Repair my damaged shingle roof after Charlotte NC storms

Should my roof inspection and repair be done by experts?

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Storms come and go through my Charlotte NC area all the time, but after the last one, I need to repair my damaged shingle roof!  Asphalt shingles flew off my roof during the storm. I do not know whether I should try and fix it myself or call in Charlotte roof installers to inspect and repair my damaged shingle roof!

As a matter of personal safety, unless you are an experienced roofer it is not a good idea to climb up onto a damaged roof to look around, especially after a storm. It can be dangerous up there, especially if there are loose or algae-covered shingles which can cause you to slip and slide!

While asphalt shingles are actually not that difficult to replace, they are only one element of your roofing system. It is expertise with the entire roofing system that experienced roofers bring to your damaged shingle roof.  Charlotte and Ft Mill and Rock Hill SC areas have expert roofers with a proven record of residential roof repairs. They can be counted on to prevent further problems after your damaged or missing asphalt shingles have been replaced.

Is there follow up after roofers repair my damaged shingle roof?

You ought to have expert Charlotte roof installers inspect your roof on a regular basis. Asphalt shingles are affordable, durable and normally withstand strong winds, but high temperatures, severe weather, aging and other factors will eventually take a toll on any asphalt shingle roof.  Shingles routinely become weakened and brittle from both hot sun and winter cold, allowing their protective granules to be washed away by rain. Over time, asphalt shingles wear, shrink and eventually become loose from their underlayment surface, causing leaks. The condition of shingle underlayment should also be checked regularly, to help keep leaks from damaging your home interior.

Who can I get to repair my damaged shingle roof?

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors offer roofing and home improvement services to residential and commercial property owners in the Charlotte NC area, extending to Ft Mill and Rock Hill SC. These roof installers are fully licensed and family owned, and rightly proud of their A rating with the Better Business Bureau and their long list of satisfied roofing and home improvement clients. Visit them at to read what grateful property owners have to say about the caliber of service and workmanship from these reputable roofing experts.

Repair my damaged shingle roof, you say? Call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, the Charlotte roof installers who also serve the Ft Mill and Rock Hill SC areas. Request a free estimate on your roofing project, and ask them to include you in their regular roof inspection schedule! But first ask them, please repair my damaged shingle roof!