Charlotte roofers warn homeowners to beware of storm chasers

Charlotte roofersWhat is a storm chaser- and why you should use regular Charlotte roofing companies

You can rest assured that there will be an increased demand for Charlotte roofers this year. The unusual weather will make the early season busier than normal and will cause Charlotte homeowners to be convinced that they will be happy to get any contractor to fix their roof, even if the roofing company is from out of state, otherwise known as storm chasers. The term “Storm Chaser” can be used to describe a person who follows storms in order to perform research, photography, or recording of a weather incident. In this article we are referring to roofing companies that are not local, who follow severe weather from state to state, contracting roof repairs that have been caused by the recent storm, hail, or wind.

Their intent is to collect insurance claim checks in payment for roofing repairs, most often the work is cut-rate or shoddy, and once they are finished (sometime before finishing), they move on to the next storm ravaged area. Here in Charlotte, we have suffered the kind of severe weather in which storm chasers will turn up shortly, hoping to take advantage while homeowners discover the need for repairs related to the recent snow storms. They generally will go door-to-door in the Charlotte and Concord areas, even advertising themselves as insurance restoration experts or specialists.

Why are storm chasers bad?

The main reason that storm chasers are a bad deal is because having repairs performed by a storm chaser may actually void or nullify your roofing materials warranty. Most roofing material warrantees have very specific requirements about who can perform warranty repairs. Most storm chasers do not have the state certification and licensing that is required by the material manufacturer. Quite often, storm chasers will ask the homeowner to sign a contract that allows their company to negotiate with your insurance company.

By signing these documents, you may be waiving your right to any decision regarding your roofing repairs or replacement. You can also lose control over the insurance settlement, which means that the payment may legally be signed over to the storm chaser regardless of the quality or quantity of work completed. This leaves the storm chaser free to cut corners in order to increase their profit. Most importantly, workmanship warranty repairs can be nearly impossible to obtain once the storm chasers leave the area. Storm chasers are long gone long before warranty issues arise. You can be sure that these slipshod companies are certainly not going to return from out of state to repair a problem with their work.

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