Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is your reliable roofer for repairs and home improvement projects!

Best roofing company in Charlotte NCRoof contractors that clients can trust and rely on are worth their weight in gold. When storms pass through town dropping hail the size of baseballs and bringing heavy winds, you want a trustworthy roofing contractor on your side to offer competitive estimates free of charge. Your Charlotte NC family-owned roofing company is reliable, as customer testimonials attest. When your residential roof contractors are also commercial roof contractors, you know you are getting the best roof company in the area. Reputable, trustworthy and reliable, three reasons why you should call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors roofing contractors for your roofing needs.

Does a roof always need replacing?

Roofing contractors who have the best interests of their clients at heart will never sell you more than you need or can afford. Residential roof contractors are not always as honest or reliable as a client needs, and some may even be looking for fast money. Let the best roof contractors in Charlotte help you determine whether you need a small roof repair rather than an entirely new roof. There are all sorts of reasons to repair a roof: deterioration from neglect, weather-related decay, or faulty design issues. Roof issues that are not repaired by a reputable roof contractor could lead to serious structural damage. Let Advanced Roofing and Exteriors roof contractors inspect your roof to see if it is a candidate for roof repair instead of replacement!

Roofing styles abound when replacing old or damaged roofs!

Roof contractors with years of experience and service to the community have a wealth of options for clients seeking a new roof. The best roof contractors offer asphalt and composite shingles, metal roofing, tile roofing, slate roofing, cedar roofing and flat roofing. Your best roof company in Charlotte is happy to bring samples to your home, and go over the benefits of each to match your style with the best selection. Asphalt and composite shingles provide a beautiful surface, with top of the line moisture and fire resistance; metal roofing is more expensive than other roof styles, but it does not rust and has a much longer life; tile roofs reduce cooling costs, have potentially higher resale value, and could reduce your homeowners insurance premium; slate roofing is durable and recyclable, has a long life, and is environmentally friendly; cedar roofing is naturally beautiful and has a nice lifespan when cared for properly; flat roofing is resistant to leaks, ozone, and ultraviolet light exposure, as well as being environmentally friendly. Let the roof contractors at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors go over the benefits of each roof option to help you choose the one that is right for your lifestyle and budget.

Roof contractors can make lots of promises, but what do their customers say? Are they satisfied with the services and follow-up? Clients of Advanced Roofing and Exteriors have said time and again this is the best roof company is the best to call in times of emergency or when simply upgrading a roof. Roofing companies should be reliable, trustworthy and reputable, and not try to sell customers more in a roof than they need. If a roof repair is all that is needed, an honest roofer will fix it. Do not be taken in by fly-by-night operations. Call your Charlotte NC best roofing contractors, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, for an estimate on your residential roof repair or replacement today!