Advice from a skilled roofer in Concord, NC on when you need a new roof

Roofer in Charlotte, NCCharlotte, NC roofer offers advice on roof replacement

A roofer in Charlotte or Concord, NC understands the specific needs of a house’s roof located in the humid conditions of the south. Intense heat and humid cold can affect all aspects of your home, including your shingles. Don’t wait till you see drips or water damage in the ceiling. If you are concerned about when to replace your roof, consider the following warning signs.

Age of roof: One of the most important factors in determining whether it’s time for a new roof is the age of your existing asphalt shingle roof. Generally, a skilled roofer Charlotte expects a 20-25 year lifespan for a house’s roof. Of course, this number depends on many variants. If the old roof was removed and you only have one layer of shingles, this might mean you’ll need a new roof sooner, rather than later. Proper ventilation of the layers also plays a part in a roof’s wear and tear. If your current roof was installed over another layer and is 20 years old, it is likely time for a new roof.

Curling or missing shingles: Check out your roof when the sun is high. If you notice that your shingles are curling, it might be a sign that your roof needs to be replaced. It also may simply need a repair, but a professional roofer Charlotte should diagnose this issue. Miss shingles or missing shingle tabs are another warning sign that your roof may need replacement.

Shingle granules in gutters: When you clean out your gutters this fall, check to see if shingle granules have found their way there. A roofer Charlotte can diagnose a roof’s lifespan by the amount of granules it loses. The more granules, the more likely that it is time for a new roof.

Attic issues: If your home has an attic, grab a flashlight and head up there. This will be the first spot that will show signs of serious damage. Look for water damage or leaks. Also, look for sunlight filtering through the roof boards. This, alongside moisture in the insulation, are warning signs that a roofer from Concord, NC may need to check your roof.

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Pay attention to red flags that indicate roof replacement or repair. When you are concerned about the age of your roof or the shape of your shingles, call on a two time winner of Angie’s List’s Super Service Award and a trusted member of the Home Builder’s Association of Charlotte. Charlotte’s best roofing contractors, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, have a roofer Charlotte for every job. Located in Charlotte, NC and Concord, NC, they can diagnose your roofing issues and replace your roof.