Charlotte roofing companies do roof replacements and more in Charlotte, NC

roof replacementRecent wind damage to homes in my Charlotte NC neighborhood left me wondering if I ought to just bite the bullet and go ahead with the roof replacement my house will almost certainly need in the next couple of years.  On the one hand, it might make sense to wait until some of the loose shingles blow of and ask my insurance carrier to reimburse the costs to repair my roof; on the other hand, I hear my insurance carrier may refuse payment to repair my roof if it was already in disrepair. Help! What should I do?

Inspect your roof from the ground

Standing on the ground, take a good look at your roof. Do you see curling, cracking, loose or missing shingles? Are there areas where debris gathers in soggy piles? Can you see green growth on your asphalt shingles? If necessary, use binoculars or take advantage of a conveniently placed window to view as much as you can without actually climbing onto the roof itself. It can be dangerous up there; roof-top inspections are best left to experienced, and insured, Charlotte roofing companies, like the professionals at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors.

Do the math

Check your records to see how old your roof is, and how many years the warranty covers. Generally speaking, asphalt shingles are warrantied for fifteen to thirty years, depending on the material. If your roof shows signs of aging ahead of schedule, roof repairs or roof replacement may be in order. Call in a representative from one of the Charlotte roofing companies that sell your brand of shingles for a roof inspection and advice on roof repairs or roof replacement.

No time like the present

When it comes to your roof and its important role in the protection of your family and your property, you should not be cutting corners or taking chances on its structural integrity. Do not postpone necessary roof repairs, or wait until you sustain roof damage from a wind storm. If your roof is already damaged when another storm hits, repair or replacement costs are apt to increase with the additional damage; plus, your homeowner’s insurance carrier is not obligated to honor a claim for damage to an unreliable roofing system. The roofing experts at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors can advise you on the best shingles for your home, and can provide you with either roof repairs or roof replacement service, depending on the condition of your roof. Visit them at and click or call for a free estimate.

Whether you need a roof replacement because your shingles have outlived their warranty, or need roof repairs from storm damage, you want the best service from the best of the Charlotte roofing companies. Call the reputable and reliable professional roofers at Advanced Roofing and Exteriors, serving the Charlotte and Concord NC areas, for advice on roof repairs or roof replacement, today!