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Find a charlotte roofer that can provide excellent residential and commercial roofing solutions. This includes installation, repair and inspection of roofing as well as siding and boxing systems, gutters, chimney caps and premade dormers.

Residential roofing options

There are a number of residential roofing options. The most common shingle type for residential areas are the asphalt shingles which are available in a range of styles and colors. 3-tab shingles are most commonly used, these are made to give the appearance of three separate shingle tabs on each sheet. A newer version of this type is growing in popularity, the dimensional shingle. This type uses a thicker shingle to add a three-dimensional appearance to the roof.

Metal roofing is also an option offered more commonly for commercial roofs, but also for some residential roofs. This type is more expensive then the asphalt shingles but it has a significantly longer lifespan, often lasting 40-60 years. The consumer can choose from copper, steel and aluminum metals with a variety of color options available for the steel and aluminum. There are also a variety of styles available to meet the needs of any project.

Clay and concrete tiles are also available. These tiles produce the most durable roofs and are capable of lasting up to 100 years or more with the proper maintenance.  This option comes with an increased cost but it also creates a unique and often historic appearance that can increase house value and curb appeal.

In addition to these, wood shakes and shingles are also available. These are made from western cedar, cypress, pine and redwood trees. They have a great resistance to decay, moisture and insect which allows them to have a 30-40 year lifespan with nearly no maintenance.

Roofing slate is another form of roofing material that is available. This is a dense, durable and naturally occurring material that is nonabsorbent, this allows it to last well. Slate is available in a number of colors depending on the region from which the slate is obtained. This allows the consumer to find colors, sizes and shapes that fit with their project.

Synthetic roofing materials are also available. These shingles mimic those made from other materials. They are made from recycled plastic and rubber and are often more affordable then the materials they mimic.

Lastly, Single-ply flat roofs are also available. TPO and EPDM are manufactured in a factory. They are membranes that come in a variety of thicknesses and sheet sizes. They are either fully adhered to mechanically attached or held down with ballasts upon installation. There are color options but TPO is usually white and EPDM is commonly black.

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is one of Charlotte’s best roofing companies

They are Licensed General Contractors in North and South Carolina. They also carry an A rating with the BBB.

While Advanced Roofing and Exteriors has a number of options available for residential roofing projects, as mentioned above, they also handle roofing projects for commercial buildings, siding and boxing projects, as well as gutter installation and repair.

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is proud to provide roofing maintenance and installation in the Charlotte and Concord NC areas. Their reputation and past projects single them out as Charlotte’s best roofing contractors.