Choosing between Charlotte’s best roofing companies and storm chasers

Charlotte’s best roofing companiesStorm chasers of dubious reputation

Hiring one of Charlotte’s best roofing companies requires homeowners to be able to recognize and avoid storm chasers. This is not in reference to those interesting and quirky amateur weather enthusiasts of reality TV fame. This is in reference to unscrupulous operators masquerading as roofing contractors, with their only goal being to separate you from your money.

They are called storm chasers because this is all that they do; they travel into a hard-hit area going door-to-door offering their “services” to homeowners with damaged properties. They offer a number of enticements, such as helping the customer to avoid paying an insurance deductible or some other scam. They make their profit by cutting corners on materials and performing fast and cheap repairs on which they never intend to follow up.

Knowing when you are approached by a storm chaser

There are a few trusted tips that will help you identify a storm chaser and ensure that you hire one of Charlotte’s best roofing companies. It helps to check the state on the license plate of the vehicle that the contractor is driving. It is important to remember that North Carolina and South Carolina have a reciprocal license, which allows contractors licensed in either state to work in the Carolinas. However, if the contractor is from any other state, chances are that they will not be available if there is a problem after the work is completed. This not only applies to your material warranty, but also for any workmanship warranty.

Even if they are from North or South Carolina, make sure that every roofing contractor that you interview has been properly licensed. Never do business with anyone who cannot provide a certificate of liability insurance as well as certificates for workers’ compensation insurance. This will protect you and your assets in the event of a mishap during your roofing project. If the contractor does not carry workers’ compensation or liability insurance, you will be liable for worker injuries.

Research the roofing company to determine how long they have been doing business. Ask everyone for local references from projects that have been performed in the past 12 months. If they have no local references from that time period, it is prudent to dismiss them as a viable candidate for your roof repair or replacement. Go one step further by enquiring with local building supply companies to see if they have a good history of doing business with these contractors.

A trustworthy and reliable contractor in Charlotte, NC

It is important to understand that if a contractor is certified by roofing material manufacturers, the manufacturer has done a remarkable amount of due diligence to verify the reliability, skill, and experience of that contractor. You can rest assured that the roofing company has been trained to the satisfaction of the manufacturer and can provide the best installation of their products. Advanced Roofing and Exteriors or Charlotte, NC, has been repairing and installing roofs in the region for over twenty years. Protect yourself from roofing storm chasers by calling on Advanced Roofing and Exteriors for a free estimate. You will find them to be one of Charlotte’s best roofing companies.