Roofers in Charlotte can give you a raccoon-resistant roof

Ask roofers in Charlotte for help with raccoon damage

Roofers in Charlotte have the expertise to help you deal with home invasion by raccoons. This is a problem not just in rural areas, but in mid-size towns like Concord, NC and even in cities bigger than Charlotte itself.Intelligent and dexterous, raccoons can adapt to life in towns and cities of any size, and do better in places with plenty of garbage, no predators and a few unattended spaces they can turn into homes for themselves. One of those unattended spaces could become your attic.

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Raccoons are a lot cuter on TV, or even in the woods, than they are staring up at you from a dark corner while baring their teeth. While trying to make nests for their young, they can do a lot of damage to insulation and whatever else they find. They can also look for food inside your house instead of just raiding the trash.

The worst thing about them is that they expose you and your family to the risk of disease. Some of them carry rabies, which makes them more likely to bite. Their urine and feces sometimes carry bacteria and roundworm. Because of this, you’ll need special protective gear to clean up whatever corner of your attic they’ve been relieving themselves in. Roofers in Charlotte will thank you for making sure your attic has been cleaned up before you call them.

Looking for a way inside

Raccoons are a special problem this time of year because inlater winter and early spring, the females, or sows, are looking for places to nest and raise their young.Naturally, they want a place that’s warm, safe and fairly close to a reliable supply of food, such as an attic. If there’s a hole in your attic — a loose piece of flashing, say, or a patched spot — they’ll find it. If they’re desperate enough, they’ll pry a few shingles off your roof with their strong little hands.

Getting rid of raccoons is the job of wildlife control experts, but roofers in Charlotte can get rid of all the easy ways a raccoon could get into your attic. They can find all the weak spots and fix them up. This at least makes it more likely that a raccoon will seek out an easier target.

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