Charlotte roofers can handle snow removal for your roof

Charlotte roofersSevere snow on your roof- contact a Charlotte roofing company to check it out

This would be a good time to call Charlotte roofing companies to have your roof inspected for leaks and to see if you need snow removed from your roof. The average roof in Charlotte is not designed to bear the weight of several inches of snow for an extended period of time. The excess weight can cause the underlayment to sag or buckle, which will eventually lead to leaks. There is no debate that your roof is one of the most important protective features of your home. Your roof is always exposed to the elements whether it is the scorching hot summer sun, or two feet of heavy snow and ice. You roof is designed to stand up to howling winds and even falling objects such as hail and tree branches.

Call Charlotte roofing companies

However, your roof is not an impenetrable force field, and you can be sure that it will need periodic inspection, proper care, and regular maintenance. Part of that proper care means removing snow from the roof after a tremendous snowfall. Charlotte roofing companies can tell you all about the problems that blankets of snow and ice can cause for your roof. Whenever snow removal is necessary, it is important to understand that there are safe ways and dangerous ways to perform roof snow removal.

Leave snow removal to professionals

Our position is that snow removal from the roof should be best left to professionals, but if you are determined to handle the project yourself, a roof rake is your best option. A roof rake can be purchased at most hardware stores. IT is pretty much what it sounds like. It is a device that allows you stand on the ground and to drag the snow from your roof to the ground. Be aware that even this is not a completely safe undertaking. You may be standing on the ground, but there is always the possibility of slipping and falling on ice patches, and it is never advisable to use a roof rake from a ladder. Roof rakes come in several different designs, and you may want to consider the latest models which are designed to allow you to push the snow rather than pulling it. Remember that there is always danger of pulling snow or icicles on to you, causing serious injury.

The fact remains that roof snow removal is a risky project that presents opportunity for potential accidents for the homeowner. Instead of placing yourself at risk you should consider calling Charlotte roofing companies to come out and give you a free inspection for leaks and damage and to give you an estimate for professional rooftop snow removal service. A simple phone call means that you can have confidence that the job will be done correctly, and that your roof is protected against forces it may not be designed to withstand. Hiring a professional for rooftop snow removal is not only smart, but it is also the responsible thing to do.

A dependable Charlotte roofing company

To find the best roofing companies, you should look for the most trustworthy and reputable ones. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors has been serving the Charlotte and Concord areas for over twenty years. They are fully licensed, insured and bonded. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors is a family owned company that specializes in residential roofing repairs and installation, as well as exterior home improvement projects. Give them consideration when you call Charlotte roofers about rooftop snow removal and inspection.