Dangers of hiring an unlicensed Charlotte roofing contractor

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“Hire only a licensed roofing contractor”  is a common phrase among the residents of Charlotte and Concord, NC. But you keep wondering why homeowners keep saying it and why it matters. Some homeowners believe once the roofer can do a quality job, who cares if they are licensed or unlicensed. Moreover, they are less expensive. Don’t let the cheap labor deceive—you might end up paying a higher price later. Here’s why:

Limited legal leverage

If there is any disagreement between you and your licensed local roofing contractor, you can call the licensing agency, and they will intervene. They can also help you to recover any losses you might have had. But if you have any issue with an unlicensed contractor, resolving the dispute will be very difficult and stressful. You will have to file a civil lawsuit. You might never be able to recover your loss since unlicensed contractors often go in and out of business. An unlicensed contractor often does less quality work because it’s easier for them to get away with it.

No license could mean no insurance

Concord NC unlicensed contractors hardly have liability insurance or worker’s compensation insurance. This means you will be responsible for paying for medical bills if a contractor gets injured. No liability insurance means you have no claim for damages caused by the uninsured roofer.

Work may not meet local building codes

Charlotte NC licensed roofing contractors are tested before they can get their license. This is where it gets interesting if perhaps you plan on selling the house, and an inspector inspecting the home discovered the roof doesn’t have some required document. All you have do is apply for the certificate needed, but disclosing that unlicensed roofing contractor worked on your roof may decrease the value.

Could settle for low-quality work

A license is meant to protect you. A roofing contractor with a license means they have the required experience and training to execute your project. If you hire an inexperienced contractor, you have no idea about their training and competency. Any low-quality job can backfire later at the worst time. Imagine having a fallen roof during harsh weather conditions. Don’t settle for less; don’t hire an unlicensed contractor.

No insurance means no warranty

What will you do if your roof replacement or repair didn’t go as planned? Always make sure there is a warranty plan to protect your investment. No license means no warranty.  Always make sure you award your roofing contract to someone who can guarantee their work.

Choosing a licensed roofing contractor in Charlotte NC

For businesses and individuals who are considering improving on their properties, although the price of unlicensed roofing contractors may be low, understand the ups and downs associated is important.

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