Five types of roofing scam

Roofer in Charlotte, NCRoofing scams to watch out for

According to the business review site Angie’s List, here are five common types of roofing scams:

  • A roofer will ask for your insurance check as a down payment. If you give it to them, you’ll never see them or the money again. This is usually done to people who have paid off their mortgage, but not always. Never do business with a roofer who asks for a down payment.
  • A door-to-door sales representative will show up after a storm. He or she will offer you a free roof inspection, go up onto your roof, and return with a photo of severe damage… from someone else’s roof. That’s if you’re lucky. If you’re unlucky, he or she will personally damage your roof and claim it was done by the storm. Let your insurance company inspect the roof.
  • A roofer will show up right after a storm (it’s a pattern) in an area known to have suffered severe hail or wind damage. They will offer you a new roof, paid for by your insurance company. Your insurance company (and you, through higher premiums) will pay for a top-quality roof, but what you’ll get will be a cheap roof that lasts five to seven years and then needs to be replaced completely… by which time the roofers who sold you this lemon have long since disappeared.
  • A roofer will try to pressure you into signing right away. This usually means they charge more than other roofers in the area. Take the time to get estimates from other companies. This will give you an idea of a reasonable price range. The BBB recommends getting six or seven estimates and going with one of the ones in the middle. If you’re wondering why you shouldn’t take the lowest bid…
  • A roofer makes an initial bid that’s much lower than the bid of any other company in the area. Once the contract is signed, however, the expenses mysteriously start to increase. This is called the “elevator ride.”

To avoid these scams, look for a roofer with a history in the area, professional credentials and a list of satisfied customers.

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