Can I repair my Charlotte NC asphalt shingle roof by myself?

I have been thinking I might buy shingles locally in Charlotte NC, and repair my asphalt shingle roof myself. Strong winds have blown old shingles off my roof, and according to DIY videos I have seen online, I ought to be able to repair my asphalt shingle roof and correct the storm damage alone. Right?Shingles roofing Charlotte NC

Stay on the ground

There are reasons people hire professional roofers such as Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte to repair their storm-damaged roofs; here are three: First, doing roof work is dangerous business. Unless you are an experienced roofer or used to being on a roof, and are intimately familiar with the roof in question, stay on the ground. Second, professional roofers are insured against injury or damage. Are you? Third, roofing manufacturers honor warranty claims only if their product was properly applied, and homeowners insurance does not pay for avoidable damages. Even if these issues do not concern you, it is still a good idea to stay on the ground.

I hear it is easy to repair my asphalt shingle roof

Many roofing novices expect to save money by replacing their own asphalt shingles, which involves stripping off damaged shingles, putting down a new underlayment or cementing holes in the existing underlayment, laying out the shingles in the proper pattern and securing them in place with a nail gun. Replacing storm-damaged shingles doesn’t seem that difficult. What’s the tricky part? Working around or repairing flashing, the strips of metal along the edges of the roof that prevent water from seeping in. A poor understanding of how your roof system works could cost you in leaks and damage repairs inside your home.


Despite being water-repellant, asphalt shingles have a reputation for causing roof leaks and dripping water. Why? The major cause of residential roof leaks, regardless of strong winds and storm damage or not, is a fault related to incorrectly installed roof flashing. Depending on your roof style, you probably have flashing in the valleys, around the chimney and pipes, and around dormer windows or skylights. Most storm damage shows up around flashing that has deteriorated due to weathering, or aging.

Asphalt shingles lifespan

Most shingles have a lifetime of about 15 years, and easily fall victim to strong winds and storm damage. Common telltale signs of worn asphalt shingles on your Ft Mill, SC, roof, are discoloring and curled edges. And, when the ceramic granules on your shingles are worn away, they are more susceptible to strong winds.

Leave it to the professionals

Your residential roof serves one major purpose: to be a barrier against the elements, and the most difficult weather element to control is water. When strong winds have caused storm damage to your shingles, call in expert roofers who have the experience, equipment, and expertise to repair and protect your home from the elements. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors in Charlotte, with service extending to Ft Mill and Rock Hill SC, specializes in residential asphalt shingle roof repair.

I want to repair my asphalt shingle roof, you say? Your best bet is to call in experienced roofers. Visit and click or call for a consultation with experts, whose reputation for honesty and integrity comes from giving you the information you need to make the best choice. Ask the roofing experts at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors: Can you repair my asphalt shingle roof?