Can a Charlotte NC roofing company fit chimney caps?

Roofing companyWhat should I know about chimney caps?

A roofing company in Charlotte NC will place a roof cover for several reasons. The chimney lid is located at the top of the chimney. The chimney cover is a preventative device to stop animals and undesirable objects from dropping into your home through the chimney.

These are typically connected by a metal cage where the chimney top covers the chimney opening. Chimney caps come in all forms and sizes and can be made out of a wide range of materials. The cap performs many major and essential functions, and it is advisable that all homeowners have one installed in their home’s chimney.

Functions of chimney caps fitted by Charlotte’s best roofing contractors

When a roofing company in Charlotte NC installs a chimney cap, it acts as a small roof for the opening. This prevents water running down inside during storms. If this were to happen, it could damage the flue, or the chimney liner, firebox or any other component of your chimney. Aside from stopping water entering, they also keep animals and stray debris falling down your chimney.

Without chimney caps, you can have leaves and small branches fall in the top and become wedged. With this buildup, it creates a severe fire hazard. Nesting animals can worm their way inside, and if they take root, either these or leaves cause blockages that cause carbon monoxide to flood into the home.

A chimney cap will also stop large gusts of winds flooding down your chimney. This can send cold winds into your home and thus making it colder and increasing your heating bills. Second to this, if you use your fireplace, these winds will blow the smoke downward and outward, and your home will be full of dark acrid smoke.

Top reasons for a roofing company in Concord NC to install a roofing cap

As well as stopping things from falling into your chimney, a chimney cap will also prevent hot embers from flying out of the top. These can in some instances be a fire hazard. Adding to this, puffs of wind will cause soot to fall and all manner of dust can enter your home.

This will fall on furniture and carpets, which can be difficult to clean up. Most chimney caps are made from durable materials. These can last for years and require very little maintenance. A reliable roofing company will more than likely offer a lifetime warranty on their products. However, this doesn’t mean they require no checking from time to time. They can become dislodged, and on occasion, it can be a case of a new chimney cap rather than a repair.

The right roofing contractor for installing chimney caps in Charlotte NC

Like all parts of a roof, it is vital every homeowner uses Charlotte’s best roofing companies to install or maintain their chimney caps. The last thing you want is your chimney cap to fall off and cause further damage to your roof.

While this is rare, it can happen, and for something that costs very little, you can be left with a more significant repair bill. To save the struggle of finding a good reliable roofing company, it is far easier to contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors.

The staff are well versed in all aspects of residential roofing and the installation or maintenance of chimney caps. They can answer any concerns and offer many designs that will help to beautify your home.