that everything is as it should be. Rather than make the dangerous climb to my roof and attempt to identify potential problems by myself, I rely on the best roofers in the Charlotte and Concord NC area. Of the Charlotte roofing companies, I rely on Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. For help getting your house ready for the upcoming winter season, visit www.AdvancedRoofingandExteriors.com and click or call for an appointment to have your roof inspected. There are several areas which require attention.

Attic ventilation

A properly functioning attic ventilation system prevents a roof from collecting ice and heavy snow. It does this by facilitating the circulation of air throughout the attic; keeping air moving in and out of the attic has also been proven to save a homeowner at least 30 percent on energy bills. The expert help of Charlotte roofing companies can help.

Gutter systems

Another area needing attention before the arrival of winter is a gutter system which is clogged with branches, leaves, or other debris. Without a clear exit off your roof, rain water and melting snow can only stand there, looking for a way off; leaking into your house is the usual outcome.  During their inspection, Charlotte and Concord roofers also check gutter fasteners. Improperly installed or loosely fastened gutters can cause overflow and build up; walls inside your home may become damaged from leaking water.

Roof valleys and rake walls

A roof inspection also addresses a major cause of leaky roofs is the debris, limbs, and leaves that collect in the valleys of roof lines.  Charlotte roofing companies perform a thorough inspection of your, making sure all the valleys and angles are free and clear of any debris which can add weight and act as a barrier to rain and melting snow.

Roof flashing

Without a doubt, the number one cause of damaging leaks is loose, damaged, or improperly installed flashing.  Flashing is the aluminum piece used at the edges of roofing material. It is found around roof vents, roof piping, and chimneys, as well as the perimeter of your home. When you ask your Charlotte roofing company to inspect your roof, they will ensure your roof flashing is not ripped, torn, or coming loose.  Flashing costs very little to replace, especially when compared to the costs of a roof replacement or repairing a leak.

Finding a Charlotte roof installer

Besides inspecting my roof and preparing it for winter months, I ask my Charlotte roofing expert to look at other areas of my home.  The experts at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors also make sure my windows are properly sealed, and they inspect outside doors and attic insulation to be sure there is no leaks.

I am convinced that having the best roofers in the Charlotte and Concord NC area do a pre-winter roof inspection has saved me money. By finding and repairing loose flashing before winter storms had a chance to take their best shot, my Charlotte roofing company helped me and my family stay warm and dry last year. For a pre-winter inspection, contact the Charlotte roofing experts at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, for my money the best roofers in the business.