Charlotte roofers: Get them to fix the damage from heavy rain

What heavy rain does to roofing

Charlotte roofers

Heavy rain does more than just expose the flaws in your roofing — it can inflict damage that you’ll need Charlotte roofers to help you fix. Water, as “Doctor Who” reminds us, always wins — it is heavy, it is relentless, and there are few substances it can’t damage with enough time.

Any interruption in the surface of the roof increases the chance of leakage. A skylight, for example, has a much higher chance of leaking than a patch of roof of the same size. If you have a chimney, water can leak in where it meets the roof or from retained water in the outer structure. Flashing, ventilation shafts — anything that isn’t perfectly made and tightly sealed can and probably will leak.

No matter how tightly fit together the shingles are, water can get between them. If the rain is followed by cooler, cloudy weather, as often happens in the Concord, NC area in the fall, the shingles won’t warm up and the water that gets under the shingles may not have a chance to evaporate. If your roof gutter is plugged, water can back up onto your roof, creating a temporary pond. This is why it’s a good idea to check your roof gutters every now and then and either clean them out yourself or get a Charlotte roofer to do it for you.

The most vulnerable parts of your roof are the roof valleys, where more water flows. Charlotte roofers will sometimes install special pieces of flashing to allow the water to flow down the valley faster without soaking in.

Don’t try to make permanent fixes yourself

There are things you can do to patch small leaks (provided your roof isn’t under warranty) but don’t try to fix serious damage yourself. You especially should not try to climb up on a roof when it’s still wet — or at any other time, but when it’s wet is when it’s most dangerous.

You can use roofing tar as a cheap way to do a temporary repairs. This will give you time to look for Charlotte roofers in whom you have full confidence, rather than hiring the first ones you find in desperation.

Charlotte’s best residential roofers

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