Will a Charlotte NC roofing contractor give a warranty?

Do you wonder what can void a commercial property warranty?

A roofing contractor will make sure their work is covered by a warranty These are an essential necessity for the protection of your business. The should cover the building from either faulty materials or costly repairs.

Roofing warranties are an excellent means of protection for any Charlotte NC company, but some things void warranties if you are not careful. Read on to learn the different warranty types, and what can void a warranty without you knowing about it.

Charlotte’s best roofing contractors have warranty options

A reliable commercial roofing contractor will explain all the options they offer.

Roofing contractors workmanship guarantee – these contractor guarantees are to be issued by the roof company who installs your commercial roof. A workmanship warranty covers any labor and material costs which are necessary for any repair. The duration of the warranty may vary between contractors, but it should be at least ten years.

Manufacturer’s Material Warranty – the manufacturer of materials or parts for the commercial installation of your roof shall offer a warranty for its products. In the event of faults or defects in the materials supplied, these may come into effect. They will also have some protection for your local roofing contractor, so they will not be responsible for these defects.

Manufacturer’s Full System Warranty – This extends to cover any accessories or flashings used to install the roof. If any of the manufacturer’s materials fail, this commercial roof warranty covers the cost of the materials and labor costs of the roofing contractor to fix the problem on your Charlotte NC commercial property.

What voids commercial roofing guarantees?

It doesn’t matter if you use commercial roofing contractors in Concord NC or you choose commercial roofers in Charlotte NC. They all have stipulations of things, which void warranties. If a warranty is found to be void, then you as the owner will be liable for materials and labor.

Any machinery, lighting and ventilation shaft work can void warranties. Any of these are included HVAC systems, skylights, venting or ducting and drains or piping. You should call your local roofing contractor to make sure no damage has occurred to the roofing system.

You need to know your Charlotte NC roofing companies limits

Many rooftops serve as outdoor areas, and depending on the type of building, they may have paths, restaurants or simply a company decking area. Excessive pedestrian traffic or misuse can easily void the warranty.

If they are not designed to be stepped on to this extent, they will be damaged and your warranty will be voided.

If you have any questions about a roof warranty, it’s best to talk to Charlotte’s best roofing contractors. For more information about this roofing contractor, contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors and they will be happy to explain everything about commercial roofing and the warranty options you will have.