Answers to your questions about damage from recent hailstorm in Charlotte NC

Advanced Roofing and Exteriors inspects storm-damaged roofsDid your roof sustain damage from recent hailstorm? You may have forgotten to ask yourself this important question. You need a hail damage expert like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte NC to help you get a definite answer. Do not wait for another bad weather or storm to make more dents on your roof.

Perhaps you have heard from friends and neighbors about the troubles they go through because of damaged roof.  Solutions range from simple repair to replacement of some parts or the entire roof. Many homeowners know how expensive roof replacement is. Generally, damage from recent hailstorm may be minimal but it can get worse when your roof is subjected to more bad weather conditions like storm and heavy snowfall. The sooner you have your roof checked by a Charlotte NC roofing company, the better. It can save you from the spending more money in the future for roof replacement.

Here are some of the answers to common questions about hail damage:

Why do I need a roofing company to conduct inspection?

Storm damage is not obvious from the ground and even up close if you do not have the expertise of an experienced roofer. You definitely want an accurate assessment of the extent of roof damage and the proposed solution whether you need repair or replacement. You also need help with insurance for hail damage.

Why should I contact a roofing company? Why not leave the inspection to the insurance adjuster?

Insurance adjusters are not experts on roofs. A roof inspection by a well-experienced roofing company is highly recommended and needed. Call a trusted roofer like Advanced Roofing and Exteriors to inspect your roof to determine whether your roof sustained damage from recent hailstorm or not. From this reliable Charlotte roofing company, you will even get a free estimate of the cost of the needed repair. Beware of storm chasers who drop by homes offering free consultation or inspection.

What happens after roof damage has been confirmed?

Once you have confirmation of storm damage from a recent hailstorm and an estimate of the repair costs, you can expect the insurance claim process to proceed faster and more smoothly especially if the roofer’s price quotation is consistent with the adjuster’s own estimate. You can also ask your roofing contractor in Charlotte NC to meet with your insurance adjuster so that they can identify the needed repairs together. Generally, if your roof sustained ten hits per one hundred square feet of roof, you can claim for replacement for total loss; otherwise, you can claim reimbursement for repair only.

But why should I be concerned about possible damage from recent hailstorm?

Hail damage can undermine the longevity of your roof. A roof expected to last for twenty years may need replacement in less than ten years if damages from bad weather conditions like hailstorms are not repaired promptly. You have every reason to act on it now or you face the risk of paying it yourself if it is not covered by your insurance policy.

As a homeowner you should have a sense of urgency to check for possible damage from recent hailstorm. Let Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, Charlotte’s trusted roofing company, provide you with a free consultation and estimate today.