Tips for safe Charlotte roof repairs

Charlotte Roof repairsCharlotte storm damage- and getting your roof repaired

This article is written for homeowners who are determined to perform their own Charlotte roof repairs. If you have noticed water stains on the ceiling, the damage looks minimal, but you can be sure that there is a significant leak somewhere in your roof. You can be sure that at this point there is not only the leak that needs repair, but also the sheetrock and possibly some framing lumber and insulation that has been damaged. If you ignore a leak, it can lead to electrical shortage or damage to carpet, window sills, wood floors; and even furniture and drapery. Here we will discuss some handy tips for those who chose to do their own roof repairs, but the first tip is to call a few Charlotte roofing companies to assess the damage and make a professional recommendation.

For those think that they want to handle the roof repair on their own, it may seem like an easy task. In reality, roof repairs can be complex, involving more than one area of the roof. If you are not cautious, the job can be hazardous and dangerous. Every home repair project carries a certain level of risk and roof repair is no exception. Roof repairs will involve climbing and walking anywhere from twelve to thirty feet above the ground. At those heights, slipping and falling off a roof will usually result in serious injury.

Charlotte roof repairs should be performed properly and efficiently, and above all things… safely. Consider the following precautionary measures that will ensure that you will not only work efficiently, but that will help you get through the project without injury to yourself or those around you.

Wear rubber-soled shoes, safety glasses, and gloves – Rubber-soled shoes help prevent you from slipping or falling. This type of shoes can provide excellent traction on multiple types of surfaces. Safety glasses protect your eyes from flying debris. Gloves will protect your hands from sharp objects such as flashing or nails. You should also wear a tool belt which will keep all your tools in close proximity, avoiding the chance of you dropping a tool on someone, and providing you with freedom to use both hands when climbing ladders.

Use a stable ladder – Do not buy or rent cheap ladders. Before using any ladder, be sure to inspect it to ensure it is strong and stable. Make sure that your ladders are properly rated to support your weight when carrying tools and materials. They must also be the right length so that you will not be forced to stand at the top rungs.

Use fall protection – Fall protection systems you are items such as guard rails, and safety nets. You should climb onto the roof only after personal fall protection is in place. You should always wear a safety harness that is properly and securely attached. Make sure that it can easily support your body weight in the event of a fall.

Hire a reliable roofing contractor – If your roof is above two stories, it is better to hire a reliable Charlotte roofing contractor. Take the time to find a reliable and licensed and expert roofing contractor who offers guarantees that the work will be done correctly and efficiently.

 A reliable local roofing company in Charlotte, NC

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