Charlotte Roof Shingle Repair


Sometimes roof shingles can become damaged and start to curl.   Roof shingle curling needs repair, the curled roof shingle will makes your roof more susceptible to wind damage. It’s important to contact your Charlotte roofing contractor to get an estimate.

Causes of Roof Shingle Curling: The roof shingle curling action can be caused by moisture on the bottom or underside of the roof shingle. Moisture can build up in the attic and cause wetting and drying cycles in the roof shingles.

Charlotte roof shingle repair

Another cause of roof shingle curling can be inadequate ventilation.  Inadequate ventilation causes heat and moisture to be entrapped in the attic.  This problem will eventually penetrate the roof and cause roof shingle curling.

Sometimes the roof shingle curling comes from the weather gets cooler.  If the roof shingles only curl in cooler weather, it is commonly called “Winter Shingle Curling.”  This is when the corners of the shingles slightly curl up from the deck of the roof when cold, and then lay back down, flat, when the weather is warmer.  This problem is most common when it is cool and moist, and happens most during damp, winter conditions when frost forms on the top surface of the roof shingles.  The curling happens when the top surface contracts, while at the same time, the underside of the shingle receives a small amount of passive heat from the attic space. This happens because the underside of the roof shingle is flat against the roof and receives the indoor attic heat more easily.  The variation of temperature between the top side of the roof shingle and the bottom side of the roof shingle will result in some roof shingle curling.

Roof Shingle Curling can also be caused by applying wet shingles on a dry day, or dry shingles on a wet day. Nails that pop out of the roof and the roof shingle can also cause roof shingle curling.

Sometimes Roof Shingle Curling is also called “fish mouthing.  The word “fish mouthing” refers to the buckling of the front edge of the roof shingle.  This action is usually a random pattern on the roof and although it does not usually affect the durability of the shingle, it should be addressed at some point.

Solutions for repairing your Charlotte roof shingles: There are solutions to repairing your roof shingles if they are curling. By improving the air circulation in the attic, you can occasionally stop the roof shingle curling.  This is a simple process and will keep you from costly and time-consuming roof shingle repairs.

Contact Advanced Roofing and Exteriors if you have roof shingles that need need repairing. Don’t worry- roof shingle repair it is a simple roofing repair we can take care of easily.  Call Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, 704-999-4130, and we’ll set aside a time to come by and give you an estimate.  We will also look at your entire roof and give you a report on its condition.