Commercial roofers can keep your business dry

A commercial roofer can protect your business

Whether you just need repair services or an entirely new roof, a commercial roofer in Charlotte should be able to do everything you need without disrupting your business too much. This means setting a schedule that’s convenient for your needs, sticking to that schedule and not going over budget. This is especially important if your building has only one floor.Metal roofing in Charlotte, NC


A lot of commercial buildings have flat roofs, which usually leads to leakage in the rain. A good commercial roofer will look for ways to minimize this risk and will be ready to repair the damage when it appears. One thing that helps is a single-ply flat roof, a sheet membrane made in a factory and made of TPO (thermoplastic olefin) or EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) which is available in many sizes and thicknesses. It can be adhered to the roof, attached or just weighted down. Further protection is provided by a tapered insulation system, which allows water to drain instead of puddling on the roof.


What commercial roofers do

A commercial roofer should be willing handle all aspects of roof installation and repair, including chimney caps and gutters. No matter what your roof is made of, they should know how to work with the material. If you’re having it inspected, the roofer should be able let you know what condition it is in, how long you can expect it to last and whether there are any defects in it that might be a problem later. When your roof is damaged, a Concord, NC commercial roofer can provide an estimate of the cost for the benefit of your insurance company, as well as how much work will be needed to repair the roof, how long it will take and what the best materials are.


After checking on the roofer’s licensing and insurance, look for a local roofer that has been in business for a while. Less than one tenth of one percent of contractors are able to stay in business for ten years or more. The ones that can must have provided good service, you know they have lots of experience, and if you need more work done later, they will still be around to do it.


Charlotte’s best roofing company

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors are the best commercial roofer in Charlotte and Concord, NC. They have won the Angie’s List Super Service Award twice. This family-owned company is also a member of the Home Builders Association of Charlotte and an Owens Corning preferred contractor. They will plan their work schedule to suit your needs, and provide all the roofing materials themselves. Whether you need a completely new roof or just need to fix an old one, call today for a free estimate.