Charlotte roof installer find if you need a new roof

Finding out if you need a Charlotte roof installer

One of the trickier parts of homeownership is trying to determine if your roof can be repaired, or if it needs to be replaced by a Charlotte roof installer. There are two things to consider — the age of the roof and the condition of the roof.

Charlotte NC roof installers

Unlike a computer, you don’t have to worry about your roof becoming obsolete or incompatible with new technology. If the shingles on your roof were new to begin with — and this is note guaranteed — then the roof itselfshould last about twenty years. It doesn’t collapse all at once, but the frequency and cost of repairs increase until it’s eventually cheaper to replace it.

Sometimes, after a storm or a fire, a roof needs to be replaced. Other times, something small goes wrong — a leak, a dislodged shingle — and you don’t spot it until a lot of water has gotten in and damaged the frame of the roof. This is especially likely to happen if you own a lot of houses in the Concord, NC area and you don’t have time to perform regular inspections.

If you decide on a new roof

The first step is to discuss what style of roof you want with your Charlotte roof installer, and whether you’re trying to save money in the short term or over the long term. The next step is to plan the installation of the roof, developing a schedule that will be compatible with your own work and home life.

The first thing a Charlotte roof installer will do is take away the old roofing material to get at the deck underneath. The best roof installer make sure not to leave any shingles or other debris lying around.The next step is to cover the deck with a water shield, so rain doesn’t get in through the nail holes.When the shingles are laid down, it’ll be done in such a way as to keep the number of exposed nail heads to a minimum. This should all take one to three days. While doing all this, the Charlotte roof installer should also find and fix any defects in the attic that can lead to roof damage, such as trapped moistureor bad ventilation.

Charlotte’s best roof installer

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors are the best roof installers in Charlotte and Concord, NC. They’ve won the Angie’s List Super Service Award twice. This family-owned company is also an Owens Corning preferred contractor and a member of the Home Builders Association of Charlotte. They will plan their schedule to fit your own, and provide the materials themselves. If you need a new roof, call today for a free estimate.