Choose Charlotte’s best roofing companies over storm chasers

Charlotte’s best roofing companiesCharlotte’s best roofing companies your best bet

When high winds or hail leave your Charlotte or Concord NC roofs damaged, rely on Charlotte’s best roofing companies for quick and professional roof repair. Repairing your roof is arguable the most important, and potentially the most expensive, home improvement you are likely to make,  so it makes sense to trust your roofing repair project to the best roofers and best roofing company you can find.

Finding the best roofing company for the job

Home improvement scams are wide spread and increasingly common in areas where seasonal storms can cause roof damage. That being the case, it is important for Charlotte area homeowners to find the best roofers for their roofing project.  While locating reliable roof installers to repair your damaged roof can be especially daunting after hearing nightmarish stories of home improvement scams, remember this important piece of advice: Do not use storm chasers.

Do not use roofing storm chasers

Do not use storm chasers to repair your home. Storm chasers descend on a storm-ravaged region, typically with their pickup trucks loaded with roofing materials reportedly left over from another job. Their estimates for roof repair are generally lower than those of local roof installers, they almost always require a substantial pre-payment, and almost never do quality work. Once they have your money they disappear, leaving you with no recourse for poor workmanship or low quality materials.

How to locate Charlotte’s best roofing companies

If you are in the market to hire a roofer for your home, follow the steps below to help ensure you hire the best roofers for the job. There are many excellent roofing companies in the Charlotte and Concord NC area. When you search online, simply enter Charlotte roof repair, and you will get a long list of them near you. Online websites generally list professional memberships, licensing, certification and insurance information, and details regarding which roofing services are offered. Also, roofing companies listed on Angies List, an excellent source of word of mouth customer reports, often display an Angies List logo on their web pages.

Word of mouth

First, forget about cold-calling roof installers you find online.  While you may need to resort to that later on, the best way to begin your search is to talk with friends and family members who have had a recent roof repair or replacement. Find out which local companies and contractors they would recommend, and which ones they would warn you against.  Word of mouth advertising is the best, or worst, form of advertising.  Roof installers at the #1 Charlotte roofing company know that a job done right and done to your satisfaction generally leads to a recommendation, and to more business.  Charlotte’s best roofing companies know that a string of dissatisfied customers quickly leads to a loss of credibility, and a loss of business.

The best estimate is not always the lowest bid

Charlotte’s best roofing companies give estimates free of charge.  Some roofing companies that want to beat a competing estimate may manipulate a bid to make it more attractive to you.  While this may look good on the surface, a complete estimate should reflect all the work and material that will be needed to complete the job.  A #1 Charlotte roofing company will provide an accurate estimate only after a thorough inspection of your roof; if bidding roof installers spend just a few minutes looking at your roof, chances are they will not see all the issues that need to be taken care of.  Also remember that the lowest bid may not be the best one for your roofing job.  It is important to evaluate each estimate for what it contains, including materials, and estimated date of completion.

Trust your instincts

Going on instinct may sound like an odd way of choosing the best roofing company for your roof repairs, but most people get a gut feeling about a person when they meet.  It is important you feel comfortable with someone who will do work at your home, so be sure to go with your instincts. Chosen the #1 Charlotte roofing company multiple times, Advanced Roofing and Exteriors serves Charlotte, Concord NC and the surrounding areas. These trusted roof installers are known for client loyalty and customer satisfaction.

If you are considering which of Charlotte’s best roofing companies would be the best match for you, go online to see who satisfied customers most often recommend. Read all about the best roofers in the Charlotte NC area, and make use of word of mouth advertising as an important key to finding Charlotte’s best roofing companies.