Should someone in Charlotte repair my damaged shingle roof?

A roofer parked in my Charlotte NC driveway recently, and asked if I wanted him to replace or repair my damaged shingle roof. I said No, but thank you.  I had not noticed that any of my roof shingles were damaged, but have been wondering ever since if he might have been right. How can I tell if my asphalt shingles need repair? Should I look for someone in the Charlotte area to repair my damaged shingle roof?

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Warning signs that your asphalt shingles may need repair or replacement in Rock Hill SC

You can do a preliminary roof inspection to see if your roof shingles might need repair or replacement, and you can get it done without having to climb up onto your roof! Going up top can be a dangerous business, and ought to be done by experienced Charlotte roof installers or repair crews, such as Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. Walk around your house, inside and out, and make note of what you find.  Check for these signs:

Inside your house:

  • your attic roof shows signs of leaking
  • your ceiling is leaking, stained, spotted or paint is bubbled
  • wall paint is cracked, peeling, or has water stains
  • wall paper is peeling and you can smell mold, mildew in the walls, ceiling, insulation, etc.

Outside your home:

  • shingles are missing, torn, warped, or blistered
  • shingles are covered in moss, mold, or algae
  • flashing material around your chimney, skylights, etc. is loose
  • there are branches, leaves, or other debris on your roof
  • gutters are clogged and backing up

What if I do need to replace or repair my damaged shingle roof in Ft. Mill SC!

If what you find inside and out leads you to believe your roof shingles are damaged, now is the time to call asphalt shingle roof repair experts and ask for a professional inspection and an estimate. Your shingle roof may not need complete replacement, and any roof can be repaired; the question is, do you choose repair, or replacement?

What determines if I can repair my damaged shingle roof, or need to replace it?

Typical roofing with asphalt shingles last between 10 and 35 years, depending on the quality of the shingles, roof pitch, weather, and other considerations. Since a new roof can be one of the most expensive roofing projects you will have, take your time in deciding how to proceed. Are you planning to stay in the house for a good number of years? Will your insurance help pay for either a roof repair or a new roof?  If you think you may need a total roof replacement, ask dependable Charlotte roof installers to help you decide if it is time for a new one.

Keep in mind that some roof installation firms tend to see all damaged roof situations as candidates for full roof replacements.  Reliable Charlotte roof installers like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte NC, with service extended to Ft Mill and Rock Hill SC, deliver the kind of roofing services that their clients need, and if a roof repair will take care of your damaged shingle roof, they will tell you so.

You were smart to turn away the roofer who solicited your roof project. When considering whether to hire Charlotte roof installers, check their status with the local Better Business Bureau, and search for their websites online. is also a great place to find reliable roofers you can trust. Go to and click or call for a roof inspection.

In answer to your question, should I find someone in Charlotte NC to repair my damaged shingle roof, you should call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors. Ask for an inspection, today, to see if your asphalt shingles are damaged, and to discuss efficient and cost-effective ways to make any needed repairs. In the end, you may be glad that fellow got you thinking: do I need to repair my damaged shingle roof?