Charlotte roofing company coming to fix your roof

Charlotte roofing company is here for you and your roof

Charlotte roofing company is who you need to call when the roof is leaking. When you have a leak in your roof, you want it fixed as quickly as possible — but even if you already know which roofers you want to do the work, no Charlotte roofing company can get the job done instantly, and depending on the nature of the job it may not be possible to finish it in a single day. There are temporary steps you may be able to take in order to minimize the damage until repairs are done. The obvious ones include getting anything out of the attic that could be damaged by moisture, and keeping buckets under the leak in rainy weather.

Charlotte roofing company

If you know where the water is getting in, and the spot is within reach, the next question is how big it is. High-grade roofing tar is a temporary fix for a crack between the shingles.

If a hole is a few inches wide — too large for roofing tar — a piece of flashing held in place with roofing cement may work. Make sure the upper edge of the flashing is underneath the nearest undamaged shingles. In the case of a larger hole, putting a waterproof tarp over the leak will help, if the edge of the tarp overhangs the edge of the roof. If you need more than one tarp, put the lower tarp on first and make sure the upper tarp overlaps it by at least a foot and a half.

Other quick fixes

Damaged flashing can also be repaired with roofing cement. If the roof has no major holes, but is deteriorating over its whole surface and needs replacement, covering it with a layer of roofing tar may help until the Concord, NC roofers come. Depending on the temperature, you may need to keep the tar warm until you are ready to apply it.

Remember, above all, that all of these are temporary solutions. Their purpose is to keep a roof over your head and your things dry until the Charlotte roofing company can come and do the real repairs. It will also give you time to find a good roofing company and get some bids on the project, rather than choosing the first roofers to come along.

The best Charlotte roofing company

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