What drain solution will a commercial roofer fit in Charlotte NC?

commercial rooferWhat is the best flat roof drainage option?

Commercial roofer work covers all manner of roofing types in Charlotte NC, but because flat roof systems come with a long history in the USA, for commercial properties, this is one of the more common. Flat roofs largely depend on efficient drainage of rain and water to preserve the integrity.

Without it, water can accumulate and cause leaks, deterioration of the roof membrane and in the colder months, ice forming. Here are the top three types of a drainage system, which works best on flat roofs.

Gutters fitted by Charlotte’s best roofing companies

Gutters are open pipes that connect to the edges of the roof. They collect drained water from the roof and transport it outside of your building. They are the most cost-effective drainage solution, since a commercial roofer can attach them to a finished roof with no modifications to the roof.

They can deal with varying levels of rain and melted snow. As with drains and scuppers, gutters will need cleaning regularly of debris, dead leaves to function correctly.

Scuppers are another option from a local commercial roofer

Scuppers are outlets that a commercial roofing company in Concord NC will locate on the edges of the roof that direct water away from the roof and the side of the building. They keep walls dry and stop foundations from becoming destabilized by excessive water exposure. 

Scuppers work out much cheaper than internal drains, but they work best when water is directed toward them by an inclined roof structure. They are great solutions to be fitted by a commercial roofer inareas that receive heavy rains, however; they are not ideal to cope with melting snow.

Interior drainage systems in Charlotte NC

These drainage systems comprises drains that a commercial roofing company will place at intervals toward the center of the roof. An internal network of channels and pipes then direct the water toward the outer areas of the building.

Drains come topped by a strainer to prevent leaves and debris from entering the pipes. These are usually a good solution for large roofs in Charlotte NC where water accumulates in the center. These will please the eye because they locate all the components inside the roof where they are invisible to someone who looks on from the outside.

However, these are more expensive to install than external drainage systems and take a significant investment.

Charlotte NC roofing companies can install all drainage systems

If you have a flat roof and you have a water problem, or you need some kind of guttering system put in place, you will need the assistance of the professionals. You can quickly find this with the help of Charlotte’s best roofing companies.

You can contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, and the pros will go through all your roofing options. Not every flat roof is suitable for these drainage systems, but you will be in the hands of the best commercial roofer in the area to deliver the best advice and the best option.