The residential roofer Charlotte residents trust gives advice on log home roofing

Residential roofer in Charlotte, NC or Residential roofer CharlotteThe best residential roofer Charlotte offers talks about the best roof for your log home

Many traditionalists believe a log home must have a metal roof.  This has certainly been the preferred option for many years.  The best residential roofer Charlotte offers, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors will be happy to help you decide which type of roof will look best on your new log home.  The good thing about today’s metal roofing is that it is treated to help prevent rusting and comes in a wide variety of styles and colors.

Metal roofing for log homes

Most metal roofs installed on log homes, or on any home for that matter today from residential roofer Charlotte require very little maintenance.  Contemporary metal roofs are formulated to resist rusting and fading and to shed dirt.  They are also resistant to fungi and algae, including mildew.  Modern metal roofing is also very strong, yet does not weigh as much as in the past.  They are also resistant to erosion, cracking and shrinking.

One of the particular benefits to your residential roofer Charlotte or Concord NC log home is that metal roofing can withstand hurricane force winds and hail.  They are also great at shedding snow and ice and are virtually non-combustible.  This often helps with insurance costs.  One of the other major benefits of metal roofing from residential roofer Charlotte is that it is energy efficient.  A lighter-colored metal roof will reflect sunlight and heat, helping keep your home cooler.  There are also a variety of styles available making them a great choice for your new log home.


Metal may be designed or stamped to resemble concrete or clay tiles.  It not only looks great, but this type of metal roofing is also much lighter than conventional tile, easing the strain on your home’s structure.

Shingle slate

This type of metal roofing consists of stone-coated shingles which resemble typical asphalt shingle roofing.


Metal shakes look just like traditional wood shakes, but are resistant to mold and fire.  They also require much less maintenance and are typically less expensive to install.  They also come in a variety of colors making it much easier to match the rest of your home.

Vertical panel

These are the standing seam metal roofs typically seen on farm houses.  Today’s vertical panels are much more attractive and come in almost any color imaginable.

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, one of Charlotte’s best roofing companies will be happy to meet with you to discuss metal roofing for your log home and to answer any of your questions.  They are the residential roofer Charlotte homeowners trust, so give them a call today.