Why do roofers in Charlotte NC recommend insulated sidings?

Roofers CharlotteWhat are insulated sidings and how do they differ?

Roofers Charlotte NC are now advising homeowners choose the insulated variants over regular. These are merely regular sidings with rigid foam insulation layers on the rear. This offers many more benefits such as the obvious insulation to the home, less tendency to warp among a few others.

While it seems to be a good option for every home, it can work better for some homeowners than others. Read on for a comparison between the two and no matter if you live in Charlotte, or you are thinking of calling a local roofer in Concord NC, you will see if it is ideal for you.

How much would roofers Charlotte NC charge for insulated over regular sidings?

It can be impossible to give a cost difference because there are many variables at play when choosing or having sidings fitted. Roofers Charlotte has available will survey a home before they give a price, so here are things that can affect the overall roofer project cost.

  • Size of the home – this is obvious, the larger, the more cost
  • Location – sidings can cost more in some areas. A reliable roofer will find the best prices no matter where you are
  • Door and window numbers – this makes siding installations more complicated
  • Siding colors – the darker the color the higher the cost
  • Time of installation – some roofing companies charge more at certain times of the year
  • Sidings already fitted – these vary in cost when they are being removed
  • Home damage – there can be damage to the home underneath the sidings which a roofer needs to repair
  • Insulation levels – You can get different levels of insulation, the higher the R-value, the higher the cost. This does lower utility bills so they can pay for themselves over time

Benefits insulated sidings offer after being installed by Charlotte’s best roofing contractors

With the addition of foam, darker colors are now being a popular choice. The insulation adds more support so wider sidings can be fitted. This reduces installation time by roofers Charlotte companies and means less panels.

Insulated sidings help to hide slight wall imperfections, which would otherwise be visible. Regular sidings are prone to knocks that can damage them. Because there is nothing behind them, a rock or ball can damage them easily. The foam prevents this and makes them more durable.

Finding the best roofer in Charlotte NC to install insulated sidings

Finding the right roofers Charlotte has to offer for installing these sidings can take up a lot of time. It is much easier to go directly to a firm, which is known as one of Charlotte’s best roofing companies. Not only will they survey a home, they will explain further benefits you can find by having them install insulated sidings.

Just contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors and the professionals will tell you how you can prevent moisture damage, pest infestations and cut out exterior noise. They will also explain that if you re-sell, you can recoup around 75% of your investment by a higher home price.