When you need Charlotte roof repairs

Charlotte roof repairsCharlotte roof repairs a fact of life for local homeowners

Charlotte roof repairs should be a painless procedure. Smart homeowners in Charlotte and Concord NC let the experts at local Charlotte roofing companies make getting a roof replacement or necessary roof repairs easy and stress free, completing the project in a timely and professional fashion.

Storm damage a common cause of roof repairs

When your roofing contractor specializes in the repair of shingled roofs that have been damaged by wind, ice damming, fallen trees, lightning, or by hail damage, they are also experienced in  repairing flashings, vents, chimneys, siding, trim, gutters and downspouts. These components of your roof system are as important to the proper functioning of your roof as asphalt shingles, and are common sources of leaks. Any portion of your roof that has been improperly installed is vulnerable to water leakage.

Damage on your roof may not be easy to spot

Aging or wear and tear also make your roof susceptible to storm damage. When shingles begin to curl upward, they become prone to storm damage. This is common in older roofs, where moisture build-up in the attic can affects the underside of the shingle. Buckling, a visible waviness in the horizontal lines of the shingles, usually runs straight up the roof slope, exposing shingle tabs to wind which can tear them off. Very often, the problem is warping in the roof deck caused by poor attic ventilation. Shingles that claw, or curl under at the bottom edge as a normal part of the aging process, invite substantial damage from wind, hail and ice. Broken, torn or missing tabs can become entry points for water, and hail damage can dislodge the protective mineral granules of an asphalt shingle, producing bald areas of exposed asphalt material. Wind damage may not always be visible from the ground. Shingles can be lifted from strong winds and lose the ability to reseal to the shingles below as they were designed to do.

Have experts examine for storm damage or hail damage

It is always a good idea to have a roofing expert examine your roof for damage rather than trying to do it yourself. Not only are professional roofers better trained and experienced to spot roof damage, they walk on rooftops for a living and can do it much more safely than you can. Notwithstanding the prevalence of storm damage and hail damage to roofs, a major cause of roof leaks is poor installation.

Professional Charlotte roofing companies can inspect and determine the cause of your roofing problem, and often restore you roof system with simple roof repairs instead of having to replace the entire roof. When the roof is beyond an economical repair, your trusted roofers can help you decide on a suitable, functioning roof replacement.

Call now for a free roof inspection and estimate for your Charlotte area or Concord NC home

Timely and efficient roof repairs help keep homes in the Charlotte and Concord NC area warm and dry, and looking great, thanks to Charlotte roofing companies like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. They understand that your roof is the most important weatherproofing device your home has, and that a leaking roof can cause widespread and expensive damage. Call them for a free roof inspection and an estimate to restore the integrity of your roof system.

For Charlotte roof repairs that can add 5 or 10 years to the life of your existing roof, or for an entire roof replacement, contact one of your local Charlotte roofing companies. Providing reliable and reasonably priced service to local homeowners is the mission of Charlotte roofing companies who excel in customer satisfaction. Call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors today, for Charlotte roof repairs you can count on.