Leave Charlotte roof repairs to the professionals

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Charlotte roof repairs can be as minor as changing a shingle or as complex as replacing a skylight. Regardless of how handy you are around the house, diagnosing and repairing your roof can be challenging work, and is best left to experts from Charlotte roofing companies. The process of diagnosis sometimes involves inspecting the site of the leak, checking the attic for damage to insulation, inspecting the trusses for rot, and to trace the roof leak it to its source. You want roofing contractors that have the expertise to inspect the roof for any compromising defects. The average homeowner is not capable of tracking the source of leaks with absolute certainty.

Factors for roof damage

Charlotte roofing contractors are aware that there can be multiple factors or deficiencies which need to be addressed. Their training, experience, and honesty are the driving force behind their ability to provide customers with an excellent repair experience. Reliable contractors seek to identify the roof leak sources and correct the situation with affordable and effective roof repair options.

Of course, the most obvious sign of a leaky roof is the appearance of water stains or dripping on interior walls and ceilings. Unfortunately, the leak may not be directly adjacent to these visible water marks, because leaks can travel along pipes, rafters or vents before they noticeably damage your home. This is why it is usually necessary to contact your local roofing contractor to detect the specific leak location.

Storm damage and shingles

Even without your roof inspection, you may notice curled or deteriorating shingles. If a large enough portion of the shingle field is damaged, water may have seeped between the shingles and permeated the underlay. A qualified roofing contractor can carefully inspect the affected shingles and look closely for signs of leaks. They can also detect the beginning of moisture buildup, mold and mildew growth on shingles, or mold spores on underlying wood. They may be able to replace the degraded shingles, but if there are large sections of damage on your roof, that may be a sign that it is time for a whole new roof.

A significant buildup of mold or mildew in roof valleys, around skylights, or vents probably means water is building up in these areas. Roof leaks may also occur because water has begun to seep in through loose bricks or mortar around the fireplace. You roof is also vulnerable if the flashing, which is designed to protect adjoining roof sections has come loose or is pulling away. Remember that the smallest crack can lead to a massive buildup of water. This means you should have your roof inspected for hail damage after a hailstorm.

A reliable Charlotte roofing company for roof repairs

Homes and roofs in Charlotte, NC endured unique weather conditions this winter. It is important to call on the best available contractors for roof inspection even before you detect problems. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is a local family owned roofing company. They are licensed, insured and have been serving the residents of Charlotte and the surrounding areas for many years. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors specializes in residential roofing and installation, repair, and inspections. Call them today and ask for a free estimate for possible roof repairs.