#1 Charlotte roofing company ready to help in Charlotte, and Ft Mill / Rock Hill SC!

The best roofing company knows what is best for your roof

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When mother nature brings terrible storms through the Charlotte and Ft Mill / Rock Hill SC area, calling the #1 Charlotte roofing company, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors,can ease the headache of repairing or replacing your roof. Why? Because the best roofing companies know that customers who are already under a tremendous amount of stress from storm damage don’t need the hassle of dealing with insurance companies; because they understand that sometimes a small repair will do the trick, rather than an entire roof replacement, and they won’t try to sell you something you don’t need or can’t afford; and because they are locally owned and operated so there is no question that their services are guaranteed to your satisfaction.

#1 Charlotte roofing company happy to make repairs if needed!

Not all roofing companies will make repairs in the Ft Mill / Rock Hill SC area, but the #1 Charlotte roofing company understand that budgets can be tight and roof replacements expensive. That is why the best roofing companies are willing to work with their customers, and stay within their budgets by providing roof repairs instead of complete replacements. Reputable roofers know that storm damage is as individual to a roof as it is to the area the storm travels through, so not every house within the same area will need the same attention. Some houses may need asphalt shingle replacement, others may need new tiles or slate. The best roofing companies are skilled in all kinds of roofing materials, and can offer repairs or replacement for almost any type of roof.

Insurance companies no problem when hiring #1 Charlotte roofing company

When you call the #1 Charlotte roofing company to give an estimate on repair or replacement of your roof after storm damage, don’t forget that the best roofing companies can also help negotiate with your insurance company. Insurance companies will want to examine your roof after you call them with a report of storm damage because they are not in the business of giving away money; they are in the business of making money. So when you schedule an appointment with an insurance provider after the storm, call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, the #1 Charlotte roofing company, to come out at the same time and offer their take on what is going on with your roof.

The best roofing companies are experienced negotiators and have worked with insurance companies for years. The #1 Charlotte roofing company will measure your roof, assess the damage and then compare it with what the insurance company finds. If they are on the same page, great! If not, then the best roofing companies will always step up for their clients and talk turkey about what has to be done to replace or repair your damaged roof. It is this kind of service that helps remove the stress for Ft Mill / Rock Hill SC, homeowners and make sure they get the coverage they have paid into all of these years.

The recent storm system that blew through Charlotte, and Ft Mill / Rock Hill SC, left a pile of debris and damaged roofs, but your #1 Charlotte roofing company is ready to help you get the coverage you deserve! When you call the best roofing companies to assess storm damage, they will also look at your budget and not pressure you to replace an entire roof if that is not necessary. If it’s time to repair or replace your roof, call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, the #1 Charlotte roofing company, and get them out to your home today!