Charlotte roofers prefer to work in the rain

Charlotte roofersReplacing your roof when it might rains

Homeowners are usually surprised to find out that Charlotte roofers prefer to install roofs when it is cold, and even when it is raining. The frigid, sub-freezing weather of the first week in the year has given way to warmer and moderate temperatures. Most Charlotte roofing companies find the past week to be ideal weather for repair or replacement of your roof. Even periods of moderate rain showers can be an excellent time for roofers and homeowners to come to an agreement for roofing work.

Charlotte Roofers work in cold weather

You can be sure that the first priority for ever Charlotte roofing company is the safety of the work crew, your family, and your pets. Working on your roof requires special cautions when working in winter conditions; but roofers will tell you that they would rather working on a roof in January, in forty-degree

weather, rather than laboring on a roof with surface temperatures of 120- 140 degrees in July During this time of the year, workers find that dehydration is as great a danger as falling.

You should also note that scheduling your roofing work in the colder weather can save you lots of money. After the weather warms up, roofing companies find themselves in a less competitive environment. The law of supply and demand can and does drive the pricing up. In addition, roofing material manufacturers increase prices to compensate for the discounts offered during the winter season. The shrinking number of skilled laborers that are available during the busy season always increases labor costs in the spring and summer. The following are more reasons why roofing repair and replacement, in the winter months is a good idea:

Cool weather is easier on shingles

Roofing shingles are primarily made of asphalt. The surface is embedded with small ceramic granules to help make them waterproof, and to protect them from breaking down under ultra violet light from the sun. When contractors are installing shingles in the heat, their walking on the newly installed shingles shakes some of these granules easier because the asphalt expands. Installing a roof in the cooler weather actually can reduce the immediate wear on your new roof.

Less damage to landscaping

Winter roofing work means that bushes, shrubs, and trees are usually in a dormant state and they have little or no foliage; which means that flowers are not blooming or the grass is not lush and green. Falling pieces of shingles and debris is less likely to cause damage in the yard or to the landscaping.

A reliable Charlotte roofing company

Regardless of the time of year, you want the most reliable contractor who does not cut corners. Look for a local company that has been certified by major manufacturers to sell and install their products. If you are looking for a premier roofing company in Charlotte, NC, consider Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. They are a local, family owned business that has served the region for over twenty years. Call them today to experience the best in Charlotte roofers.