Charlotte roofers: Commercial roofing vs Residential roofing

A Charlotte roofer is clearing the air on the difference between commercial roofing and residential roofing. Many people make the mistake of assuming that the same roofs that are suitable for residential homes are equally suitable for commercial buildings. Both roofings are different from each other because they are not created equally.

If you are considering replacing the roof of your home or your commercial building, it is important to know the difference between both so that you would make the right choice.

Key differences between commercial roofs and residential roofs

Both commercial and residential roofs differ in terms of roofing materials, design installment cost, and maintenance.

  1. Roofing materials

The roofing materials for both commercial and residential roofs vary in lifespan expectancy and cost. While a residential roof is steeper, a commercial roof is flat sloped.

The materials vary due to the design, cost, weather conditions, as well as purpose. Roofing materials for commercial lease include PVC, TPO, EPDM modified bitumen, and so on. However, both groups make use of asphalt or slate shingles and metal sheets.

  1. Design

The design is the most visible difference between commercial and residential roofs. As mentioned earlier, commercial roofs are flat or have very low slopes. These types of roofs are common in restaurants, factories, shops, and even warehouses. Because it serves as a covering for commercial structures, commercial roofs are larger, broader, and require many layers because they carry heavy things like industrial pipes and industrial AC blowers.

Residential roofs, on the other hand, are steeped or higher slopped and lighter than commercial roofs. They are not as many-layered does commercial roofs.

  1. Installation costs

Residential rooms are easy to install due to their simplicity when compared to commercial roofs. It is very straightforward. On the other hand, a commercial roof takes a longer time to install due to the application of multiple layers. Also, commercial roofs are large and can be technical. They need to be installed by a professional expert roofer.

The cost of installing a commercial roof is obviously higher than that of a residential roof. The only opening in a residential roof as skylights, vent stacks, and chimneys. These openings are optional. but in a commercial roof, there are several openings which include smokestacks, blower outlets, industrial pipes, skylights, and so on.

  1. Maintenance

Residential roofs are very easy to maintain when compared to commercial roofs. When damaged it is easier to repair and replace a residential roof. Whereas it becomes a whole project when it comes to repairing a damaged commercial roof and the repair could take up to months, depending on the speed and professionalism of the roofers.

As such, it costs more to repair a commercial roof. However, if both roofs are not properly maintained, it could lead to huge damage which would increase the repair costs for both of them.

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